Cryptospace Berlin - Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conference. Syndicode event

Cryptospace Berlin – Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conference

Cryptospace Berlin is the largest European event dedicated exactly to the blockchain technology! This Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conference is focused on the opportunities and benefits of the blockchain, cybersecurity, and regulation at the state level. As the agency that supports the idea and the implementation of blockchain technology, Syndicode highly recommends you to join Cryptospace Berlin – Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conference!

Berlin’s best startups in 2017. Syndicode. Best Startups in Germany

Berlin’s best startups in 2017

A few weeks ago we showed you the best Barcelona’s startups in 2017. Today we will continue this topic and discover what startups rocked in 2017 in Berlin! You know that Syndicode works with different startups and helped to develop tens of them. Also, you know that our company represented in three countries: Ukraine, Germany, and Spain. So far, Germany is our second stop in article series about startups in major European cities. Read about Berlin’s best startups in 2017!