Syndicode Digest #65 – Modest genius. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #65 – Modest genius

When you’re modest, nobody will know how much you do. But when people claiming too much, they’re not taken seriously as talented ones. Because talent comes with modesty and thoughts that your achievement will be evaluated sooner or later. Better sooner, of course. However, sometimes you have to tell the world who are you. Don’t be too shy to share your articles, codebase, design, repositories, and ideas! If you wouldn’t know people’s opinion you will never move forward and get recognition! Or fail. But daring to fail is also an important part of your unicorn’s path! Let’s dare with new ‘Syndicode Digest #65 – Modest genius’!

Syndicode Digest #8 – Summer Glimpse

Ladies and gentlemen! Greet summer and our new Syndicode digest #8 awaiting for you! Hits: Functions, Functions everywhere. Sometimes functions is all what you need. Just try and you will never return to the bloated world. Build a  solid base from which you can develop more complex features. Following this guide you can learn how…

Syndicode Digest #8 - Kevlar Bridge

Syndicode Digest #8 – Kevlar Bridge

Today is the Monday. Monday which is like Friday, but still Monday. And here we are, our new and sleek Syndicode digest! You can find previous version here.   Select the right layout tool for the job. After getting acquainted with this information you will start working with the grids like a boss. React props  learning…