19 CodePen modern analogs. Syndicode news

19 CodePen modern analogs

Editing the article by Vadim Tsvid about Ruby on Rails and DataTables plug-in we again encountered our main article-design-problem – the code. Because when you try to make the code visible in your article in a relevant way, you want to take less effort and not editing every single line of it. Especially if you have up to a hundred code lines in a single tutorial! Vadim created great posts, but we know that the code could be presented better: with the color, highlights and so on. We could have been using CodePen for that, but it doesn’t support Ruby… That is why today we decided to write about 19 CodePen modern analogs! That somehow could help us with presenting our frontend and backend code in the future articles. We know that most of them neither support Ruby by now, but we have to find out as many good CodePen alternatives as we can.

5 reasons to use cloud-based CMS. Syndicode

5 reasons to use cloud-based CMS

Future is here, do you agree? Then why you might use not cloud-based CMS? In this article we will mostly appeal to those of you who look in the future but still use the technologies of the past. To convince you (and your developers/friends / clients) we will name 5 reasons to use cloud-based CMS.