Robot discrimination. Syndicode humor

Robot discrimination

If you work hard, you’re accurate and responsible, smart and not very emotional… There is always a chance that you’re a robot. How will you prove that you’re not? Be ready that there’s a captcha on the internet that is responsible for robot discrimination. 

SQL tricky questions on job interview

SQL tricky questions on job interview

After we showed you 10 main questions asked to a candidate on JavaScript interviews, we found an interesting material with SQL tricky questions. This is a translated summary from the original article by Alexander Chmyr. The questions are related to the basic mechanisms of the language. So, first of all, they will be interesting for the beginners, but perhaps there will be something new for the experienced developers too.

Highload fwdays'18 Conference is coming! Syndicode event

Highload fwdays’18 Conference is coming!

This year Syndicode has established the great partnership with fwdays, the organizer of various programming languages and frameworks large-scale conferences. From event to event we enjoy the great level of organization and the top-rated speakers you can watch on any fwdays’ event. Attending a conference is definitely the best way to strengthen your skills and get some new knowledge. Today we’re happy to tell you about the new event for developers. Highload fwdays’18 Conference is coming to Kyiv on September 15!

Enlightenment moment. Syndicode humor

Enlightenment moment

Sometimes the long-expected solution comes when you already desperate. And nothing can be better than this enlightenment moment! Eureka! And you feel supreme, and smart, and successful again! p.s. Don’t forget that the solution doesn’t come itself without the knowledge base you prepared for it to come. If you are a Rubyist, check Ruby best practices!

Happy Independence Day! Syndicode holidays

Happy Independence Day!

On the 4th of July, the United States of America celebrates the Declaration of its Independence from the British Empire. It was signed 241 years ago on July 4, 1776. Nowadays this day has become a huge holiday celebration. Happy Independence Day to our US partners and colleagues!

Syndicode featured as a leading B2B company in Ukraine! Syndicode news

Syndicode featured as a leading B2B company in Ukraine!

As a relatively new company, founded in 2014, Syndicode wanted to become the best at creating digital products as soon as we started up. We are a team of dedicated and knowledgeable engineers coming up with efficient and effective solutions for businesses in almost any industry. As a result, we are extremely proud to announce our inclusion in Clutch’s annual report of the top B2B companies in Ukraine.

Table football tournament in Syndicode. Syndicode office

Table football tournament in Syndicode

Last week Syndicode developers received a table football to start some sports activities in the office. This helps with team building and collaboration skills. But, what is important, we want our developers to feel comfortable and have fun even when they have a lot of work. Because a positive attitude means a lot in software development! Last Friday we held table football tournament in Syndicode!

VuePeople lists and connects Vue.JS developers around the world. Syndicode news

VuePeople lists and connects Vue.JS developers around the world

You should have already read our article about using Vue.js as a frontend for Rails. We are big fans of Vue.js, so today we prepared something special for you. Let us introduce you an interesting project that will help to find and meet Vue.js people on Earth.  Now you will know if there’s any Vue.js developer nearby to contact. Explore VuePeople lists and connects Vue.JS developers around the world!