Pair programmimg risks

Pair programming risks

It might seem easy to do a pair programming with another developer. You do the code while he checks, or conversely. And everything theoretically should be a smooth sailing. But in real life it’s topsy-turvy. Why? You obviously have to read about pair programming risks before you start. 

5 reasons to use cloud-based CMS. Syndicode

5 reasons to use cloud-based CMS

Future is here, do you agree? Then why you might use not cloud-based CMS? In this article we will mostly appeal to those of you who look in the future but still use the technologies of the past. To convince you (and your developers/friends / clients) we will name 5 reasons to use cloud-based CMS.

Ruby on Rails advantages for web development, Syndicode

Ruby on Rails advantages for web development

Do you believe in existing the best single option for development of any project? Whatever it is: a mobile application, back office system, search engine or a website. Probably, you don’t. We thought that. But let us introduce you a scope of Ruby on Rails advantages for web development will make you take it as an option.

Become a javascript ninja without a hastle

    Javascript development is hard. I mean right javascript development. Without noise and hating yourself for yet another spaghetti code and callback hell. Check this. But you can do it. You can build quality from ashes. You can ship new features. And you can start to like yourself when you write javascript code. And I…