58 most famous JavaScript frameworks of various types

We love to work with different technologies to reach the desired result. And sometimes we don’t even understand how many of them we actually use in a single project. Regardless of the popularity of the ‘big three JS frameworks’ (React, Vue and Angular), there are tens of other JavaScript frameworks worth your attention. Today we found the outstanding scope for 58 most famous JavaScript frameworks of various types! Enjoy!

Syndicode Digest #43 - Active laziness. News

Syndicode Digest #43 – Active laziness

St.Valentine’s Day is left behind and no romantic mood left. But aren’t you still in love with what you do? What is your current project you’re crazy about? Well, if you have such – you’re lucky. If you don’t – you must be a very lazy person who doesn’t mind to asleep at the wheel. But not today! Put all your attention to doing your work perfect, to fall in love with it! And with our today’s digest Syndicode Digest #43 – Active laziness.

Syndicode Digest #4 - Monadic Onion

Syndicode Digest #4 – Monadic Onion

Bright Friday (9th of August to be precise)…And our 4th Syndicode Digest has arrived. Backend Awesome Elixir links https://github.com/h4cc/awesome-elixir#authentication Learn how to do Microservices. NOW! http://www.vinaysahni.com/best-practices-for-building-a-microservice-architecture Get your way with closures. In ruby. https://scotch.io/tutorials/understanding-ruby-closures Why you never wan’t  side effects without isolation https://semaphoreci.com/community/tutorials/isolate-side-effects-in-ruby Be like mutant and start testing properties https://troessner.svbtle.com/kill-all-the-mutants-a-deep-dive-into-mutation-testing-and-how-the-mutant-gem-works Use NoSQL, Luke! https://medium.baqend.com/nosql-databases-a-survey-and-decision-guidance-ea7823a822d#.ma9qqor0m Frontend Fantasy land now has ChainRec,…