Enlightenment moment. Syndicode humor

Enlightenment moment

Sometimes the long-expected solution comes when you already desperate. And nothing can be better than this enlightenment moment! Eureka! And you feel supreme, and smart, and successful again! p.s. Don’t forget that the solution doesn’t come itself without the knowledge base you prepared for it to come. If you are a Rubyist, check Ruby best practices!

Table football tournament in Syndicode. Syndicode office

Table football tournament in Syndicode

Last week Syndicode developers received a table football to start some sports activities in the office. This helps with team building and collaboration skills. But, what is important, we want our developers to feel comfortable and have fun even when they have a lot of work. Because a positive attitude means a lot in software development! Last Friday we held table football tournament in Syndicode!