UI prototyping tools. Syndicode design

UI prototyping tools

In our UI/UX design guide we told you about UI software prototyping. In a nutshell, there are 5 types of prototyping, and each type has its own set of digital (and not only) tools that fits best the process. Some of them quite famous, some – not. Today we are ready to present you the ultimate list of UI prototyping tools. Unbiased as always, Syndicode tried to collect the most popular of them. 

Discovery session for the new project. Step-by-step. Syndicode news

Discovery session for the new project. Step-by-step

This time our dedicated software development team of Syndicode decided to share some piece of inner information about our experience with discovery sessions we provide for our new clients. That could be very helpful as for those who want to start a project with us, as for others who want to get the understanding what discovery session is and what parts it consists of. Let’s explore the discovery session for the new project, in details. Step-by-step.

Meet Deck - a beautiful cross-platform UI kit by InVision. Syndicode news. Design

Meet Deck – a beautiful cross-platform UI kit by InVision

To keep up with the latest trends you have to know about the latest tools for the best development practices. And we do talk not only about programming but about the design also. Syndicode is proud of our UI/UX design skills and products. That is why we need to provide the constant improvement with new tools and technologies, methods and approaches. Today we will show you the new UI kit for designing card-based interfaces and media websites. Meet Deck – a beautiful cross-platform UI kit by InVision!