Meet Deck - a beautiful cross-platform UI kit by InVision. Syndicode news. Design

Meet Deck – a beautiful cross-platform UI kit by InVision

To keep up with the latest trends you have to know about the latest tools for the best development practices. And we do talk not only about programming but about the design also. Syndicode is proud of our UI/UX design skills and products. That is why we need to provide the constant improvement with new tools and technologies, methods and approaches. Today we will show you the new UI kit for designing card-based interfaces and media websites. Meet Deck – a beautiful cross-platform UI kit by InVision!

How AI will affect UI/UX design? Syndicode news

How will AI affect UI/UX design?

With the latest trends, we see that artificial intelligence soon will be implemented almost in every field of production. Looking back to 2017, we can find that AI has been widely applied in Uber’s self-driving car, Chatbots of customer representatives, Amazon’s delivery drones – people are getting replaced by robots. Will the rise of AI replace the work of designers? Or, to rephrase, how will AI affect UI/UX design?

The beginners' guide on Information Architecture. Syndicode news

The beginners’ guide to Information Architecture

From our experience, Syndicode can tell you that design is an utmost important part of any web or mobile app’ success. You can have the best, the fastest app with as many neat features as needed, but if you will not provide the appealing and clear, easy-to-navigate design, nobody will use it. You can learn where and how to place your information with the help of Information Architecture. And here is the beginners’ guide to Information Architecture.

Awesome UX mapping cheat sheet. Syndicode news

Awesome UX mapping cheat sheet

When you create the design make sure you have the common understanding of visualization methods, customer journey maps, service blueprints and so on… This awesome UX mapping cheat sheet makes sense of and describes various aspects and processes associated with a product. Use it!