Node.js authentication tutorial mistakes. Syndicode

Node.js authentication tutorial mistakes

There are thousands of different tutorials on the internet. And this is the way a programmer can learn something. As we wrote in our article about courses on programming, the main plus when you are a developer is in free and available online resources to study. But not all of them have the up-to-date and correct information. So pay attention and better compare the information from several resources. Today we are going to tell you about Node.js authentication tutorial mistakes you can face. 

Push notifications for GitHub. Syndicode

Push notifications for GitHub

Did you ever wonder why there’s no push notifications functionality for GitHub? Well, that is not necessary. But, this feature could make it easier for you to track important changes in real time. So that was Stacy Goh was thinking about creating the Chrome extension for push notifications for GitHub.

Syndicode Digest #7 WInter is coming

Syndicode Digest #7 – Winter is coming

Hi everyone. We’ve returned. Our fresh frozen digest here. From Syndicode Team Hits:  Read the docs. Especially if you like node.js. Sometimes you can obtain enlightenment, you know. Be serious and don’t forget to use pm2 when running node.js apps. So much hype about Vue.js, even Laravel has accepted it as default javascript framework. Maybe…

Syndicode Digest #3 - Free Cat Transformers

Syndicode Digest #3 – Free Cat Transformers

Double thirteen Friday (26.08.16) and we proud to show you new Syndicode Digest, now with kitties: Syndicode Digest #3 – Free Cat Transformers Backend Why Node.js considered harmfull… Dig your website. Keep calm and dig Microservices done right. Open. Learn. DO. Frontend Tomorrow will be Frontend Union conf. Have you bought tickets already?  Else Future returned.…