Watch Syndicode preparing for the May 11th Racenation run! Syndicode team

Watch Syndicode preparing for the May 11th Race Nation run!

Syndicode team claimed to be very sportive! Because health matters! Especially in the modern world with everything made to make a human not move. That’s why we decided to take part in the annual Race Nation run and have already tried what we can during the Training#1 Race Nation on March 30. That was awesome! Support our team and watch Syndicode preparing for the May 11th Race Nation run! We will run 5 km with obstacles…

Robot discrimination. Syndicode humor

Robot discrimination

If you work hard, you’re accurate and responsible, smart and not very emotional… There is always a chance that you’re a robot. How will you prove that you’re not? Be ready that there’s a captcha on the internet that is responsible for robot discrimination. 

Happy Programmer's Day! Syndicode news

Happy Programmer’s Day!

Today is a special day! For all of us. Well, for those who code. Programmers’ Day is celebrated on the 256th day of the year because this is the number of distinct values that can be represented with an eight-bit byte, and the highest power of two which is less than 365. To make it clear, hexadecimal 100th, or the 2^8. Complicated? As everything in the programmer’s world! Happy Programmer’s Day!

Enlightenment moment. Syndicode humor

Enlightenment moment

Sometimes the long-expected solution comes when you already desperate. And nothing can be better than this enlightenment moment! Eureka! And you feel supreme, and smart, and successful again! p.s. Don’t forget that the solution doesn’t come itself without the knowledge base you prepared for it to come. If you are a Rubyist, check Ruby best practices!

Happy Independence Day! Syndicode holidays

Happy Independence Day!

On the 4th of July, the United States of America celebrates the Declaration of its Independence from the British Empire. It was signed 241 years ago on July 4, 1776. Nowadays this day has become a huge holiday celebration. Happy Independence Day to our US partners and colleagues!

Table football tournament in Syndicode. Syndicode office

Table football tournament in Syndicode

Last week Syndicode developers received a table football to start some sports activities in the office. This helps with team building and collaboration skills. But, what is important, we want our developers to feel comfortable and have fun even when they have a lot of work. Because a positive attitude means a lot in software development! Last Friday we held table football tournament in Syndicode!

Let's meet at ITEM Strategy & Practice IT conference 2018! Syndicode event

Let’s meet at ITEM Strategy & Practice IT conference 2018!

Despite there’s a lot of time until October, you should book your tickets for ITEM conference in Dnipro right now! Here’s why. First of all, ITEM conference will give you the best tools and practices of software development. And soon all the tickets could be sold out. Additionally, before May 25 you can get your tickets with 50% discount! Let’s meet at ITEM Strategy & Practice IT conference 2018!

Visit IT Day Kherson 2018! Syndicode events. Kherson

Visit IT Day Kherson 2018!

Сontinuing our previous topic about IT education in Ukraine we’d like to say that here in Ukraine we do have outstanding specialists! Talented and curious, they solve all kind of challenges regardless their complexity. They’re simply the best! And there are many talented IT professionals from Kherson who leave their city looking for more opportunities, career development, and salaries. Sadly, this happens also with the entire companies, investors, and educational centers. They follow the IT professionals, so the circle becomes vicious. How to make specialists stay in Ukraine? IT Day Kherson found the solution and is ready to motivate local software engineers! Visit IT Day Kherson 2018 to unlock great opportunities here in Ukraine!