Signs of MVP abuse. Syndicode MVP development

Signs of MVP abuse

Happy New Year everyone! We will start our 2018 year with MVP development and article about taking the most important decision for your minimum viable product. What do you know about risks and problems you can face while working on your MVP? Syndicode will tell you about signs of MVP abuse and the way to avoid such things. 

How MVP is different from a prototype. Syndicode

How MVP is different from a prototype

When you’re about to create a minimum viable product for bringing your application to users as fast as possible, do you understand that a simple landing page wouldn’t be enough to get their feedback? Well, in this article we’d like to show you that an MVP is not a primitive product created in a hurry. After publishing our MVP development guide, Syndicode is here to explain to you how MVP is different from a prototype. 

Why do you need an MVP. Syndicode

Why do you need an MVP

Doing business means facing the risks. When you launch your product you always have a chance to fail. There are many reasons for that. So why not to focus on creating a minimum viable product (MVP) at first and minimize your risks? In this article we will show you 7 considerable points, why do you need an MVP.