Monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. January, 9. Rails digest

Monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. January, 9

Welcome to 2019! The new year has just started but promises to be as awesome as can be. Particularly because we have some great new open source Rails repositories aimed to make your life better and happier. In this monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories from the 9th of January 2019 we’ll explore…¬†embedded Ruby ‘exception reporting service’, Rails app configuration manager, Ruby Serverless Framework,¬†a tool for coordinating the execution of security scanners and many other neat Rails GitHub open source projects!

Neat collection of Ruby one-liners. Syndicode news

Neat collection of Ruby one-liners

Meet this huge collection of Ruby one-liners! Mostly file oriented stuff, like adding blank lines into files, adding line numbers into text files, counting lines, selective printing of certain lines… But very useful. As a bonus, you’ll find the links to the other lists with different Ruby one-liners!