Agile Rock Conference 2019 by Scrum Ukraine. Syndicode events

Agile Rock Conference 2019 by Scrum Ukraine

On September 21, the ‘loudest’ conference on agile management of organizations and creative processes for the second time will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine. This year Agile Rock Conference will gather 400+ participants and 20 top speakers from different parts of the world will share cases and the most delicious trends. Will you be there as well? Agile Rock Conference 2019 by Scrum Ukraine welcomes you!

Weekly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. July, 23. Syndicode Rails digest

Weekly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. July, 23

It seems like almost a month passed from our latest Rails digest. Many great conferences have taken place in June and July – you can watch some videos from GORUCO and Ruby HACK here. However, we also have a lot of interesting stuff to share with you. Since the last digest, we collected a bunch of nice Rails GitHub open source projects that will be definitely useful for your work! Here you will find project management software, Bootstrap 4 Ruby gem, performance dashboard for Postgres, CMS, optimized JSON gem and more… Meet the new ‘Weekly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. July, 23’!

Syndicode Digest #56 – Stress test. Silicon Valley. Syndicode news

Syndicode Digest #56 – Stress test

You should already know that if there was no Syndicode digest on Friday, it will be delivered on Monday. So, this is happening today. But waiting for a digest is not a stress test we talk about. Actually, we talk about your everyday experience which is the real stress test. Of course, if you’re a good and responsible developer. There’s so much different obstacles you face and problems you solve! And the pressure you feel from your bosses or clients. But if you have chosen this profession – you have no way out. So keep calm and visit psychoanalyst as often as possible. That helps! And read our new Syndicode Digest #56 – Stress test!

Top 6 software development methodologies. Syndicode

Top 6 software development methodologies

Actually, this article should have a name of “Top 7 software development methodologies”, but we will not write about Kanban again. Last time we already covered all the important information about this famous methodology. This time our article will be devoted to the rest of the most popular approaches in software development. So here you will find the top 6 software development methodologies.