Sharetribe Flex was introduced yesterday. Syndicode news

Sharetribe Flex was introduced yesterday

You already know that Syndicode is the marketplace development agency. In our article about self-hosted Sharetribe, you could read about Sharetribe’s main advantages and problems. One of its the main problems was the lack of flexibility. That is why we even created the list of Sharetribe alternatives for custom-built solutions! And now Sharetribe Flex was introduced yesterday! That means Sharetribe is back in the game! 

7 Sharetribe alternatives. Syndicode

7 Sharetribe alternatives

Since Syndicode is the marketplace development agency we can tell a lot about ways you can create an online marketplace. If you decided that creating from scratch is not your option you can always choose an open system or one of the existing off-the-shelf solutions. In our article about self-hosted Sharetribe, you could read about its main advantages and problems. But of course, it has some alternatives worth considering. We suggest you take a look at Sharetribe alternatives in our material.

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8 hours to self hosted Sharetribe

What is Sharetribe? Sharetribe is open source platform to create and run online marketplaces. There is a hosted multi-tenant version of Sharetribe that can be used at affordable prices. Why and when you should use Sharetribe vs own marketplace Low skilled simple setup for the hosted version. Few hours to setup self-hosted version including database…