Highload fwdays'18 Conference is coming! Syndicode event

Highload fwdays’18 Conference is coming!

This year Syndicode has established the great partnership with fwdays, the organizer of various programming languages and frameworks large-scale conferences. From event to event we enjoy the great level of organization and the top-rated speakers you can watch on any fwdays’ event. Attending a conference is definitely the best way to strengthen your skills and get some new knowledge. Today we’re happy to tell you about the new event for developers. Highload fwdays’18 Conference is coming to Kyiv on September 15!

Syndicode Digest #47 – Fiber whiskers. Syndicode news

Syndicode Digest #47 – Fiber whiskers

Hey, you are! Are you a person who waits till the Friday come to rest your head and taste the evening? No hurry, no emergency tasks, no calls, just you and your relaxing mood. We know what you need right now to get inspired and delighted before the weekend. You need our new Syndicode Digest #47 – Fiber whiskers! 

Merge vs Rebase or a few words about hell

Merge vs Rebase or a few words about hell

We have two main ways to incorporate our branches: merge or rebase. Look at the picture, it is a basic example. “HEAD” is linked to the last commit in the branch where we are. MERGE Disadvantages of the merge: Nonlinear history of commits Works badly in big team Create a new commit (merge commit) The…