Weekly most popular JS repositories. April blossom. JS digest

Weekly most popular JS repositories. April blossom

It’s so good in April! On one hand, we shouldn’t keep your attention and make you stay in front of your screen any longer. Because there’s the real spring outside! But on the other hand, there are so many interesting things we’d like to share with you! Let’s make a deal. Now you will read about the latest weekly most popular JS repositories. April blossom then will take you outside to enjoy all the beauty of spring. Getting down to business, in our new JS digest you’ll find tools to improve the quality of web pages, charting and visualization libraries, input mask library, mobile component, dependency-free JavaScript ES6 slider and more… Enjoy!

Jekyll 3.7.0 released. Syndicode news

Jekyll 3.7.0 released

The latest version of a simple, blog-aware, distributed under an open source license, static site generator Jekyll 3.7.0 released. It is written in Ruby by GitHub’s co-founder team. Read about the latest additions from its contributors.