Agile UX vs. Lean UX. Syndicode design

Agile UX vs. Lean UX

This article is a part of our comprehensive UI/UX design guide where we previously discussed Classic and Lean UX design processes along with the Design Sprint by Google Ventures. That was a small intro to the main UX design process approaches. And there Lean UX was described as a set of principles based on the Agile methods of the ‘Lean Startup’, where the focus is brought to the present. But how then we can contradistinguish Agile UX vs. Lean UX? At first, we should tell you more about Agile UX… 

Mind Map Maker

Venngage Mind Map Maker

As you could remember from our material about the key parts of UX, Information Architecture (IA) is the structural design of the information space to facilitate intuitive access to content. And sometimes when you organize your content some additional tools like mindmaps could be very helpful. Today we’d like to share with you our latest finding – Venngage Mind Map Maker!

UX clichés. Syndicode news

28 UX clichés

UX design is crucial to just about everything. It renders the latest technology accessible to the masses, makes our favorite apps and many more. To put it simply, design matters. Today we collected 28 UX clichés that you definitely recognize.

Join the biggest interface design conference in Eastern Europe — KRUPA 2019! Syndicode design events

Join the biggest interface design conference in Eastern Europe — KRUPA 2019!

You could have read our design events calendar for 2019 we published earlier. There, on April 6, in Kyiv, you could find this interesting name KRUPA (which, translated from Ukrainian, literally means ‘cereals’). But let this name not distract you from the goal of this event, because this is the biggest interface design conference in Eastern Europe! And you’re welcome to join KRUPA 2019!