21 best Vue.js UI libraries. Syndicode digest

21 best Vue.js UI libraries

As far as Syndicode loves Vue.js and has already shared some useful Vue.js plugins before, today we’d like to pull off the curtains for the list of 21 best Vue.js UI libraries. The ability to compose your UI using isolated and modular components is one of the best Vue.js features. Actually, these are not only Vue UI component libraries we want to share but also frameworks for 2018 that will help you to build your application several times faster!

Figma 3.0 released! Syndicode news. Design

Figma 3.0 released!

Nowadays it’s hard to stay ahead of your competitors, especially if we talk about design tools. While one propose unlimited power on a paid base the other allows using everything for free. But Figma thinks that the future is in the online collaboration within your design team. And you can’t argue with this! Figma 3.0 released with three new features that will allow teams of all sizes to consolidate their tool stack, saving time and money.

Syndicode Digest #58 – Embroidery master. Syndicode digest

Syndicode Digest #58 – Embroidery master

We are back with our freaky Syndicode digests names! Despite we call them quite weird, only here you will find really interesting materials that will help you not to get lost in the world of software development. We try to pick the most relevant and useful news on frontend, backend, tools, technologies, design, and trends. So, make yourself comfortable and enjoy our new Syndicode Digest #58 – Embroidery master!

How people scan web content

How people scan web content

Before considering any design, whatever project you work on, you need to understand basic things about UX. And it’s never too late to learn them if you missed it before. The main thing to start with is to find the way how people scan web content. That will help to improve user engagement dramatically.

Ruby on Rails advantages for web development, Syndicode

Ruby on Rails advantages for web development

Do you believe in existing the best single option for development of any project? Whatever it is: a mobile application, back office system, search engine or a website. Probably, you don’t. We thought that. But let us introduce you a scope of Ruby on Rails advantages for web development will make you take it as an option.

Become a javascript ninja without a hastle

    Javascript development is hard. I mean right javascript development. Without noise and hating yourself for yet another spaghetti code and callback hell. Check this. But you can do it. You can build quality from ashes. You can ship new features. And you can start to like yourself when you write javascript code. And I…