The UX design pyramid with the user needs. Syndicode design

The UX design pyramid with the user needs

As UI/UX design agency, Syndicode follows the main rules of UX and UX design to obtain the best results in crafting unique and appealing design for web and mobile apps. Let’s talk about the main requirements for the UX design. What should be the perfect User Experience design? The answer to this question can be presented as the list of UX design requirements which should be met on different levels. We talk about the UX pyramid with the user needs. 

Wireframes for UX design. Syndicode design

Wireframes for UX design

Here is Syndicode we follow all the best principles of UI/UX design to make it appealing, responsible and clear. So it could benefit any product we develop and make the user happy. That is why we also happy to share with you some great materials about design we found. They help us to explain you the value of a great design. This time we have some neat intro to wireframes for UX design. 

Cool backgrounds to create colorful images and websites. Syndicode news

Cool Backgrounds to create colorful images and websites

Here in Syndicode we already wrote the article with the scope of useful tools for designers. But times they’re changing, so today we will introduce you a new tool to work with backgrounds. Cool Backgrounds is a collection of tools to create compelling and colorful images for blogs, social media, and websites. Beyond backgrounds, the images generated can be used as desktop wallpapers or cropped for mobile wallpapers.

Meet Deck - a beautiful cross-platform UI kit by InVision. Syndicode news. Design

Meet Deck – a beautiful cross-platform UI kit by InVision

To keep up with the latest trends you have to know about the latest tools for the best development practices. And we do talk not only about programming but about the design also. Syndicode is proud of our UI/UX design skills and products. That is why we need to provide the constant improvement with new tools and technologies, methods and approaches. Today we will show you the new UI kit for designing card-based interfaces and media websites. Meet Deck – a beautiful cross-platform UI kit by InVision!