No winter fun for adults. Syndicode design

No winter fun for adults

Syndicode is back with our snow post representing the way an adult sees the winter holidays… No winter fun for adults! No magic left and all the winter activities you used to have fun doing are gone, they look a bit dull and like a waste of time. But wait! Are we have to feel like this? Remember you as a child and try to enjoy this sticky snow! These warm sweaters and cacao! Life is full of wonders!

Syndicode Digest #7 WInter is coming

Syndicode Digest #7 – Winter is coming

Hi everyone. We’ve returned. Our fresh frozen digest here. From Syndicode Team Hits:  Read the docs. Especially if you like node.js. Sometimes you can obtain enlightenment, you know. Be serious and don’t forget to use pm2 when running node.js apps. So much hype about Vue.js, even Laravel has accepted it as default javascript framework. Maybe…