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This article should be immediately added to your bookmarks. Despite that today most of you use responsive fonts and auto-scaling, an information with chart of font sizes and easy-to-use points to pixels converter will defenitely make you a better designer. As you used to it, we keep sharing sources and links that will make you professional. This time we will show you a chart of font sizes stated in points, pixels, ems, percent and keywords. Less talk, more info:

 Point  Pixel Em  Percent  Keyword Default sans-serif
6pt 8px 0.5em 50% Sample
7pt 9px 0.55em 55% Sample
7.5pt 10px 0.625em 62.5% x-small Sample
8pt 11px 0.7em 70% Sample
9pt 12px 0.75em 75% Sample
10pt 13px 0.8em 80% small Sample
10.5pt 14px 0.875em 87.5% Sample
11pt 15px 0.95em 95% Sample
12pt 16px 1em 100% medium Sample
13pt 17px 1.05em 105% Sample
13.5pt 18px 1.125em 112.5% large Sample
14pt 19px 1.2em 120% Sample
14.5pt 20px 1.25em 125% Sample
15pt 21px 1.3em 130% Sample
16pt 22px 1.4em 140% Sample
17pt 23px 1.45em 145% Sample
18pt 24px 1.5em 150% x-large Sample
20pt 26px 1.6em 160% Sample
22pt 29px 1.8em 180% Sample
24pt 32px 2em 200% xx-large Sample
26pt 35px 2.2em 220% Sample
27pt 36px 2.25em 225% Sample
28pt 37px 2.3em 230% Sample
29pt 38px 2.35em 235% Sample
30pt 40px 2.45em 245% Sample
32pt 42px 2.55em 255% Sample
34pt 45px 2.75em 275% Sample
36pt 48px 3em 300% Sample


Interesting note: a third of your site visitors wear glasses. Pity but true. So don’t forget this when playing with font sizes.

Also be careful with heights and lengths / widths. Ideal line width for scanning or reading still remains the same at 45—75 characters for paragraphs which works out at 34rem approx. Line heights should increase as the width decreases.

The minimum font size should never be smaller than 10px (and only for small print, asides, captions). Always ensure height is not set on text blocks.

To use font-size calculator and find some more original advices go to Font size conversion article.

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