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PHP development services

At Syndicode, you can get any PHP development services, from bringing your existing solution up to current market needs to implementing your idea from scratch. Get end-to-end assistance in equipping your business with a dynamic and interactive digital solution.

Syndicode can help you with

As a PHP development company, we will help you through all the stages of software creation, from creating a concept to post-launch support and upgrading. Our mature team of professionals will delve deep into the core of your business needs and come up with the best solution for your case.

  • Custom PHP development

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    We create unique PHP solutions that belong to your business only and tailor them to your specific needs. You can get a static, dynamic, or integrated PHP web app built from scratch with us. We use tested development practices to ensure crash-free performance and an appealing UI. We can also modify your existing PHP solution.

  • Marketplace PHP development

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    Using PHP, our engineers can build a diverse marketplace solution according to your vision. They will help you choose the right technology to ensure seamless CX and avoid compatibility issues. You will also receive assistance in efficiently implementing your workflow and long-term personalized maintenance.

  • CMS development

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    We design custom CMS for a specific customer to suit their needs perfectly. You can get the best features of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc., and tailor them to your business strategy. Moreover, our engineers will analyze your plans and ensure that your CMS has the necessary provisions for future growth.

  • Web portals and APIs

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    Our PHP development services provide you with a convenient way to access essential data all in one place. We create business-specific PHP web portals for B2C, B2B, enterprise, and corporate needs. We can also enhance your existing products and establish information sharing between your applications through custom APIs.

  • PHP consulting services

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    Syndicode engineers will share their experience in full-cycle PHP development to help you plan, implement, and maintain your e-commerce solutions, project management tools, social media applications, and other PHP software. Our PHP consultants perform a code audit and suggest ideas for improvement.

  • Migration services

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    Our professional PHP development team will protect your solution against cyber-attacks, boost performance, simplify maintenance, and make it more welcoming to changes and upgrades. We will help you assess your migration readiness, create a strategy, and implement the necessary tests and software preparation.

Make dynamyc and agile software

Our PHP development company will help you create a highly functional and feature-rich solution to maximise user experience.

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How we develop PHP applications

At Syndicode, there are no two similar projects; therefore, we approach every case personally. However, our PHP web development services are based on a specific sequence of steps to facilitate planning effectiveness and deliver high-quality software every time.

  • Discovery

    Being value-driven, we aim to identify an exact business problem and focus on solving it before everything else. By starting a project with a series of kick-off sessions, we establish a broad view of the problem space that allows us to plan the delivery of specific solution parts iteratively. We invite professionals with different backgrounds to have a variety of perspectives and uncover critical information about the project. First, we identify the problem statement to determine what we should focus on and ensure a shared understanding. Next, we define success metrics and project constraints. As soon as it is clear what we’re trying to achieve and what is not feasible, we can start brainstorming features and how we can approach their implementation. Finally, we identify product interactions and alignment with business processes, determine project scope, and analyze risks. At the end of the discovery session, the client and the project team have an action plan and time and budget estimates.

  • Design

    The Syndicode designers create solutions that are enjoyable, intuitive, and easy to navigate for both customers and providers. The following principles guide our PHP application development: – Trust. The look and feel of the digital product should inspire confidence, demonstrate popularity, create a connection between a brand and a visitor, and show proficiency. – Relevance. The user should get the best matching experience and the product owner—information to understand the customer’s needs. – Value. The website or app’s design should encourage you to explore their offers. At the same time, it should gently guide the customer toward the end goal without any distractions. – Catchiness. The product should encourage visitors to stay, hang out, and nurture customer loyalty. To achieve this, we use different PHP website designing techniques and provide the owner with workflow management tools. – Accessibility. We analyze the product’s target audience, consider how our product impacts people with disabilities, and make the appropriate adjustments to font size, contrast, colors, etc.

  • Development

    Our engineers provide PHP development services and focus on customization, security, data handling, sanitizing, and testing. Excellent scalability and a few limitations make the PHP web developing process beneficial for most digital projects. In addition, our developers work with designers to ensure the technical feasibility of the proposed solutions and avoid potential rework. Being an open-source server-side language, PHP has some vulnerabilities. As a reliable PHP development company, we mitigate them by adhering to the best code-writing practices and ensuring that everything is configured correctly. We incorporate QA early in the development process to prevent bugs and unwanted code pieces from occurring. Each development iteration involves thorough testing to ensure excellent performance and avoid technical debt. Moreover, we work with various databases and will help you choose the best one for your objectives.

  • Release

    Before the completed build becomes available to the world, our testing team ensures that everything works properly one last time. The QA engineers go over the application checking everything from code to usability. First, we check that the PHP code is clean and readable. It is essential to make changes to the current software version, update it with new features, etc. With readable code, you will get tasks done quickly, even if you turn to a different group of developers. Next, we check the PHP code optimization to ensure its efficiency, speed, and performance. It is crucial for mobile apps as they are limited in the device’s memory consumption. Further, we perform an additional security check of the entire solution and check its ability to scale under unexpected surges of traffic or high loads. After that, the testing team performs sets of functional, integration, performance, and unit tests. If everything looks good, the product is ready for delivery.

  • Support

    It’s impossible to predict every scenario in a staged environment. Therefore, we include maintenance in our PHP development services for one month after the product release. During this time, we collect and monitor the app’s performance, analyze user feedback, and step in with fixes if necessary. This way, we help clients build positive associations with their brands and create trust. You can request long-term maintenance services on a time and material basis. You can also turn to us for version updates, security enhancements, troubleshooting, SEO, and more after one month of the app running. We ensure that our PHP development team stays updated with the technology advances in PHP and other realms, so they will be happy to help.

Syndicode by the numbers

  • 2014 Year of foundation
  • $400M+ Investments raised by clients
  • 100+ Successfully delivered projects
  • 80+ IT specialists on board

Our additional PHP development services

As a full-cycle PHP development company specializing in end-to-end assistance, we help through all stages of business digitalization. It includes planning and setting up infrastructure to support our products and create software systems within your organization.

  • PHP backend design

    Our solution architects will devise a robust backend with practical business logic to power your web, mobile, or IoT solutions. They have a solid command of PHP and other backend languages and programs to ensure smooth and effective program functioning.

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  • Intranet solutions

    We build private networks to bind your staff together and improve employee engagement. Due to limited access and multiple security measures, you can safely share information within your organization to leverage workflow automation and enhance productivity.

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  • Social networking software

    We use PHP’s dynamic form processing capability to create social networking solutions that allow users to connect and share messages. Our engineers create a mobile-friendly responsive UI that supports multiple search options for pages, groups, media, etc.

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PHP applications by Syndicode are

  • Fast-to-market

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    Since the PHP language uses few interdependencies, it lets developers do more with less code. PHP is also easy to edit and upgrade, making development a breeze.

  • Cost-efficient

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    PHP is open-source, hence free to use. All updates are free; you don’t have to purchase additional tools to maintain PHP solutions.

  • Secure

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    The PHP system has built-in security measures that automatically protect your solution from malware and virus attacks. PHP frameworks also come with many testing automation tools.

  • Flexible

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    Simplicity is paramount in PHP, simplifying wasteful code detection and helping change already completed units. It makes developing with PHP perfect for iterative work.

  • Versatile

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    PHP code runs on all major platforms, allowing developers to exploit the technology cost-effectively. That also means that your solution will work across all OS.

  • Scalable

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    PHP makes it easy for developers to create new features and extensions. Moreover, its huge community regularly offers new ways to address evolving business needs.

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PHP software development tech stack

  • Frameworks

    • Laravel
    • WordPress
    • Vue.js
  • CMS

    • Joomla
    • Drupal
    • Magento
    • Sharetribe
  • Databases

    • Postgresql
    • ElasticSearch
    • MongoDB
    • MySQL
    • Redis

Syndicode’s industry expertise

  • eCommerce Arrow right

    PHP works great for eCommerce solutions due to its flexibility, cost-efficiency, and excellent time-to-market.

  • Healthcare Arrow right

    We use PHP for medical data management solutions to ensure fast data processing and outstanding performance.

  • E-learning Arrow right

    Using PHP frameworks, we quickly create online educational apps of any complexity and ensure their quality.

  • Entertainment Arrow right

    Most web services support PHP, making it an excellent choice for social media and streaming platforms.

  • Fashion Arrow right

    Numerous free tools make PHP software development a breeze and ensure easy maintenance of your fashion solution.

  • Rental Arrow right

    Our PHP developers build rental software that works perfectly on the web and mobile devices, making you closer to customers.

  • Finance Arrow right

    We use the latest PHP version and apply cross-site scripting to ensure the highest security for fintech applications.

  • Sports Arrow right

    Using PHP capabilities, we can build dynamic sports management systems, fitness tracking apps, and more.

Reasons to outsource PHP software development

Syndicode has been providing custom PHP development services for over 8 years. Our well-trained team has a good command of different Agile practices allowing them to work fast, leverage their creativity, and provide excellence. We deliver on time and according to expectations.

  • Reliable tech partner

    Not only are we a PHP development company, but we are also your digitalization partner. You can turn to us for assistance in any software-related matter, from development planning to SEO optimization. We prioritize long-term success over momentary fixes making our digital products a valuable investment.

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  • Employee retention

    Around half of Syndicode’s employees have been with the company since its birth. Such a high attrition rate guarantees that people will stay in your project until completion and ensures knowledge retention. Moreover, our project managers know our people’s strengths and weaknesses and will assemble the most effective team for your case.

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  • Fast project start

    We adhere to Agile principles, so it takes us up to two weeks after signing the contract to start the development process. It results in faster delivery and a shorter time to market compared to the traditional approach. You will also see the first results sooner and will be able to refine your concept before it becomes too complicated to make any changes.

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Meet our team

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    Dmytro CEO
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    Tetiana Lead HR
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Frequently asked questions

  • What is PHP development? Arrow right

    PHP development is creating software using the PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor programming language. PHP is a server-side scripting language with some functions and features that make it suitable for building dynamic database-driven solutions. There are many PHP web development companies because this language is open source or free to use, allows you to execute code much faster than other languages, works on any platform, and has excellent compatibility with HTML. It is also relatively simple to master as it doesn’t use the event queue as its primary counterpart, JavaScript. PHP also provides many reusable code pieces that substantially speed up the work of PHP website development companies. Moreover, due to the massive community, one can find a ready-made script in PHP for almost anything. PHP gets regular updates to meet the evolving developer needs. Thus, the latest version, PHP7, has features that ensure interoperability and responsiveness.

  • What are the benefits of PHP development? Arrow right

    PHP is one of the oldest programming languages, so you can find many PHP software developers working with it. It is also easy to learn, which boosts its popularity among junior developers. These facts combined result in a decreased average price tag for a PHP solution. Then, web development with PHP is accompanied by plenty of tutorials, manuals, and other materials that facilitate the development. And if a developer faces some challenges, they can ask for inspiration from the massive PHP community. Next, PHP loads three times faster than other programming languages. It is an important SEO ranking factor tied to customer satisfaction. PHP connects with most databases, providing your PHP website developers with a broader selection and the opportunity to choose the best one for your case. It also works perfectly well with HTML. Since PHP is open-source, you can save on development tools and choose cheaper hosting without any negative consequences. Finally, many cloud providers support PHP. That means you can easily find a PHP app development company to migrate your on-premises PHP software to the cloud with minimal reworks and reach the desired scalability and performance.

  • Is PHP good for web development? Arrow right

    PHP is one of the oldest programming languages. That means a lot of applications use it, at least partially. Moreover, the renowned PHP-based CMS WordPress keeps gaining popularity, which signifies that PHP isn’t going anywhere. So, you can safely opt for PHP development services for your blog, management tool, social app, and other dynamic solutions. On the other hand, some advanced technologies, such as machine learning, require specialized libraries that PHP doesn’t currently provide. If you foresee an increased demand for innovative solutions in your industry, you should consider Python or Ruby on Rails.

  • How much does it cost to develop a PHP software product? Arrow right

    It is hard to give a definite answer to this question for several reasons. First, what is PHP web development? It is a complex process that involves multiple specialists and the use of advanced technological tools. The number of specialists and the kind of tools depend on the project’s scope, which in turn depends on the objectives. Thus, upgrading an application with a new feature may be considered a short-term project (1-2 months) requiring one or two PHP web developers. Whether you hire a freelancer or contract a PHP development company, you may pay from $6,000—$15,000 to $10,000—$25,000. If you hire a PHP development company in the USA, you’re likely to pay more than with a specialist from an offshore country. A legacy software upgrade or building a product from scratch may take 6 months to over a year. In this case, expect to pay $50,000—$140,000 or more. Remember that these are ballpark figures representing average values across industries and locations. Contact your vendor with a detailed task description to get a precise estimate.