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Digital transformation services

Syndicode provides digital transformation services to help businesses address underperformance, assess opportunities, and adapt to change. With our support, you’ll gain access to the right data and expertise to exceed customer expectations.

Digital transformation with Syndicode

As an all-round digital services provider, we have a thorough understanding of the underlying technologies to help businesses mature digitally. Our digital transformation consultants will help you clarify your vision, prioritize goals, and maintain focus on crucial aspects.

  • Product delivery

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    We plan, design, implement, and prepare software for use. Syndicode’s BAs and PMs will conceptualize your vision. Our architects and designers will put the idea into visuals and match it to your customers’ needs. And engineers will ensure correct and timely implementation.

  • Digital infrastructure

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    Our digital transformation experts will unite your company’s virtual and physical technologies to create a solid foundation for its online presence. We provide end-to-end services, including designing the entire DI, developing individual applications, and SEO consulting.

  • IT consulting

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    We will assess your company where it stands, and where it wants to go. The analysis involves people and culture, technology and data, and leadership and governance. Next, our experts will create a digital transformation strategy and plan the step-by-step journey.

  • Software modernization

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    Syndicode’s experts will help you make software assessments and plan and implement the upgrade to meet current standards, technologies, and business needs. It can involve anything from updating the codebase to migrating a system to a new platform or adding new features.

Syndicode by the numbers

  • 2014 Year of foundation
  • $400M+ Investments raised by clients
  • 100+ Successfully delivered projects
  • 80+ IT specialists on board

How we ensure the success of digital transformation

Syndicode’s approach focuses on an incremental and comprehensive digital transformation journey that allows us to consistently identify and implement improved processes and behaviors in all aspects of a business.

  • Discovery

    We start by assessing the company’s existing technology stack, the employed talent, culture, and governance. Our analysts look for gaps and inefficiencies that slow down business growth. Then, we explore industry trends and best practices that can help a business reach its maximum potential. After analyzing the company’s goals and limitations, our specialists will help you decide on priorities and determine KPIs for measuring outcomes. They can now work on tying your digital transformation strategy to the desired outcomes or creating a transformation roadmap from scratch.

  • Planning

    When developing a digital transformation roadmap, Syndicode’s business analysts work with software architects to identify the best strategy to reinvent business processes and efficiently match them with the chosen technology. We also analyze how value is created in the industry and provide recommendations on altering the company’s business model and redefining products and services for better competitiveness. Finally, our experts help business leaders develop digital talent plans, identify the winning location strategies, and find the optimal balance between insourcing and outsourcing. And we embed a culture that fosters collaboration and constant learning – enabling people to adapt faster.

  • Implementation

    Digital transformation implementation with Syndicode occurs in three stages: building a proof of concept, launching an MVP, and scaling the validated technology or process. The process occurs in waves – use cases, testing and learning, and industrialization. The incremental approach lets us demonstrate how digital technology works for a specific goal and quickly create value. We also help to evolve human capabilities by providing digital transformation consulting and training to staff members from day one. At the same time, we work on aligning the governance and processes to enable the company to deliver value faster and more efficiently.

  • Monitoring and measuring

    We monitor progress towards the desired outcomes using the KPIs determined at the first step, identify obstacles, and adjust the initial plan if necessary. At this point, our specialists help the company develop a value measurement system and create a decision-making routine to keep up with the digital speed.

By choosing digital transformation services, you get

We have managed both legacy IT and modern infrastructures for almost a decade, helping businesses leverage existing technology to achieve their goals. Below are our skills that clients mention most frequently in their testimonials.

  • End-to-end service

    Syndicode covers the entire spectrum of your digital needs. We have the skills to help improve business efficiency on a high level through assessment and consultancy. We also have expertise in targeted problem-solving in the form of specific flow automation, feature development, maintenance, etc.

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  • Effective communication

    Our customer-centered methodology enables us to effectively determine the client’s needs and correctly translate the requirements into technical tasks. We emphasize openness and transparency and ensure all stakeholders have a say in decision-making. This way, we achieve proper alignment, reduce rework, and deliver up to expectations.

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  • Respect to deadlines

    A discovery session at the beginning of a new project allows us to make precise estimates of the scope and required effort. Our project management practices also prove to be effective in ensuring maximal productivity, correct task prioritization, and workload distribution. These measures combined enable us to commit to deadlines while staying agile.

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  • Qualified experts

    As a digital transformation company, we employ T-shaped specialists with a proven track record in their area. We encourage constant learning and ensure all team members can access the latest learning tools and materials. We also have a solid professional network allowing us to find a narrow specialist in almost any field quickly.

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Make your digital transformation a success

Syndicode’s clients have raised over $400M in investments and keep growing. Talk to our sales today to learn what we can do for you

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Who will benefit from digital transformation services

Syndicode employs experts in technology transformation services that can help unify a large company’s many parts and processes toward the big shift. We can also help a small business introduce technology and start innovating.

  • Medium-sized companies Arrow right

    Syndicode’s digital strategy consulting services help mid-size businesses supercharge their operations and increase profitability by helping to update their technologies to fit new market demands. We will research the market, identify opportunities and trends, and create a plan to incorporate tools and practices that enable you to compete and flourish.

  • Enterprises Arrow right

    Enterprise digital transformation services by Syndicode will help you form better customer relationships, encourage collaboration within the company, and make processes more efficient. We will turn your big-picture goal into an action plan, communicate it to critical departments, and overview the transformation process to ensure its success.

  • Small businesses Arrow right

    We will help you assess the current technology, processes, and gaps, discover pain points, and identify the potential for improvement. Next, Syndicode’s team will employ data analytics to create and prioritize your digital transformation plan using easy-to-implement tools and strategies that don’t require a big IT department.

Reasons to outsource digital transformation services

Syndicode has the resources, expertise, experience, and knowledge to become your digital transformation consulting partner and help achieve long-term success. We will undertake the necessary tasks, freeing your team up for your company’s core operations.

  • Hands-on experience

    We have all-round experience working with IT systems. It means we know the common challenges and can recommend solutions for infrastructural needs and technical specifications as well as provide focused advice. We are also aware of the best practices and most effective technologies to help you reach specific goals.

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  • Verified talent

    Our professionals have over two years of practical experience in their areas of expertise. We screen the candidates before welcoming them to the team and test their skills before assigning them to an actual project. You can also interview our top picks for your project to choose people you feel will bring the most value.

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  • Ready-to-start team

    The average time to assemble an IT transformation services team for a project in Syndicode is 2 weeks or less. We get familiar with your goals, requirements, environment, and limitations. Then, Syndicode’s project managers select experts with the best-matching skill sets and work styles. We pay close attention to both hard and soft skills to ensure maximal productivity.

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Looking for a reliable digital transformation partner?

We have the skills and expertise to drive your transformation journey and help efficiently achieve your goals. Communicate your expectations to our sales reps, and we will exceed them.

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Syndicode’s industry expertise

  • Online marketplaces Arrow right

    We create advanced online stores with a focus on customer satisfaction, cybersecurity, and the creation of an emotional attachment.

  • Education Arrow right

    Designing and developing educational solutions, we aim for high-impact structure, responsiveness, and engagement building.

  • Healthcare Arrow right

    We build eHealth and mHealth software using the best-performing data-security mechanisms and high personalization practices.

  • E-Commerce Arrow right

    Our eCommerce solutions are visually stunning and able to handle traffic surges as well as scale easily. They are also very user-friendly.

  • Fashion Arrow right

    We develop online fashion software with marketing needs and customer satisfaction in mind. Also, robust search functionality is often a must.

  • Entertainment Arrow right

    Syndicode makes fast and scalable web entertainment solutions that securely handle significant traffic amounts and use resources efficiently.

  • Logistics Arrow right

    We provide IT transformation services that help manage operations efficiently and build better customer relationships.

  • Travel Arrow right

    We build custom travel software, including management systems and rental platforms that make planning and tracking easy across devices.

Tech stack for digital innovations

  • Back-end

    • Ruby
    • Node.js
    • Python
    • PHP
    • C#
  • Front-end

    • JavaScript
    • React
    • Angular
    • Vue.js
    • TailwindCSS
  • Mobile

    • Swift
    • Objective-C
    • Kotlin
    • Java
    • Flutter
  • Databases

    • Postgresql
    • ElasticSearch
    • MongoDB
    • MySQL
    • Redis
  • Infrastructure

    • Docker
    • Heroku
    • AWS
    • GCP
    • Azure
  • Advanced tech

    • AI
    • ML
    • IoT
    • NLP
    • Computer Vision

Meet our team

  • Dmytro
    Dmytro CEO
  • Tetiana
    Tetiana Lead HR
  • Oleksandr
    Oleksandr Software Engineer
  • Oleksandr
    Oleksandr Software Engineer

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the benefits of digital transformation? Arrow right

    Access to data, the ability to provide personalized services, and employee engagement are the cornerstones of a business’s success today. You need the information to support your decisions, and the faster your tools can deliver it, the faster you can react to market changes. Therefore, leveraging IT transformation services will help to equip your company with ready-to-the-future technology. It, in turn, means better competitiveness and higher customer satisfaction. You can find more information on the benefits and tips for successful digital transformation in our blog post.

  • What are the biggest challenges of digital transformation? Arrow right

    The most common challenge companies face is not having the luxury of taking the time to develop a solid transformation strategy. It leads to the second challenge, which is the lack of support within the organization. A drastic change in how business operations are maintained reveals skill gaps, affecting productivity and morale. Finally, it can be difficult to adapt to fast-changing market needs and choose the right tools to get you relevant data. Moreover, most companies have budget constraints limiting their access to technologies and tools.

  • How to choose a digital transformation partner? Arrow right

    To identify the expertise you need to increase your transformation capability, look for digital transformation companies with experience in your sector and check their specialists and client management processes. Syndicode has helped companies in e-commerce, education, travel, hospitality, public, and other sectors improve customer experience, increase profits and cut operational costs. Our process usually starts with assessing the company’s digital readiness and goals. Then, we identify the necessary technologies and create use cases to prove value. Our specialists also help to manage talent through digital transformation consulting and coaching. Ultimately, we help to establish KPIs for value tracking and show leaders how to lead the transformation by bringing the business and tech sides together and creating a digital-driven culture.

  • Who should lead digital transformation? Arrow right

    It depends on the scope of transformation, the company’s size, its digital maturity, and team makeup. Thus, an extensive, disruptive transformation will likely start with a CEO or CIO. They have the necessary authority to lead a cross-functional shift, yet they might need someone from middle management or an external expert to assist. If the transformation only involves a single department or function, a department head can be appointed. They have the knowledge required to generate effective solutions and receive buy-ins from C-suite. Additionally, a large company is likely to have the resources to have a dedicated team to lead the initiative and report to upper management. Further, companies at the very beginning of their digital journey may choose to experiment small scale and learn before making the big shift. In this case, frontline workers can lead the efforts to adopt technology in processes and workflows. Finally, if you have experts in digital transformation on your team, it may make sense to appoint them. But if you don’t or can’t afford to relieve an employee of their everyday duties, you might want to appoint someone from senior management or get an external digital transformation consulting service to guide the decision-making process.