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eCommerce consulting services

Syndicode is a knowledgeable digital transformation and delivery partner who doesn’t just build software but shares knowledge on how to create effective solutions and handle market changes. Our eCommerce consulting services help businesses of all sizes develop effective eCommerce solutions and make strategies to ensure long-lasting value and steady profit growth.

Our eCommerce consulting areas

We have been providing eCommerce business consulting services, assisting with eCommerce software planning, development from scratch, launch, and maintenance. Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge, successfully training their core teams to create and run revenue-generating products.

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Through the years, we have gained substantial experience with different business models and product profiles. The clients of our eCommerce consulting company appreciate the customer-centric approach adopted at Syndicode, reliance on data, up-to-date knowledge, and innovative spirit.

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Harness the power of digital technologies

The Syndicode expert team will help you discover new business opportunities and make value-driven decisions for efficient eCommerce operations.

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Syndicode by the numbers

  • 2014 Year of foundation
  • $400M+ Investments raised by clients
  • 100+ Successfully delivered projects
  • 80+ IT specialists on board

Our eCommerce consulting process

Ecommerce consulting services by Syndicode will provide unbiased feedback regarding your business processes, strengths, and weaknesses. You will also get valuable advice on effectively fulfilling your business goals from seasoned professionals.

  • Business Analysis

    Our eCommerce development consultancy team will analyze your business ecosystem, help identify internal and external requirements, and create specifications to manage all your sites and communications. They will assist you with project management by offering a plan for update scheduling, creative ideas evaluation, and task progress monitoring. By the end of the business analysis phase, you will have all business requirements elicited, conceptualized, and broken down into a list of tasks for your development team. BA professionals at Syndicode have solid expertise and deep knowledge of the eCommerce domain. We also ensure that their technical knowledge stays up to date, so you will be offered the most effective technology solutions to tackle your business problems.

  • Idea Validation

    We will enable you to verify your eCommerce product idea, optimize development resources, and collect early user feedback. With our help, you will identify the core product functionality, specify the target group, and formulate and test a leap-of-faith assumption. Our experts will guide you through creating a proof of concept strategy and iterative development planning. They will also help you understand how your product will be used and create an adjustment plan for the maximum ROI. At the end of this step, you will have enough data to make educated product-related decisions. We can also assist in planning future development to turn an MVP into a full-fledged product, if necessary.

  • Implementation Planning

    The Syndicode team will develop a production schedule for the projects approved at the previous step. The business analysts will work with the development team to determine the right performance metrics to evaluate the development activities. They will also coordinate with the testing team to ensure the high quality of the developed product, identify possible roadblocks, and recommend improvements. Close cooperation with the marketing team will spread the word about your product and get you a relevant audience when the product is ready to use. You can focus on the vital business tasks while our professional will take care of the redesigning and development tasks and ensure the proper incorporation of features and changes suggested earlier.

The value of eCommerce consulting services by Syndicode

As a digital transformation partner, Syndicode steps away from focusing solely on your website or mobile app and provides comprehensive eCommerce consultancy services. We will identify the proper tools to organize the digital experience offered by your brand and provide a plan for its effective implementation.

  • Higher brand visibility

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    SEO will boost your eCommerce platform’s trustworthiness, pushing it to rank higher in the search engine. It will raise brand awareness, your audience expansion, and increase your revenue.

  • Effective customer interaction

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    Our experts will ensure the convenience and connection between different customer interaction mechanisms in your company. As a result, you will better satisfy the customers’ needs and increase the profit margin.

  • Better conversions

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    Due to eCommerce consulting by Syndicode, you will learn how to create an excellent website UI, build a smooth customer journey, and provide highly personalized recommendations using ML and AI technologies.

  • Smart order fulfillment

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    Our web development consultancy services will help you automate your order processing routine. In addition to greater efficiency, you will collect more customer data, streamline order tracking, and maintain high customer satisfaction.

  • Data-driven decisions

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    We design interconnected systems to empower eCommerce businesses to accelerate their operation rate, simplify data sharing within the company, improve accountability, etc. Having better access to data, you can make educated decisions.

  • Customer loyalty

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    Having received eCommerce consulting from our expert marketers, you’ll be able to increase your company’s responsiveness and better collect and analyze customer feedback. You’ll learn to nurture customer relationships and grow your revenue.

Use the technology to maximize your business value

Syndicode has the expertise to back up your decision-making and eliminate risks.

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Our tech stack

  • Backend

    • Ruby on Rails
    • Node.js
    • Python
  • Frontend

    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript
    • React.js
    • Vue.js
  • Mobile

    • Swift
    • Kotlin
    • Flutter
    • Objective-C
    • Java
  • Databases

    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Elasticsearch
    • Redis
  • Infrastructure

    • Heroku
    • AWS
    • GCP
    • Azure
    • DigitalOcean

Working with Syndicode, you get

We are an eCommerce consulting, development, and maintenance company. The broad skill range makes us a one-stop shop for everything, from designing a marketplace to creating an all-embracing digital eCommerce strategy.

  • Agile approach

    Customer centricity is the principal value of our eCommerce solution company. We use the minimum of resources while providing a fast turnaround and ensuring adaptability to change.

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  • 360-degree support

    We will create a strategy for your long-term business goals. It is possible due to extensive research that provides us with a holistic and informed view of your entire business.

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  • Data-driven mindset

    We are an eCommerce consulting company driven by innovation and placing data at the center of our services. And we will bring that culture over to your organization.

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  • Personalized treatment

    Every project starts with a discovery session where we dive deep into your business processes and learn the company’s history, vision, etc. This approach lets us cater to your specific needs.

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  • Long-term value

    Our e-commerce consulting company will give you a strategy you can use to improve your business’s current metrics to accomplish your objectives.

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  • Communication transparency

    We keep all the project-related information accessible to everyone involved and ensure convenient progress tracking through regular reports.

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  • Effective project management

    Syndicode’s eCommerce consultants have a firm grasp of the scope, resources, and personnel involved in the project. They can tackle issues while maintaining focus on your business goals.

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Reasons to outsource eCommerce consulting services

We are an inclusive eCommerce solution company employing over 70 experienced tech specialists. Businesses in various industries turn to us for expertise and help in planning, implementing, and maintaining their projects. Whatever your need is—to fill a knowledge gap or get an extra pair of hands—you will find it at Syndicode.

  • Cost savings

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    By outsourcing, you can avoid the hassles of recruiting knowledgeable people and retaining them. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about remaining competitive with rising salaries. Instead, you pay a fixed price for consulting services for as long as you need them.

  • Innovations

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    Keeping your core team up with the fast-changing IT trends can be costly and take time away from important projects. As you work with an external eCommerce consulting service, you can get the necessary skillset and not worry about trends.

  • Wide skill range

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    An outsourced web development consultancy removes the risk of having an expertise gap if someone leaves your team or you change your focus. Instead, you can find a company with the necessary expertise and hire them to work on your project or train your core team.

Meet our team

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    Dmytro CEO
  • Tetiana
    Tetiana Lead HR
  • Oleksandr
    Oleksandr Software Engineer
  • Oleksandr
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Frequently asked questions

  • What does an eCommerce consultant do? Arrow right

    Ecommerce solution services help bridge the gap between the company’s expertise and a consumer niche. It can be attained in different ways or a combination of those. Thus, digital consulting for startup and e-commerce beginner companies can involve defining major business goals, determining key metrics, and finding the most efficient practices to achieve the goals. Next, an eCommerce business consultant can advise on niche or product selection that will set you up for long-term success. They have the necessary knowledge and access to the data about factors that can make or break your venture. Then a consultant can analyze your product or service and offer suggestions for improvement. They will also advise you on setting up an effective sales funnel to bring the desired results quickly. An eCommerce business consultant can also help optimize the results of your marketing campaigns and provide eCommerce strategy consulting.

  • How to choose an eCommerce consulting company? Arrow right

    A surefire way to find the best candidates is to ask for referrals. Many successful companies use e-commerce consulting services and can help you narrow your search. You can also test your luck and google your requirements. Another option is to go on Clutch or a consulting marketplace, filter your search, and read reviews. Check out the companies’ portfolios to see if they provide consistent results for similar businesses as yours. Once you have your candidate list, request a quote from them. Compare prices and packages. Provided they all provide the complete list of services you need, you can delete the most expensive options from your list. Finally, contact them and ask questions about their services, values, experience, and anything else that feels important to you. You want to find out if their approach works for you and feels comfortable. Also, that’s another way to determine if they are the right fit.

  • What is the cost of eCommerce consulting services? Arrow right

    To better understand the cost of eCommerce consulting services, you should determine what you need. Depending on your requirements, the consulting project can take from a few weeks to a few months or more if the project is complex and involves monitoring. After that, you can start looking if that kind of expertise is available in your region. Thus, if you work with B2B eCommerce consultants in the US, expect to pay between $8,000 to $40,000 or more. Alternatively, you can hire a consultant from an offshore country. In this case, you might not receive impeccable English-speaking skills but can still expect significant strategic assistance. What’s more, the price of living in Eastern European countries is much lower than that in the US, which is reflected in employee rates.