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    to save time and money with a single development team

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    a native application with smooth functionality

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    an experienced team with versatile React Native experience

Why React Native development?

The interface and front-end functionality are built with native APIs and components that communicate directly with Android and iOS hardware. The result is a smooth, interactive, and intuitive user experience.

Computing processes, data management, internal logic are written in a shared database. Product owners don’t need to hire a team with expertise in the native tech stack. The code is reused across both iOS and Android.

React Native saves product owners and developers a lot of time both in the long and short runs. The possibility to reuse backend codebase makes development, testing, and maintenance 2-3 times faster.

The team doesn’t need to make changes in two codebases. It’s enough to make an update in a single codebase, and the new version will be automatically deployed to Android and iOS.

Benefits of React Native

  1. High-level performance with a native look and feel
  2. A shared codebase for business logic and backend
  3. Decreased expenses and faster development
  4. Functionality is easy to debug, maintain, and update

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Syndicode React Native development expertise

Our React Native developers have experience in developing native cross-platform applications for marketplaces, healthcare, logistics, and other industries. We know how to build a sustainable code-base.

At Syndicode, we strive to deliver value to end-users while keeping development on time and budget. Our React Native developers know smart ways of sharing codebase and integrating APIs and, at the same time, offer seamless interactive user experience.

We updated clients on daily practices, goals, and achievements daily, weekly, and monthly meetings. Our React Native developers, designers, and testers work together to prevent misunderstandings and develop a wholesome product. 

It’s a full package

  1. Fast and efficient applications 
  2. Native and responsive development 
  3. Interactive and intuitive interface
  4. A single shared codebase with native components

React Native development team

  • Anton Rusinov
    Anton Rusinov Software Engineer
  • Sergiy Kryvenko
    Sergiy Kryvenko Software Engineer

The process of React Native development

In a professional React Native development company, development starts with evaluating your business needs and product purpose. Our React Native development team will get in touch to talk about functionality, user personas, roadmap, objectives, and KPIs. We help you choose the tech stack and plan the project.

Our UX/UI team starts by analyzing and predicting user flow. Our goal is to know how users interact with screens, essential, and additional features. After we understand their expectations and preferences, the UI team assembles a UI kit and creates branding, style, illustrations, and animation. The design of the application is compatible with the requirements of iOS and Android hardware.

  1. Discovery process
  2. UI/UX design
  3. Mobile development

We test React Native apps by performance, usability, load, interface, and other criteria. The goal is to deliver an error-free app, assuring the full absence of crushes and tech errors.

Our team can help with moving your existing codebase to React Native. We adapt frontend and backend functionality, optimize or redesign the interface, evaluate and improve business logic. We make sure there’s no past legacy of tech debt in the migrated app.

If you need expert talents to React Native development, our developers can join your in-house team. We can help on-board them into your team, conduct testing, and screen and scale the product.

  1. React Native testing
  2. Application migration
  3. React Native team augmentation

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