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AI & ML development company

Syndicode provides artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) development services to enable businesses of all sizes to benefit from specialized expertise and improve their operations. Get AI & ML solutions tailored to your specific business needs with minimal upfront investment.

Our AI and machine learning development services

Clients worldwide, spanning diverse industries, benefit from our ML and AI development services. Our solutions offer a reliable foundation for decision-making, the automation of manual processes, and operations optimization.

  • Business intelligence solutions

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    As an AI software development company, we specialize in creating custom BI solutions to automate business processes and enhance decision-making. Our experts integrate AI/ML technologies into existing infrastructures, automating data input, facilitating data collection and analysis, and generating user-friendly reports or triggering specific actions based on data analysis results.

  • Computer vision

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    As part of our AI/ML development services, we offer powerful tools for visual data analysis. By equipping computer systems with human vision capabilities, we can help you magnify user experience. Moreover, we facilitate the automation of quality inspections, bolstering your security measures, and contribute to creating fully autonomous systems that make decisions based on visual information.

  • Natural language processing (NLP)

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    Our NLP solutions power customer support, aiding in understanding customer opinions and making informed decisions. Additionally, they empower businesses to extract information from text documents and create marketing materials. Our tools also enhance search results and facilitate seamless business communication across diverse languages and regions.

  • Chatbot development

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    Syndicode’s team creates AI/ML-powered chatbots for round-the-clock customer assistance, minimizing the need for human resources and enhancing satisfaction. These chatbots analyze user data and interaction history for personalized, natural conversations. We can develop and integrate chatbots across your company’s communication channels, ensuring a seamless experience.

  • Data science & research

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    Our machine learning and artificial intelligence development company creates AI/ML-powered systems that analyze and extract valuable insights from large databases. Our solutions help businesses gain deeper insights into their customer base, identify opportunities for product and service optimization, bolster security measures, optimize inventory management, and achieve more for the same investment.

  • Predictive analytics and maintenance

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    Our experts utilize AI and ML techniques to anticipate future events, trends, or issues. Our predictive systems find patterns in historical data and learn from them to accurately forecast outcomes. They can also predict potential equipment failures, optimizing maintenance schedules, and minimizing downtime.

Base your decisions on facts, not guesswork

Our AI/ML development services unlock data-driven insights through the analysis of historical data. Simply let us know what you seek, and we’ll provide the answers.

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Achieve more with AI and ML development services

  • Efficiency upgrade

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    Harness AI/ML technologies to automate repetitive tasks and identify areas for optimization. Our solutions are designed to predict demand, identify bottlenecks, and facilitate more effective resource planning and management.

  • Fewer errors

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    Our AI and ML solution development company empowers businesses to enhance human capabilities by helping identify errors in data. We create systems capable of recognizing both written and spoken human speech, as well as analyzing images.

  • Enhanced CX

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    Enhance shopping experiences and offer instant support with AI/ML-powered software by Syndicode. We’ve got you covered, from personalized recommendations to proactive customer support through chatbots.

How we provide AI & ML development services

With a decade of software development experience, we’ve devised a process that ensures high-quality results with minimal time and effort. We prioritize understanding our client’s problems and expectations to create effective solutions that seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure, enhancing capabilities without disruption.

  • Discovery

    Our experts hold a meeting with the client to understand their requirements, challenges, and goals. They work together to estimate the project scope, deliverables, and key milestones and align expectations. Further, engineers join to determine the feasibility of implementing AI and machine learning solutions for the identified needs and estimate the required resources. We also assess potential risks and challenges associated with the project and create mitigation strategies.

  • Data exploration

    We collect relevant data, ensuring alignment with project goals regarding relevant datasets and the availability of necessary licenses or permissions. Our AI development specialists assess the structure, format, and characteristics of the collected data. They identify and address any data quality issues, ensuring machine learning models are trained on accurate and reliable information. If needed, they also preprocess data and document the exploration process for future reference.

  • Modeling

    Our AI developers select the most appropriate machine learning model based on project requirements and data characteristics. They use preprocessed data to create a dataset for AI/ML model training, teaching the models to make predictions or classifications. To ensure correct performance, they use metrics relevant to the project and iteratively refine the model based on evaluation results. To guarantee robustness and consistent performance, they employ methods like ensemble learning, cross-validation, and others.

  • Delivery

    We deploy the developed machine learning model into a real-world environment where it can be used for its intended purpose. This includes integrating it into the client’s existing infrastructure, ensuring proper scalability, and implementing monitoring tools to assess the model’s performance continuously. Our data scientists collaborate with the client’s IT team to create a maintenance plan for regular updates, adaptations, improvements, and addressing any issues. Finally, they provide documentation on the model’s operation and maintenance guidelines.

Custom AI/ML solutions by Syndicode are

As an AI/ML development company with a track record of successful projects, Syndicode has a systematic approach to service delivery. It lets us delve deep into core issues and deliver effective, maintainable solutions.

  • Accurate

    Our AI/ML models perform their intended tasks and provide correct results. We ensure this by thoughtfully selecting appropriate algorithms, using high-quality training data, and iteratively refining the model for optimal performance.

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  • Relevant

    Our team creates AI/ML solutions tailored to the client’s unique business needs. To achieve this, we customize algorithms, ensure high-quality training data, collaborate with domain experts, and maintain transparent communication with the client’s team.

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  • Practical

    We prioritize the intuitiveness of our AI/ML solutions to ensure that users can use them without extensive training. Our designers focus on creating simple and clear interfaces that adapt to user’s preferences and provide a consistent experience.

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  • Scalable

    We carefully plan our software to handle increased workloads and adapt to growing data. This involves, among other strategies, creating a flexible architecture and optimizing algorithms to manage larger datasets without sacrificing performance.

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  • Secure

    Our AI and ML developers implement robust features to safeguard AI/ML solutions from unauthorized access, manipulation, or any potential security threats. We use secure development tools and data encryption mechanisms and follow a quality assurance strategy.

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  • Adaptable

    Syndicode’s AI/ML-based software can adeptly adjust to changing conditions and continuously learn. We achieve this through the creation of adaptive models capable of context awareness, dynamic user interfaces, and regular model evaluations.

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Routine tasks take up to half of your employees’ time?

Leverage AI/ML development services to automate repetitive tasks and free up resources for more important work.

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AI & ML development tech stack

  • Languages

    • Python
    • Scala
    • R
    • SQL
  • Frameworks

    • TensorFlow
    • Keras
    • PyTorch
  • Storage

    • Amazon Redshift
    • Google BigQuery
    • Mozart Data
    • Snowflake
    • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Transform

    • Apache Spark
    • AWS Glue
    • Google DataFlow
  • Orchestrating

    • Apache Airflow
    • Google Cloud Composer
    • Dagster
    • Amazon MWAA
  • Visualization

    • Looker
    • Power BI
    • Tableau
  • ML Platforms

    • Amazon SageMaker
    • DataRobot
    • Mlflow
    • Vertex AI
  • Architectures

    • On-premises
    • Cloud
    • Hybrid
  • Cloud

    • AWS
    • Google Cloud
    • Azure

Syndicode’s industry expertise

Syndicode offers machine learning and artificial intelligence development solutions to clients in various industries. Our solutions drive digital transformation by automating tasks, enhancing decision-making, optimizing processes, and fostering innovation, ultimately improving business efficiency and competitiveness.

  • Healthcare Arrow right

    AI/ML enhances patient care through disease diagnostics and remote monitoring, optimizes operations by predicting admissions, and contributes to scientific breakthroughs.

  • Finance Arrow right

    AI/ML in finance brings predictive analytics, improved fraud detection, customer service, and task automation, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making.

  • E-commerce Arrow right

    E-commerce benefits from AI/ML-powered web and mobile apps due to enhanced personalization, customer support, and optimized inventory management.

  • Manufacturing Arrow right

    AI/ML development services boost manufacturing with process optimization, automation, resource management, worker safety, and improved product quality.

  • Education Arrow right

    Education companies leverage AI/ML for efficiency, personalized learning, and innovation. AI recommends resources, tailors coursework, automates grading, and streamlines administration.

  • HR Arrow right

    AI/ML development services revolutionize HR processes, automating recruitment, aiding onboarding, enhancing employee engagement, and mitigating biases.

  • Real estate Arrow right

    AI and ML models analyze market trends, make forecasts, and automate document processing. They also assist real estate businesses in enhancing property value and attractiveness.

  • Marketing Arrow right

    Marketing businesses benefit from ML & AI development services, enhancing customer segmentation, personalized targeting, and gaining valuable insights.

Reasons to outsource AI/ML development services

We believe a proficient ML and AI development company must have expertise in AI/ML technologies, flexibility, effective communication, and strong analytical and problem-solving skills. We strive to meet these criteria.

  • Cost-efficiency

    Outsourcing provides access to specialized skills and expertise without incurring overhead costs associated with hiring, training, and maintaining an in-house team. At Syndicode, we have every specialist needed for end-to-end AI/ML development.

  • Scalability

    Outsourcing allows you to adjust team size according to current needs. Partnering with Syndicode, you can add or change specialists with minimal notice, ensuring cost-effective and efficient scaling without in-house team constraints.

  • Minimized risks

    Using custom AI services by Syndicode, you share responsibilities with an experienced partner. This division of tasks ensures a collaborative approach, reducing the burden and risks associated with sole in-house management.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are AI application development services? Arrow right

    AI and ML app development services involve creating software applications that use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to perform specific tasks or functions. Most often, these applications are used to help businesses automate processes, gain insights from data, and enhance their overall efficiency. Artificial intelligence as a service caters to a range of industries and applications, including natural language processing, image and speech recognition, predictive analytics, recommendation systems, and more.

  • How much does it cost to create AI/ML software? Arrow right

    The cost of developing AI/ML software varies significantly based on factors like team size, whether you hire offshore, tools, integration needs, maintenance, and others. Online sources suggest an average project cost between $5,000 and $300,000, which is a very broad range. We recommend consulting with a trusted AI/ML development firm to define your project requirements and requesting cost and other resource estimates from multiple service providers.

  • How long does it take to develop an AI/ML application? Arrow right

    A quick Google search provides a broad range of 3 to 36 months, which isn’t particularly helpful. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a more specific estimate for the cost of an artificial intelligence app, as it depends on project complexity, functionality scope, data quality, and the required expertise of the development team. Fill out our contact form with these details, and we’ll return to you with an initial estimate that will be further refined through collaboration.

  • Do you provide ongoing maintenance and support for the AI/ML solutions after deployment? Arrow right

    Certainly. Syndicode, as an end-to-end software development company, offers comprehensive maintenance and support for AI and machine learning solutions post-deployment. Our services include system monitoring, optimization, regular updates, backups, and bug fixing. In addition, we prioritize scalability when planning AI and machine learning app development, ensuring we can expand functionality according to your business needs.

  • Can the AI/ML solutions be seamlessly integrated with our existing systems and workflows? Arrow right

    Yes, Syndicode, as a machine learning development company, possesses the infrastructure, knowledge, and resources to seamlessly integrate AI/ML software with your existing systems and workflows. Providing AI and machine learning services, we proactively plan for integration. However, if your system is already in place, we begin by evaluating compatibility, determining appropriate APIs for smooth interaction, and mapping data fields to ensure seamless data flow. Then, we customize the AI/ML solution to align it with your business processes, if necessary. Next, we conduct thorough testing to identify and resolve any compatibility issues, followed by continuous monitoring for ongoing operational excellence.