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WordPress Development Services

WordPress is an instrument which allows our customers to quickly get the most optimal web solution, from a corporate site or an e-commerce shop to an MVP for an enterprise business. Our team masters WordPress as a starting point, and then develops the solution design into responsive web interface with a custom-tailored logic for each particular project.

WordPress development services

At Syndicode, when starting a new project, we carefully study the basic requirements for a future app to develop custom features for solving any business tasks. This way, our WordPress website development services help companies create a unique brand experience and represent their business in the most efficient way.

Custom WordPress web development process

Being a fully circled WordPress website development agency, we provide customers with the required assistance at each stage of their product development.

  • Discovery

    At Syndicode, the discovery phase is the first and foremost stage of the custom software development process. Here we grasp the subject idea and specify the main requirements for a future product. A clear benefit of building a website with WordPress lies in fast business idea validation. Customers can quickly decide whether it is okay to carry on or if they need to pivot. To make sure the digital product will meet the market demand, we focus on the pain points this solution will address and its key features. At the end of this stage, we offer customers accurate time and cost estimates.

  • Design

    Our team can easily transfer any unique design idea offered by the customer into WordPress templates. This way, customers get better chances to convey their vision and brand identity. Initially, our design team creates a mockup that is further reviewed, commented on, and finally approved by the customer. As for the layout, we focus on making it clean and simple so customers can stay focused on your offerings. Also, we help customers choose the most suitable color themes and aesthetically appealing fonts to make their business websites more professional.

  • Development

    The custom WordPress development stage implies handling three key elements of WordPress content management system, which are core code, themes, and plugins. Themes are responsible for the look of the website. Based on the budget available, our software developers can either create a custom WordPress theme or modify an existing one so it satisfies the project requirements. Plugins are used to implement additional features. We recommend you avoid installing too many plugins since they can negatively affect the performance of your website.

  • Release

    The WordPress website release means making our website visible for both people looking for your services on the internet and search engines. At this stage, we migrate all data and deploy the website to the hosting platform chosen by the customer and adjust the DNS settings to point name servers properly. Once the final data migration is complete and quality assurance engineers have performed functional, usability, security, and performance tests, the website can go live.

  • Support

    WordPress app development is an ongoing process. Companies need to add new functionality regularly to stay relevant and respond quickly to the customer’s evolving needs. Besides, the websites should be constantly monitored to make sure they are bug-free and available 24/7. That’s when high-quality after-launch maintenance and support services save the day. There are two ways to maintain digital products after their successful launch. The first one implies offering customers a specific amount of hours for a predefined monthly fee. The second option is creating a backlog with tasks taking at least eighty working hours.

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Why is WordPress still a choice?

For more than fifteen years, WordPress has been one of the most popular website management systems. The reasons below explain why companies should still use WordPress website development services in 2022 and beyond.

  • Cost-effective

    WordPress is an open-source and free CMS, which is updated and supported by developers. It has lots of ready plugins that allow companies to save on WordPress development services.

  • Fast

    A WordPress website development company does not have to build the website features from scratch. They can use plugins to develop, add, or extend the existing functionality.

  • Functional

    WordPress developers can use expensive out-of-the-box functionality or build custom features to cover any aspect of website management, be it security, content management, performance, or search engine optimization.

  • Simple

    If a customer has problems with the WordPress website, it will take our team a couple of hours to explore its back-end and fix the issue.

  • Open source

    As previously mentioned, WordPress is an open-source content management system. Thousands of developers all over the world are constantly working on its updates to expand its functionality.

  • Community

    WordPress has a vibrant community. Its active members provide solutions to many common issues that speed up the WordPress development process for our team.

Syndicode by the numbers

  • 2014 Year of foundation
  • $400M+ Investments raised by clients
  • 100+ Successfully delivered projects
  • 80+ IT specialists on board

Our engagement models

  • Time & material WordPress development

    According to this approach, we set prices for our WordPress development services proceeding from the man-hours of our developers and the resources used. The time and material model considers the dynamic nature of the software development and takes into account changing requirements, updates, and risks unusually associated with it. For this reason, it is getting more and more popular among software development companies.

  • Dedicated WordPress development team

    If customers want to manage their project on their own, we can offer them a dedicated WordPress development team. It includes highly skilled project managers, software developers, QA engineers, and UX/UI designers. Customers can manage the team activities and tasks they perform from their side. Alternatively, this task can be assigned to a project manager from a WordPress development company they partner with.

Major expertise in WordPress development

The versatility of WordPress and a vast number of plugins, custom themes, and available out-of-the-box features allow us to create unique and scalable software solutions for any domain.

  • Online marketplaces Arrow right

    Expensive WordPress functionality provided out of the box allows us to create two-sided service and product marketplaces that bring a stable profit to their owners.

  • Education Arrow right

    With excessive WordPress capabilities, we create educational websites of any type, be it school or college websites, online education portals, or membership websites for education.

  • Logistics Arrow right

    With web app development services for logistics, we help companies improve fleet management, order delivery, warehousing, and other daily processes.

  • Ecommerce Arrow right

    Armed with helpful plugins and templates, we customize online stores to help customers stand out from the crowd, gain more visitors, and grow their e-commerce business.

  • Entertainment Arrow right

    We create eye-catching websites with social sharing, voting, polls, or quizzes functionality to help customers grow their media or entertainment business.

  • Fashion Arrow right

    Lots of gorgeous custom themes and templates provided by WordPress enable customers to promote their fashion brand and showcase their beauty products or services.

  • Healthcare Arrow right

    With our custom WordPress solutions, customers get a better chance to promote their offerings related to the medical or healthcare domain.

  • Rental Arrow right

    With our WordPress CMS development services, companies can quickly move their rental business online and accept bookings in a fast and convenient way.

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Syndicode as your WordPress development company

  • Vast experience

    Over the six years, we have successfully delivered 100+ projects. Our custom WordPress development company has accumulated a vast knowledge of different domains, be it e-commerce, healthcare, job search, or entertainment. This profound expertise allows us to provide each industry and business type with a high-quality solution tailored to their specific needs.

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  • High qualification

    At Syndicode, we hire only the most experienced and talented professionals with a profound technical background. Such a rigorous selection process helps us ensure the highest quality of our custom WordPress development services. It also allows us to build reliable, scalable, and bug-fee software solutions that pay off quickly.

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  • A full cycle of software development services

    We both provide a full cycle of software development services and offer a dedicated software development team. Collaboration with our IT company will bring you a reliable partner who will provide you with the required assistance at each stage of the software development process, from a discovery session to the product launch.

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Reasons to outsource WordPress development

Outsourcing a WordPress development project allows companies to focus on operations, marketing, people management, and other core business aspects. The reasons below explain why a partnership with a reliable WordPress development company is such a sound idea.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    To build a WordPress website, you need to hire an in-house development team or outsource WordPress development services. The second option is less costly, and here is why. Employee hiring is always associated with an increase in labor and operation expenses. You need to pay for software licensing, taxes, and hardware, not to mention salaries and compensation. Partnership with a reliable WordPress development service company frees you from these expenses.

  • Vast knowledge

    The development of a custom WordPress website requires profound technical skills and vast coding experience. A trustworthy WordPress development agency has lots of successfully delivered projects under its belt. Their dedicated team will not face any difficulties with using particular plugins or implementing some specific functionality. They draw on their experience and expertise to provide you with a powerful digital solution. It will be tailored to your specific business needs and compliant with industry-specific regulations.

  • Time saving

    Creating your in-house development team is a time-consuming process. Given that, outsourcing WordPress development services to a reliable offshore software development agency seems to be a good way to save your time. Based on their experience, the software developers will build a high-quality solution for you in a short time frame. This way, you will validate your business idea and launch your digital product much faster. A quick launch, in turn, will help you test and change your promotional strategies and sales channels at the earliest.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How to choose a reliable web application development company? Arrow right

    If you have several WordPress companies in sight, it would not hurt to visit their websites. Take a closer look at the portfolio of their projects usually published there. Remember that the websites they have delivered should be accessible, visually appealing, SEO friendly, and secure. Also, it would be great to read customers’ testimonials that speak to the company’s trustworthiness and professionalism. Finally, do not forget to ask about the project management methodology used in the company and the frequency of project updates they send to customers.

  • How much should WordPress custom development cost? Arrow right

    There is no unified answer to this question. Each custom WordPress development project is unique, so is the cost. Still, there are several factors that define the WordPress web application development cost. The first factor is the project complexity. If you need to add some unique functionality that developers would have to build from scratch, the price will be higher than creating a WordPress website with some standard features. The second factor is the development approach. If you decide to build a WordPress website with the help of your in-house development team, the completed solution will be more expensive than the digital product built by an experienced WordPress development service company.

  • Is WordPress good for small businesses? Arrow right

    The short answer is yes, it is. Actually, there are several reasons that make WordPress a good option for small businesses. The first reason is reduced development time. Since WordPress is an out-of-the-box platform, your WordPress development service team will build a working solution for you in no time. This way, you will be able to validate your business idea pretty fast without investing too much time. Another reason is cost-effectiveness. WordPress is an open-source and free product. It means that the total cost of the delivered product will be less expensive in comparison with custom software development.

  • Why should one use WordPress? Arrow right

    There are several reasons why you should consider using WordPress development services. First, this content management system is very flexible. There are lots of plugins and custom themes that cover all basic functionality for any website type. Second, since WordPress is an out-of-the-box solution, the software development team you will partner with will deliver a ready solution for you in the quickest time possible. Reduced development time, in its turn, will help you save costs on web development. Finally, we should mention scalability as a clear benefit of WordPress.