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Being an experienced Android app development company, Syndicode builds, designs, launches, and maintains customized mobile applications for the Android platform. This way, we help businesses strengthen customer engagement, build brand awareness, and stand out from the competitors.

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Android App Development Services

We offer organizations a full range of Android app development services to allow organizations to increase the profitability of their business and have a significant impact on their target market with robust and powerful mobile solutions. Based on our experience, we know how to build customized digital products that will satisfy the ultra-specific needs of your end-users.

  • Custom Android App Development

    Since 2014, Syndicode has been providing businesses with Android mobile app development services. With our customized Android solutions, companies can increase customers loyalty, improve the efficiency of the operational processes, and encourage their business growth and expansion. Our vast expertise allows us to tackle specific issues associated with your domain to ensure the future success of your mobile project.

  • Enterprise Android App Development

    Our Android mobile app development company provides enterprises with flexible, scalable, and secure mobile solutions. The Syndicode development team will modify your Android application to allow your IT admins to specify custom settings for this particular mobile solution and simplify the sign-on process for employees within your organization with the help of a single sign-on.

  • Native apps Development

    Investment in native application development can be beneficial for your business for several reasons. Since such apps are built and optimized for a particular mobile platform, namely for Android, they show a high level of performance. Besides, full access to hardware features allows our development team buil the most advanced functionality.

  • Android App QA & Testing

    Apart from Android software development, you will benefit from the quality assurance and testing services by Syndicode to ensure stable performance of your app. After testing mobile applications on real Android devices, our quality assurance engineers write detailed bug reports to prevent unexpected crashes or bugs that can harm user experience and deter your audience.

  • Design for Android Applications

    When designing mobile apps, we follow the latest guidelines for modern Android UI design, known as “material design.” They have been developed with users’ primary needs and interests in mind. Owing to these resources, our Android mobile app development team creates visually appealing, intuitive, and interactive mobile interfaces.

  • Android Web-based Apps

    Our Android app development services include building powerful mobile web applications. Such solutions require the installation of a web browser only. A clear advantage of this approach is its cost-effectiveness compared to custom Android app development. Owing to this technology, you can present information about your products and services in a convenient, readable format.

Looking for a reliable Android app development partner?

Looking for a reliable Android app development partner?

Our skillful Android development team will bring your ideas into reality.

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How we develop Android apps

Being a full-cycle Android app development company, we support our customers at each step of the mobile app development process. from your business idea validation to after-launch maintenance and support.


The process of mobile application development for Android at Syndicode starts with a discovery session. Here we specify the target audience and core project requirements, as in the basic functionality of a future app and functions it should perform. To help customers get the upper hand in their domains, we explore their main competitors, their products, and the revenue models they adopt. Besides, comprehensive market research allows us to find hidden opportunities for launching a stable and profitable business. Finally, we explore specifc bottlenecks that can hinder the Android app development process and offer the most suitable technological solutions to overcome them.


Investing in Android app development services provided by Syndicode, you can expect to get robust, intuitive, and visually appealing mobile solutions for all types of Android devices. Our UX/UI design team creates wireframes to define the future look and feel of your application. As soon as we discuss the information structure of the app with our developers and after your approval of our wireframes, our designers create clickable prototypes and mockups. Additionally, based on the experience of our Android software development company in building multiple native applications for different domains, we will help you choose colors, fonts, widgets, and types of bottoms that suit your particular application the most.


At Syndicode, we use proven technologies such as Kotlin and Java to build powerful customized applications for Android devices. Additionally, we use React Native to provide our customers with cross-platform mobile solutions. Also, specialists in our Android mobile app development company are always eager to explore new technologies and approaches that speed up the mobile development process and allow businesses to cut Android app development services costs. Since we adhere to the basic principles of the Agile philosophy, we divide the development process into short sprints. Our development team carefully plans each sprint and tests the completed functionality in the end. This approach helps us avoid bugs and eliminate risks associated with Android apps development.


As soon as the application is built and tested, our Android application development company publishes it in Google Play, which is an official application store for certified mobile devices operating on Android. We perform beta testing before the application’s deployment by default. To make sure that each feature of your mobile application works as it should, and there are no bugs or system glitches, we test it on real devices. At the same time, in case you need to reduce Android app development services costs, cloud testing can be performed. However, its results are less accurate.


Our partnership with customers does not end with the launch of their mobile applications. We are constantly monitoring the app’s performance and user feedback to make sure there are no bugs or downtimes. Apart from that, specialists from our Android app development company can advance your mobile product with new features to satisfy the increasing demands of your target audience. Finally, we make sure that all our mobile solutions are compatible with the latest Android version and meet the current industry trends.

Benefits of Android application development by Syndicode

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    Our Android app development company follows the best Android app security practices such as high-level authentication, data encryption, and regular testing and updating to ensure the safety of the sensitive information stored on Android devices used within your organization or by your customers.

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    Fast development

    At Syndicode, we use several ways to speed up the Android application development process. First, we use advanced development tools. Second, we follow the principles of the Agile philosophy. Finally, our team prioritizes the required features to launch several product versions.

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    Performance & Efficiency

    We improve memory usage, optimize screen size and resolution, and reduce the size of all Android solutions we deliver to ensure their smooth performance. Also, we minimize app launch time to provide users with fast and responsive mobile solutions.

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    A solid reason to invest in Android app development services offered by Syndicode is their cost-effectiveness. The solution built for Android will be less expensive in comparison with the custom solution for iOS.

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    Our Android app development company focuses on the primary needs and wants of your end-users to build customized mobile solutions that meet the market demand. All our products are equipped with targeted push notifications, scalable text, and intuitive navigation.

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    We approach Android apps development with careful planning to center the product around the target audience’s needs. Our designers create the apps’ looks with the user’s psychology in mind, and developers emphasize security and loading time.

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    When building custom mobile applications for the platform Android, we keep in mind the potential increase in workload. It means that you can be sure that your application will handle the growing number of requests effortlessly without any downtimes or crashes.

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Syndicode industry expertise

Android app development services provided by Syndicode extend across numerous industries. Our vast expertise allows our team to build custom mobile solutions for Android smartphones, wearables, and TV for different domains from finance and e-commerce to healthcare and education.

  • Online marketplaces

    Online marketplaces

    We create B2B, B2C, and C2C web marketplaces and their mobile versions for products and services to help companies interact with mobile shoppers and drive more sales.

  • Education


    Syndicode follows the latest industry trends such as microteaching, video content, and gamification to make the learning process efficient for both teachers and students.

  • Logistics


    Our Android apps for logistics simplify the processes of the warehouse, fleet, and delivery management and allow tracking driver location in a fast and efficient way.

  • Ecommerce


    With Android e-commerce applications, customers get the freedom of purchasing the required items on the go, while retail brands can increase sales by reaching wider audiences.

  • Entertainment


    Entertainment apps built by our Android app development company encompass a wide range of products from music and gaming Android apps to social media and instant-messaging tools.

  • Fashion


    We provide the apparel industry with Android development services to help brands showcase their fashion products and services and generate more revenue.

  • Healthcare


    Android app development solutions for healthcare speed up the communication between service providers and patients and enables doctors to monitor their patients’ condition 24/7.

  • Rental


    We help entrepreneurs increase the efficiency of their rental business by providing them with Android apps to keep rental information organized and monitor items offered for rent.

Want to build a robust Android app?

Want to build a robust Android app?

Our expert team will put your ideas into action.

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Custom Android app development tech stack

Having provided different domains with robust Android solutions, we know how important it is to choose the right technology and tools for each specific project. Our Android software development team is always eager to try new programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools to ensure the highest quality of our Android development services. Thus, we build custom apps for all Android devices with Kotlin and Java. We chose this tech stack to meet the strictest demands of our users.

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We build custom Android apps for

These days a mobile application has become an absolute must for all businesses regardless of their size. With their help, companies can offer extra value for their customers, build a stronger brand, get the upper hand in their domain, and receive valuable insights into consumers’ behavior.


Large businesses

We will provide your enterprise with a complex custom Android app development solution to help you solve business challenges particular for your organization. All internal Android apps and customer-facing products delivered by our team are equipped with crucial security and management features to safeguard and control Android smartphones used within your company.


Small & medium businesses

By investing in Android app development services, your middle-sized business can attract more consumers to your brand with robust and feature-rich applications. And if you integrate your app with popular social media, your business can reach an even wider audience online. Apart from that, the mobile app for Android can provide you with valuable statistics on user engagement and the most popular products to help you launch more customer-oriented solutions.



Custom Android app development services can be beneficial for your startup for several reasons. First, with a mobile app to promote your product and services, you can drive sales and increase the profitability of your business by targeting a broad user category, which is mobile shoppers. Second, you can get valuable feedback from end-users much faster. By implementing their suggestions, you can make your products more competitive and sought-after. Finally, an Android application is an efficient marketing tool for promoting your startup business.

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Reasons to outsource the Android application development

The concept of outsourcing appeared about fifty years ago. Through the years, it has been gaining momentum and, currently, outsourcing is the most popular option for businesses that want to reduce the Android app development services costs. The reasons below explain why it is so.

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Risk mitigation

During the discovery session, a reliable offshore Android app development company will uncover the hidden risks and project bottlenecks you have overlooked. Apart from that, they will undertake the security of your Android application. You can ensure that your corporate data and the sensitive information of your end-users will be carefully protected against common threats such as data leakage, network spoofing, or phishing attacks.

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Increated efficiency and innovations

Your in-house IT specialists know the operational processes and workflows within your company inside and out. However, it can be difficult for them to think outside the box and come up with some innovative solutions. At the same time, the vast expertise of an Android app development company across multiple domains can provide you with valuable insights on how to increase the efficiency of your business.

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Cost reduction

By outsourcing the Android app development services, you can cut costs on hiring and onboarding new staff members, providing them with hardware and software, renting office space, and paying taxes, salaries, compensations, and sick leaves. Another way to save on Android app development services is to partner with a software development company that sets lower rates in comparison with your country.

Frequently asked questions

​​How to choose a reliable Android app development company?

There are several things you should keep in mind when choosing an Android mobile app development company for your project. The first one is relevant experience. Your Android development partner should have enough experience in building solutions similar to the one you are going to create. The easiest way to check the expertise of an Android application development company is to visit their website and examine projects they have delivered. Make sure that the mobile solutions are eye-catching, intuitive, and align with the brand perfectly. Finally, the less important factor is the technology stack used in the Android software development company you are going to partner with. The developer should use mature and proven technologies like Kotlin and Java to build secure, robust, and user-friendly apps.

How much does it cost to create a custom Android application?

The final cost of a custom Android application depends heavily on the business goal you want o to achieve and the type of application you want to create. Our Android app development company provides customers with rough estimates at the end of the discovery session as soon as all project requirements, functionality, and technology stack are defined. If you still need some specifc figures, a simple application without any backend and integration with third-party services will cost you between $40K–$80K. If you want to add some visual elements, several screens, and an Internet connection, the price will be $80K–$150K.

How long does it take to develop an Android application?

There are several factors that define the time-frames for an Android development project. Here we should mention the project complexity, namely the number of features you want to implement, the development team composition, and the project management methodology adopted in the Android app development company. To be more specific, a standard team consisting of four units will build a simple custom Android application in 4-4 months, provided that no backend integration from scratch is required. In case your app needs a server and custom APIs, the development team will need up to 12 months. Speaking about project management methodology, the Agile approach will help speed up the development process and shorten the timeline.

What is the difference between Android native development and cross-platform development?

Android native development implies building applications for this particular platform with the help of specific technologies, such as Kotlin and Java. Meanwhile, cross-platform applications are written in javaScript and are compatible with multiple platforms. Besides, a great advantage of Android apps is that they allow offline functionality, unlike cross-platform apps. At the same time, a strong suit of cross-platform mobile solutions is fast development owing to the fact that a single code can be used on multiple platforms. For this reason, cross-platform applications are less expensive than Android native apps.

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