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Challenges of Android app development

Mobile applications can get a lot of tasks done. They help users to solve the problems at hand and be smarter about everyday tasks. For companies, it’s a way to reach users anytime and anywhere, build strong loyalty, and tap into a new market. 

Particularly, Android app development is all about efficiency. Users appreciate functionality, cost-efficiency, and reliable performance – which is why these are our main project criteria. 

  • We build various apps: from small pocket assistants to large platforms
  • Custom development or migration: we can build an app from idea or transfer the existing one to the Android OS
  • Efficient functionality and addictive interface: we combine get-work done approach while encouraging users to spend more time on the app with smooth UI

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The versatility of Android app development

Android development is rooted in careful planning and testing. The OS is embedded in many devices and spans across multiple markets. Users have extremely different needs – without careful review, it’s impossible to know priorities.

This is why all our Android development projects are analytics-driven. Even more so that for iOs, we need to look at many user segments and explore the best workflows.

  • We carefully research the needs of your audience before developing
  • In the process of building an app, we test it on dozens of Android devices
  • Each app undergoes strict acceptance testing, both by Android app development company and users

Benefits of Syndicode Android app development

  • Assistance with refining business strategy: we help our clients to create a concept that brings value to the market and answers business needs. After building successful apps in many industries, we define main factors that influence success – and we share this experience-driven perspective with you. 
  • Smooth UX: our designers and analysts are very careful when it comes to mapping out the functionality and devising user flows. We make sure the experience is seamless and users can enjoy moving from one feature to another.
  • Performing functionality: the main goal of Android app development is to create a solution to a specific problem. This is why we prioritize functional value, performance, and reliability in Android app development services
  • Security: because Android app development hardware is so versatile, the vulnerabilities differ. We spent a lot of time working with many devices and know the risks that users of the most popular devices commonly face. 
  • Testing: all Android apps are thoroughly tested by our team and rolled-out to beta testers. When all parties approve of the functionality and interface, we consider the app ready for release. 
  • Full-scale release app development for Android: we’ll help you upload the product to the Google Play store making sure it complies with all the requirements. We prepare descriptions, screenshots, and additional content.

Value is the goal

Over the years of building Android apps, we were finally able to pinpoint what sets us apart from other teams. Our developers are very invested in delivering value to the end-user. Of course, we consider business needs and strategy, but throughout the development process, our engineers will keep asking – what’s in it for a user? We aspire to build apps that people will actually use – and we are very honest about it.

Our tech stack for Android apps development

When we build a native Android app, we heavily rely on tools from the official ecosystem. However, unlike iOS, in Android development, the ecosystem isn’t that limited to official releases. We often incorporate third-party frameworks, open-source tools, ready-to-use libraries. Over years of completing Android app development, we have our own favorites.

  • Programming languages: Kotlin, Java

Everything’s pretty standard here – Java and Kotlin really are go-to languages for Android app development. Kotlin integrates more smoothly with Android Studio and fits the OS requirements better, but Java offers a lot of added benefits. The code written with Java can be reused and run everywhere, it allows building complex platforms, and completes many tasks. For interactive apps, Kotlin is often a better bet, while for large-scale apps, Java is generally a better option.

  • Development tools: Android Studio and official tools. The Android ecosystem is the go-to source of necessary instruments for writing code, collaborating, refactoring, and deploying the codebase.
  • Android SDK: for an application to adhere to the standards for the OS, it has to be built upon a dedicated kit. The official Android SDK has all the components necessary to build compatible, performing, and interactive applications. By using official packages, interface kits, and feature templates, we assure you that the application is perfectly compatible with the latest Android version.
  • Android libraries: the tools like RetroFit, Moshi, Chuck, and others allow developers to seamlessly synchronize HTTP files with APIs, manage UI, add new functionality. By using presets and templates, we minimize the delivery time of Android app development services.
  • Testing tools: Kobiton, TestProject, Squish, and other independent instruments help us to keep track of test cases, run parallel testing, collect feedback from users in the beta-testing stage. We can generate reports and send them directly to clients. Measuring code coverage, the number of found bugs, etc provides business owners valuable insights on Android app development services progress.

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