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We build and design web & mobile applications, SaaS, marketplaces and more.

  • World’s largest online consignment store in the USA.

  • The leading home removals service in Europe and Germany.

  • In the TOP of startups of Africa, providing job finding service.

  • Top-used childcare management service in the USA.

  • Top clearing & handyman services marketplace in Netherlands.

  • The leading postal express delivery provider in Ukraine.

  • Digital Product
    Design and UI/UX

    Syndicode provides state-of-the-art product and UI/UX design services so our clients could deliver topmost customer experience.

    • UX design
    • Visual design
    • Illustrations
    • Branding
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  • Full-Cycle
    Custom Software

    From ideation through prototyping to delivery & maintenance, we execute the full development cycle to create businesses-oriented solutions.

    • Custom Software Development
    • Infrastructure Architecture
    • SaaS Development
    • Enterprise Development
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  • Responsive
    Web & Mobile App

    Syndicode writes high-performing backend along with client-oriented fronted and outstanding design. Applications we create work smoothly on both web and mobile.

    • Ruby on Rails
    • Node.js, ReactJS, React Native
    • iOS
    • Android
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  • Online Marketplace


    Marketplace development is a flagship product expertise at Syndicode. B2B, B2C, C2C, peer-to-peer, and other types of demand/supply platforms.

    • Two-sided marketplace
    • Three-sided marketplace
    • Ecommerce marketplace
    • On-demand platform
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  • Figma
  • Principle
  • Illustrator
  • Rails
  • PHP
  • iOS
  • React
  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • Datadog
  • Sketch
  • Photoshop
  • React
  • NodeJS
  • JS
  • Android
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS
  • CHEF
  • New Relic

Why Choose
Syndicode for Software Development?

  • 100% Transparency

    Clear deliverables, trusted relations, continuous support, and no hidden costs. We utilise time tracking software, online reports, detailed payment schedule, and explicit escalation policy putting our clients’ loyalty forward.

  • Niche expretise

    One of the key UVP of Syndicode is our extensive experience in Ruby on Rails development, Marketplace development, web & mobile app development. Also, we deliver out-and-outer Product and UI/UX design.

  • Faultless Delivery

    Faultless project delivery on time and within the budget is one of the main reasons why new Syndicode clients become repeat clients.

  • Efficient teams

    We provide optimal-sized teams for every project. You will work with the exact number of people for your product to be delivered. This ensures direct transparent communication between clients and engineers.

People trust people

  • Andreea Cocor
    Andreea Cocor Project Manager at HLPRS
    About a year ago we decided we need something new for a company. We looked for a team of great engineers and came across Syndicode. They helped us bring our ideas to live. Any feature we asked to develop - they were always ready for us. Syndicode was a great match with HLPRS. We are happy to have a team of developers from Syndicode. Now our system works beyond our expectations.
  • David-Bengamin Brakha
    David-Bengamin Brakha Founder & CEO at Blackbell (HotelCloud)
    Syndicode team is awesome. It provides a channel to hire exceptional developers who share our DNA, vision and become a full part of our team. I appreciate how highly knowledgeable Syndicode is in tech & business. Syndicode helped me to minimize the cost of the development. The company was able to hire top-talented developers only in one month. Syndicode’s recruitment quality, flexibility and speed make it possible to develop the product.
  • Thomas Thejn
    James Denham Managing Partner at InstaLinks
    We were looking for a software development agency to develop InstaLinks with controlled scope and budget, under time constraints. Syndicode provided us with a detailed estimate and product development plan. They designed and developed a platform from scratch, which included brainstorming features and creating wireframes. The team of skilled specialists from Syndicode did all the work on the project great. And now we assigned them to work on our next project.
  • Dennis Gneuß
    Dennis Gneuß CDO at Movinga
    For 7 month, dedicated team at Syndicode helped Movinga to bridge the gap in engineering capacity during very critical time of Movinga product MVP development. Syndicode engineers appeared to be extremely caring and initiative. The team provided professional and high-quality web development. They were capable to meet tight deadlines with great accuracy, following all the requirements.

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