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Syndicode is a full-cycle custom software development company specializing in creating business-centered digital solutions driven by innovation and technology. Our products help organizations meet the evolving needs of their customers, get the upper hand in their domains, and run operational processes smoothly.

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Services provided by Syndicode

For more than seven years, our company has been helping entrepreneurs thrive by providing them with software development services. Since that time, we have successfully delivered 140+ projects across multiple domains. Such vast expertise allows us to build powerful solutions for addressing even the most sophisticated corporate needs.

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The software development process at Syndicode

1.Discovery session

The discovery session is the first and foremost stage of product development at our software development company. Its aim is to collect input information about a future app, as in its business model, the main competitors, target audience, issues the solution will solve, and core functionality. Apart from that, we identify potential bottlenecks and offer the most suitable solutions to overcome them. This way, the discovery phase helps us deliver software solutions that meet the demand of the target audience. Besides, the more information we gather at this stage, the more precise time and cost estimate customers will get.

Product vision

Project roadmap


Design prototype

User flow

Project architecture

Accurate estimates

Team composition


As soon as all project requirements are specified and documented, our UX/UI design team starts analyzing them. This way, they ensure the information infrastructure will be created correctly. The next stage is wireframing. Here wireframes are two-dimensional sketches designed to showcase how a future web app will look and work. It is worth noting that they do not illustrate the whole design of a digital product, only key screens and interface elements. As soon as the customer approves them, the UX/UI design team converts them into clickable prototypes that imply the first user interaction. Later on, these interactive prototypes will be converted into the final UI design.

Design estimates

UX Flow


User Stories

UI design

Сustom themes and icons


The development process in our software engineering company is based on the principles of the Agile philosophy. This group of methodologies allows us to minimize the risk of project failure, ensure constant product improvement, and increase flexibility regarding to necessary changes. Customers, in turn, gain full control over their projects owing to feedback integration, transparency, and quality-control features. As a result, they get digital products of superior quality. We divide the software development process into short sprints. Each sprint starts with the prioritization of the tasks in the backlog. After that, software developers start building the required functionality. When a certain piece of functionality is completed, quality assurance engineers perform manual and automated tests to make sure each function works as it should and there are no bugs. When all bugs are fixed, the functionality is released to production.








Release implies distributing the final version of your software solution to end-users. This final stage of the software development process takes place when all bugs are fixed and all enhancements are made. From now on, you can see how users interact with your product. Apart from deploying your solution to production, our software development team is busy with writing the release notes. It is technical documentation that contains vital information about bugs we have fixed and enhancements we have made. Release notes are essential since they help engage users and raise awareness of the new product.


To make sure your software solution is bug-free and accessible 24/7, our software development company provides support and maintenance services. We are always ready to improve your product with new features so that it can satisfy the increasing demands of your audience. If you need support services, you can purchase a certain amount of hours per month. Alternatively, you can collect all your tasks in a backlog, and when they take at least eighty working hours, give them to our software development team. This way, you will reduce support and maintenance services expenses.

We also help to innovate

Our software development company harnesses the power of innovative technologies to help customers stay competitive in a rapidly changing business environment.


AI and ML allow companies to extract the maximum value from collected data and thus increase customers satisfaction and make better data-driven decisions.

Computer vision

Computer vision systems help companies achieve accurate diagnoses in healthcare, minimize defects in manufacturing, and get valuable insights into customers’ demographics in retail.

Natural language processing

Owing to NLP technology, computers can unlock the data taken from different sources and extract meaning from it. Thus, it helps grasp customers’ internet earlier than market rivals.

Big data processing

By analyzing large volumes of data, companies can uncover hidden opportunities for gaining more customers, launching new products or services, and reducing costs.

Syndicode by the numbers


Year of foundation


Investments raised by clients


Successfully delivered projects


IT specialists on board

Syndicode Industry Expertise

  • Marketplaces


    Syndicode creates scalable product and service marketplaces that manage the high load, custom features, and meet the latest industry standards.

  • Education


    E-learning solutions built by our software development company offer a convenient and personalized environment that simplifies the educational process for learners and teachers.

  • Logistics


    With our custom software solutions for logistics management, companies can easily monitor order processing, warehousing, inventory, transportation, and other crucial processes.

  • E-commerce


    We build vertical and horizontal e-commerce platforms to enable sellers to create storefronts for promoting their products and help buyers quickly purchase the required item.

  • Entertainment


    Our media and entertainment software speeds up the process of digital content creation, management, and delivery and keeps your audience engaged.

  • Fashion


    With our custom software, fashion brands embrace the power of 3D technologies to simplify the design, development, and marketing processes and launch beauty and apparel products faster.

  • Healthcare


    Medical software allows healthcare providers to eliminate paperwork by automating form filling, patient registration, data storage, and file management, and thus, offer better patient care.

  • Rental


    With our custom digital solutions for the rental industry, businesses can manage online bookings, inventory, invoicing, and track available equipment in a fast and convenient way.

Customers say

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Let’s discuss your next project

Let’s discuss your next project

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We build software for


Large businesses

We create customer relationship management systems, invoicing solutions, enterprise resource planning systems, and other types of business management software to help big organizations improve the efficiency of different operational areas, be it finance, sales, marketing, or human resources. All these solutions allow entrepreneurs to review and analyze crucial business information and make calculated decisions.


Small & medium businesses

With our custom software solutions, small and medium-sized businesses can quickly adapt to a rapidly evolving business environment. For example, they can effortlessly process online ordering and mobile payments, which have become a new norm. Our software development company is always ready to support the big goals of our customers by providing them with secure, reliable, scalable solutions at an affordable price.



Being an experienced software development firm, we help aspiring entrepreneurs enter the market with unique, innovative solutions that will stand out from similar products. To achieve this goal, we carefully analyze the subject idea, its business model, and must-have functionality. We will choose the right technology stack for implementing these features to make your solution attractive for the investors and popular among your target audience.

Our clients’ business results


Funding amount


Fashion resale marketplace


Funding amount


Online relocation service provider


Funding amount


Job search platform


Funding amount


Solution for water utilities


by Procare Solutions


Service to simplify preschool operation


by Pflegix


Online care and support marketplace


by Helpling


On-demand cleaning platform

Engagement models at Syndicode

company engagement models item

Time & Material model

According to this model, our custom software development company charges customers based on the exact number of hours our development team spent working on their projects. This figure also includes potential risks, frequent updates, and changing requirements. The Time & Material model is the perfect option if you require the flexibility of changing the scope of your project or software developers’ workload.

company engagement models item

Dedicated development team

If you want to gain full control over your project, the dedicated development team model is the best solution for you. Our software development company will provide you with all the required specialists. You will prioritize tasks for them and monitor their progress by yourself. In this regard, this model resembles an in-house development team; however, you do not have to pay for hardware, software licensing, salaries, compensations, and sick leave.

Tech stack for innovations

Our software development company uses the most advanced technology stack to help organizations introduce new ideas and experiences. Customers get better chances to become disruptors in their industry by implementing the latest innovative technologies earlier than their market rivals.





Ruby (Ruby on Rails)

JavaScript/TypeScript (React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, R)




Apache Spark



Kubernetes Amazon Web Services (AWS)









People work with people

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Frequently asked questions

What is a software development company?

A software development company is a technology company that deals with building, designing, testing, and delivering software solutions. Their number is growing steadily since more and more companies are ready to invest in custom software development to get a unique digital solution that will help them automate their core operational processes and solve complex business challenges. Each software development firm focuses on certain types of services and technologies. If you need to find a reliable software development partner, pay attention to the portfolio of projects they deliver and experience in creating solutions similar to the project you are going to build.

How to choose a software development company?

If you have some custom software development firm in sight, we recommend visiting its website. Here you can find a lot of valuable information that will help you make the right decisions. First, take a look at the case studies demonstrating the projects the software development company has delivered. They should have a visually appealing design and look professional. Then, explore their domain expertise. Do they have experience in building software solutions similar to the product you are going to create? Also, it would not hurt to take a look at testimonials from satisfied customers who speak to the reliability and trustworthiness of this certain business software development company.

How much does it cost to hire a software development company?

The cost of services provided by a software engineering company depends on several factors. The first one is the complexity of your project. The more complicated functions you want to implement, the more time the software developers will need to build it. Consequently, the higher the price will be. Another important factor is the geographic location of a software development company. For example, a software development company from the USA or Western Europe will set higher rates for their services than their counterparts from Eastern Europe or India.

Why should entrepreneurs hire software development companies?

The key reason to hire a reliable software development company is getting a unique digital product tailored to your specific business requirements. Any experienced custom software development firm houses a close-knit team of professionals, including UI/UI designers, project managers, business analysts, software developers, and quality assurance engineers. Each of them has vast expertise in building different kinds of digital products. Their experience will help convert your idea into a fully functioning software solution that will meet the market demand.

Benefits of hiring a software development company

The main benefit of hiring a reliable software application development company is cost-effectiveness. This way, you do not have to hire an in-house team and pay for hardware, software licenses, salaries, sick leave, and compensation. Another reason to outsource your digital project to a custom software development firm is access to a wider talent pool. Since you do not have any geographic limitations, you can find highly skilled professionals from a region where rates are lower than in your location.

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