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Syndicode provides Laravel development services for projects with complex requirements, custom software with excessive documentation, dynamic websites, data-heavy products, large-scale eCommerce solutions, and more. We build products quickly and ensure their excellent performance, security, easy maintenance, and great scalability.

Our Laravel development services

Our developers love PHP for building software that should not consume much of a device’s memory but still process a lot of data. The Laravel framework helps us handle this task by providing flexible, straightforward, and fast coding tools.

Featured web applications

Laravel works great for us to use independently and alongside other frameworks. Thus, we turn to PHP to develop dynamic web applications that need to scale fast. Alternatively, our engineers integrate solutions built using Laravel with structures written in a different language to get the best of both.

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Develop scalable, optimized, and secure software

That’s exactly what our Laravel developers do! Let us know about your idea and requirements, and we will get back to you with a detailed development plan.

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How we provide Laravel development services

Syndicode follows the Agile software development lifecycle. This method ensures higher software quality due to collaboration between different teams engaged in the project. It is also quicker compared to the traditional Waterfall model. Additionally, Agile offers flexibility that mitigates the necessity to plan for issues that might come with new technologies or a change in needs.

  • Discovery

    The discovery session at the beginning of a new project ensures clear goals and helps build an effective product architecture, mitigate development costs, and downplay potential risks. We start providing Laravel development services by familiarizing ourselves with the client and their business idea. It is usually done with a questionnaire and/or a one-to-one meeting and is followed by a brainstorming session to develop the best project options. Next, we conduct audience and market research and draw the product’s concept. Upon the client’s approval, our project management determines the scope of work, sets priorities and deadlines, and assigns an expert team. The discovery phase ends with a complete Product Requirements Document (PRD), a service proposal, and a contract.

  • Design

    We define how to turn the idea into a product during the design phase. Our skilled designers ensure that the product’s look matches the client’s requirements and expectations. They are also responsible for document creation for developers to correctly transform that look into a tangible product. A designer works with a project manager, business analysts, and developers to create a visual representation of the product. We ensure the proposed design works well for the project’s purpose and meets the criteria. A technical architect or DevOps reviews the design and decides on the best technical means for its implementation. QA specialists verify that the design meets the client’s needs and is consistent, and its implementation won’t be tied to testing complexities. As a result of the design stage, we define the product’s UI/UX and set coding standards.

  • Development

    The development stage involves installing infrastructure, coding, and creating documentation on how the product works. We split project tasks into modules and assign them to developers to work in parallel. We have front-end and back-end development teams for Laravel projects. Front-end specialists are responsible for the product’s visual part. They ensure that a user can view and interact with the product easily and that it looks good across all target devices. Back-end developers determine the underlying logic of the product’s functions and processes. In other words, they ensure the product is stable, works correctly, stores and processes data quickly, etc.

  • Testing

    We implement testing as early as the design stage or sometimes earlier to ensure higher product quality and prevent reworks. The testing stage implies the final check of the entire product before deployment. Once the product is complete, we deploy it to a testing environment. We check the system’s functionality and verify its accordance with the client’s requirements. To do this, our QA engineers choose the most efficient testing tools for the case and create test cases. They aim to predict all the possible scenarios under which real users may use the product. Our quality assurance engineers use automated and manual techniques to speed up the process and improve its accuracy. All the found bugs, malfunctions, and inconsistencies are communicated to the development team. After they fix all the issues, we rerun tests to ensure nothing is missed and there are no new bugs.

  • Deployment

    As soon as our QA team ensures the product has no bugs and is market-ready, it’s time to deploy it to a live environment. Designers and developers work together to support the product launch and step in with quick fixes if necessary. At this stage, we hand the product’s source code and all the product-related documentation to the client. We also form a special IT support team to monitor customer feedback and solve issues within one month after the product goes live. If you need ongoing maintenance services, you can purchase them additionally.

Syndicode by the numbers

  • 2014 Year of foundation
  • $400M+ Investments raised by clients
  • 100+ Successfully delivered projects
  • 80+ IT specialists on board

Laravel web development by Syndicode is

Our developers are proficient in PHP and Laravel in particular. We regularly use PHP in our projects thanks to its many advantages. Furthermore, it is one of the most popular programming languages making it attractive for updating old complex solutions.

  • Secure

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    We perform iterative development and test every element right after it has been finished. This way, we decrease the number of bugs significantly. In addition, Laravel has excellent built-in security tools to protect your digital product from hackers and cyberattacks.

  • Scalable

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    Our engineers build software with growing business needs in mind and plan for sudden influxes of traffic. Laravel provides enough resources to create equally effective digital products for small and enterprise-sized companies.

  • Integrated

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    Laravel makes third-party integrations easy due to its clean APIs. In addition, Syndicode’s developers have vast experience building custom APIs from scratch. They happily offer creative ways to tie your applications together.

  • Bug-free

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    We incorporate QA early in the development process, improving our software’s quality without elongating the development time. Moreover, solutions built with Laravel are easy to maintain due to the MVC architecture and OOP principles.

  • Flexible

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    We adhere to a systematic approach to development that involves careful change management planning. Laravel development provides us with many packages to quickly equip your software with new features and functionalities.

  • Multilingual

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    While our designers create products’ appearance with future translations in mind, our developers make the most of Laravel’s localization tools. Its error validation and default language configuration features make the translation a breeze.

We build custom web applications for

Our Laravel development company has clients in various industries and business sizes. Our internal standards ensure high-quality software and adherence to estimated time and budget for all projects. At the same time, we realize that different businesses have unique needs, and we should alter our stacks and methods to better cater to them.

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    Companies that need complex solutions will benefit from our Laravel development services. First, this framework allows for easy functionality customization and can be adjusted to suit business needs better. It is also updated frequently to keep up with quickly advancing technologies. Finally, the MVC architecture speeds up the development significantly.

  • Small & medium businesses Arrow right

    By contracting a Laravel development company, SMBs benefit from having a large talent pool, built-in security tools, and short-time-to-market. Laravel’s functionality can be further expanded by integrating third-party tools such as API marketplaces or serverless app tools. Thus, you can build your entire software suite using one framework.

  • Startups Arrow right

    Laravel is one of the top popular frameworks, so you won’t have issues finding experienced developers to build or maintain your solution later. It also provides many features for building flexible and scalable products quickly. Syndicode engineers will choose the most beneficial combination of those features to cater to your business needs.

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Laravel development tech stack

  • Libraries

    • Laravel Scout
    • Laravel Mix
    • Laravel Echo
    • Laravel Medialibrary
  • Packages

    • Laravel Passport
    • Laravel Spark
    • Laravel Nova
    • Laravel Socialite
    • Laravel Envoy
    • Laravel Horizon
  • Databases

    • PostgreSQL
    • Elasticsearch
    • MongoDB

Syndicode industry expertise

Syndicode helps businesses in different industries leverage the web and gain a competitive advantage with innovative solutions. Our Laravel development company is known for its result-oriented approach and ability to solve business-specific problems effectively.

  • eCommerce Arrow right

    Online stores and marketplaces benefit from Laravel development services due to the framework’s omnichannel support and flexibility in cart management.

  • Fintech Arrow right

    Our Laravel development company makes the best software engineering and security choices to create dependable financial solutions.

  • Education Arrow right

    We prefer Laravel for educational software due to its modular structure, effective testing tools, and ability to undertake complex tasks quickly.

  • Healthcare Arrow right

    Laravel helps us deal with the sensitivity of healthcare apps by providing means for authentication security, data sharing, etc.

  • Real estate Arrow right

    Developing digital systems for rental businesses, we focus on a well-defined concept and a powerful search which are both easy to make with Laravel.

  • Transport Arrow right

    We develop high-end efficient applications for the transportation sector using Laravel’s advanced authentication and authorization option.

  • Entertainment Arrow right

    Rapid development with Laravel allows clients in the entertainment industry to get high-performing scalable solutions quickly.

  • Travel Arrow right

    Laravel provides us with all the necessary tools to build search engine-focused products that connect with other applications to provide an excellent travel experience.

Reasons to outsource Laravel development services

Syndicode claims to be the best Laravel development company for a reason. We have a proven track record, work with the top efficient languages, frameworks, and tools, and employ the top professionals in Eastern Europe. In addition, our clients enjoy the following benefits:

  • Proven expertise

    Syndicode attracts mature specialists with at least several years of experience in IT development. They have a good command of current technologies and think out of the box, providing efficient solutions to specific problems. Our 140+ projects are the perfect proof.

  • Transparency

    As a reliable Laravel development company, we ensure process transparency. Everyone involved in the project can access centralized information and get in touch with any team member. Our clients additionally receive regular reports to track our progress.

  • ​​Reduced cost

    Laravel is an open-source framework meaning it’s free to use. On top of that, by outsourcing Laravel development services, you save on payroll and accounting, human resources, and physical IT infrastructure. And developers’ wages are much lower if hired in offshore countries.

Meet our team

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    Tetiana Lead HR
  • Oleksandr
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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Laravel? Arrow right

    Laravel is an open-source framework used to work with the PHP programming language. It was designed by Taylor Otwell to make development faster through built-in features. The most popular Laravel features that make it loved by many are listed below. Modular code system. Laravel encourages writing code in packages so a developer can reuse them later without writing the same code from scratch. Everyone can use a massive library of code packages to speed up their development and improve code consistency. Built-in authentication system is a collection of tools that simplify the creation of a user registration functionality and ensures its security. Object-relational mapping makes data easier to access and manipulate. A command-line interface that provides access to many pre-built commands. Automated testing tools help incorporate testing into the development process and improve code quality.

  • How to choose a Laravel service provider? Arrow right

    Laravel is a popular framework. Therefore, you have many Laravel development companies to choose from. First, evaluate the company’s experience and what industries they serve. Review their portfolio and find out their exact kind of development in Laravel. Next, check their background to ensure they’re capable of handling your project. To do this, you should read the Laravel web development company’s client testimonials and check the social rating and reviews. Pay attention to their work style, cut-off time, and anything else you deem essential. Pricing is another crucial factor to look at. You must have a set budget for your project, so your task is to ensure the company charges an acceptable price. But don’t go too low, as you risk receiving a low-quality product. Finally, your potential tech partner should have a well-defined communication procedure. They should ask the right questions to learn the essential things about your project to cater to your expectations. At the same time, the discovery process shouldn’t take too long.

  • Is web development with Laravel faster? Arrow right

    The significant advantage of Laravel before other PHP frameworks is its MVC design pattern. It divides program logic into three interconnected elements: domain, application, and business. The division enables Laravel development companies to work on each component simultaneously, substantially cutting the overall development time. Other benefits include reusable libraries, built-in testing tools, and integrations. These features combined make Laravel application development much faster than other similar frameworks.

  • What is a Laravel service provider? Arrow right

    A service provider in Laravel is where the application is bootstrapped. That is a means for different services, classes, and their dependencies to inject into service containers. A more straightforward definition may be given: a service provider is a nozzle through which classes get into a service container. Service providers are created using the artisan command. Laravel also provides two methods to define bindings to a service container—the register and the boot methods.

  • How much does it cost to develop a Laravel application? Arrow right

    The average cost to hire a Laravel developer ranges from $25 to $150 per hour, depending on the country and the developer’s experience level. Thus, Laravel development services in the USA will cost the most and go down gradually as you move towards Eastern Europe. Another factor that influences the cost is the chosen engagement model. Thus, the Time&Material model is the hardest in terms of staying within a firmly fixed budget. This model works well where there is a need for flexibility and changing scope. The project-based model tends to be more budget-friendly but requires precise requirements. The Dedicated Team model provides the most cost-effective solution since you can manage the time and resources spent on the project. However, it requires solid technical knowledge from you. And finally, the project scope affects the development cost. It’s a no-brainer: the more complex the project is, the more resources it needs. To throw in some numbers, Laravel web development services may cost anywhere from $45K for a simple application to $150K. To get a precise estimate for your project, contact your tech partner.

  • Is Laravel good for building scalable software? Arrow right

    Laravel is an open-source framework with a large community that supports and updates it. It can handle most tasks that web applications are expected to do, such as routing, database interaction, authentication, and more. It also provides an impressive number of security tools and has a database migration feature. The latter is a significant time saver when updating your entire local database. Also, Laravel is an MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework. That means it promotes organized programming and enables you to change a product’s functionality without rewriting its entire code. All these features make Laravel a perfect tool for building complex and scalable software. That’s why you can find many Laravel application development companies offering their help.

  • What makes Syndicode different from other Laravel development companies? Arrow right

    Syndicode is not just a Laravel development company but a digital transformation partner. We provide full-cycle PHP web development services from ideation to post-launch support. Besides, our 8-year expertise makes us qualified to provide consulting services throughout all software building stages. Besides Laravel, we work with WordPress, Ruby on Rails, and other frameworks. Our developers can match and mix different tools to get the most out of their strengths and mitigate weaknesses. We are customer-centric and result-oriented. That means we put the client’s needs first and go the extra mile to determine their business needs. Then we pick the most effective tools from our vast assortment to cater to these specific requirements. Our clients appreciate our open and diligent approach. They gladly recommend us to their colleagues and return for software updates or changes.

  • What are the advantages of Laravel over other PHP frameworks? Arrow right

    Laravel is easy to master as it has excellent documentation and a large supportive community. It also rocks a highly intuitive interface. The framework provides a simple syntax that is easy to use for beginners. It also provides added security through libraries and built-in features such as tokens against third-party attacks, protection against SQL injections, and an authentication system. Software made in Laravel is easy to deploy to major cloud service providers. Laravel has a powerful Blade Templating Engine. And it is a robust and scalable framework overall.