Learning management system (LMS) development services

We’ve been providing custom LMS development services since 2014. Through the years, clients in various industries have benefited from our help. We build unique solutions that enhance employee training, simplify knowledge sharing, ensure compliance, and solve other specific tasks our clients face.

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LMS development services we offer

Syndicode is your trusted LMS development company specializing in creating software from scratch. From the start of our collaboration, we prioritize an individual approach to providing significant value to our clients. Our experts delve deep into the specifics of your business and work hard to ensure the product meets your expectations to the fullest.

  • Custom LMS development

    Our team creates unique solutions that meet specific learning needs. Our custom LMS software gives you full control over the features so that you can align the training with your business goals. We can develop bespoke tools for course-making, reporting, and marketing including the latest gamification features. We also design learning paths for every custom LMS project from scratch for an unmatched user experience.

  • LMS data migration

    We will help migrate your LMS to a new one painlessly, keeping all your data safe and sound. Syndicode engineers have significant experience working with Ruby on Rails, React Native, Node.js, WordPress, and cloud technologies. They will create a reasoned migration plan, help set up a new LMS, and guarantee that everything functions correctly through rigorous testing.

  • Custom LMS integrations

    Our developers implement custom API solutions that ensure seamless data sharing between various services and applications. We will help you connect your learning management system with your internal business software, CRM, CMS, HRIS, payment services, email automation software, instant messaging services, analytics tools, and more.

  • Mobile LMS development

    We have over 8 years of experience in custom mobile application development for iOS and Android. You can also get a PWA solution at Syndicode to supplement your web LMS. In mobile development, we focus on a well-thought-out user flow, interactivity, and cutting-edge graphics. We use the latest rendering solutions like Unity 3D, Metal, and DirectX to create rich UI/UX.

  • Learning management system MVP

    Our experts will help you identify the core features for your LMS and implement them within the allocated time and budget. Moreover, we will assist you in setting the right KPIs for successful MVP validation and define a strategy for future development. Specializing in full-cycle development, we know how to create an appealing concept to attract investments.

  • LMS development consulting

    With over 140 development projects under our belt, we are happy to share our experience and vision. Seasoned experts will audit your current software development process, suggest action points to address issues, facilitate collaboration between teams, and help select the appropriate tech stack. You will speed up your LMS development and ensure it aligns with your needs.

Need a custom learning management solution?

Need a custom learning management solution?

Syndicode will help you create a robust platform to facilitate your training activities

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How we develop LMS software

You can count on Syndicode throughout the entire SDLC. As an ​​LMS development company, we have extensive experience in planning, designing, building, and supporting different systems. With us, you will get expert guidance to build an LMS that will last for a lifetime and keep it at peak performance.


Accomplished experts will analyze your business processes and IT environment to come up with the most relevant solution to meet your goals. They will help determine project requirements and ensure they are clear, complete, and testable for a high-quality product.

Additionally, our business analysts will conduct competitor research to see what works best in your niche. You will understand your target audience better and build an effective user journey. 

At the end of the discovery phase, you will have a clear vision of the LMS you’re building and data to base your development decisions on. Our professionals will make rough estimates for the project timeline and costs. They will also map out the development plan you can use to avoid scope creep and related expenses growth.


At the design stage, our team will define the project’s technical details so you can assess the look of your future LMS and make final decisions. It is when designers, project managers, and technical specialists join the project. 

They will work together to create a feasible UI design, identify coding standards to ensure quality, make a list of project tasks, and determine their timelines. Depending on the system complexity, we may create an interactive prototype.

After this phase, the main document you will get is the software requirements specification (SRS). It holds the requirements, standards, and expectations for the final product.


The project team conducts the final testing of the completed LMS and prepares it for launch. Custom development experts ensure that all the preparation work has been done correctly. We see that the product works properly at the stage, there are no functionality issues, and the operating instructions provide the mitigation plan for the end-user in case of a bug.

Then, we ensure the project team implements the programming and coding to all system locations. And finally, we check if you have received the LMS ownership as agreed in the contract.


Once the LMS is deployed, we ensure it continues working at peak performance levels. Our developers issue patches to address changes in your needs, make minor corrections or bring the software up to the updated security standards.

If the Syndicode team was the one to design and build your LMS, we provide 24/7 support during the first month after release. If you experience any issues later, you can request on-demand maintenance services on a time and material basis. You can do so if your LMS was built by a team other than Syndicode as well.

Syndicode industry expertise

A wide range of businesses can benefit from our Node.js development services. We take up projects requiring record time development, constant data updates, high data processing speed, the ability to withstand sudden traffic spikes, when business needs scale at a quick pace, and more.

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Through microlearning and deep integrations, Syndicode creates LMS to assist healthcare workers' knowledge relevance.

Education image



We aim to simplify schools’ administrative, documentation, and educational processes with our learning management system software.

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We build corporate LMS systems to help onboard new employees and keep their skills up to date and relevant to your business.

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Our custom LMS systems help modernize learning programs for federal and public sector employees worldwide.

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Syndicode builds LMS software that enhances retail employees' product knowledge through memorable e-learning experiences.

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We provide LMS development services to clients in the transportation industry to help keep track of the personnel training.

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The financial sector benefits from our custom LMS development in simplified compliance management, better reporting, and more.

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Marketing agencies use our custom LMS services to automate training, simplify integration, and improve learning convenience.

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With a custom solution, you can personalize the learning experience for each user group. You will also have the tools to create your own courses, choose the look to match your branding and provide educational content in a way that works best for your goals.



We use frameworks with security tools built-in that help fend off the majority of threats. In addition, our engineers can implement a multifactor authentication, introduce anti-spam features, create separate domains for an admin and a user, and more on your request.



With our custom LMS development, you don’t have to pay twice for a web and a mobile version of your LMS. We design our products with mobile users in mind, creating responsive designs that are easy to view and use on all screens.



We build interfaces that look familiar to its users and gently guide them towards the goal without distractions. Our analysts carefully study the target audience for your LMS to create the best experience just for them.



Syndicode engineers use cutting-edge technologies to build feature-rich highly-interactive websites. We follow trends in e-learning and will pick the best solution for your case. Depending on your goals, your LMS will have a unique set of gaming elements.



Your custom LMS will have built-in reporting capabilities to guide you on the way to the greatest profit. We will include information about learner activities and progress, course evaluations, certificates, and other data that is relevant to your goals.

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Need a team to build an LMS by your requirements?

Need a team to build an LMS by your requirements?

We’ve been delivering custom software solutions since 2014

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We build custom LMS for

Our personalized approach allows us to work with all types of businesses and deliver up to expectations. Skilled analysts will learn the specifics of your company, your business goals, and your limitations. Then, they will come up with the best possible solution and help create a plan for future advancements.


Large businesses

Syndicode creates custom LMS that integrates with your corporate systems to maximize the benefits of modern training programs for your company’s teams. You get a centralized repository for education management where you can detect gaps in your employees’ knowledge, launch courses, and train newbies. On top of that, powerful analytics will help you generate fresh ideas for your team.


Small & medium businesses

Our custom LMS services will help you quickly measure your employees’ current skills in selected areas. Depending on your goals, the platform can support course upload from online training marketplaces, feature a custom course builder, and have tools for onboarding and certification. We will ensure it works well with your current tech stack, is easy to navigate, and provides the necessary data tracking tools.



You will have a long-term LMS that will scale to meet your expanding business demands. We will analyze your business plans and help prioritize features that will bring the most benefit in your current situation. Our engineers will also plan for future expansions and integrations, so you can add new functionalities on top of the base platform without rebuilding anything.

Benefits of LMS development with Syndicode

A custom LMS development company like ours will be of help if you need a tool for fostering your employees’ professional development and keeping track of their progress. At the same time, a solution tailored to your needs makes you independent from any learning environment.

Driving growth

A centralized hub for knowledge simplifies information sharing with employees and clients. You can also monitor an individual employee’s performance and progress and use an LMS to educate them on specific matters. All this increases the employees’ efficiency, leads to more business benefits, and opens opportunities for your company’s growth.

Valuable insights

The reporting capability of an LMS provides you with an insight into the effectiveness of your training programs. You can see the learners’ activity, their competencies, and progress. This way, an LMS also simplifies compliance management. Besides, you understand how your staff members are learning and can adjust your courses.


A custom LMS integrates into your workflows and processes seamlessly. You can adapt it to changes by turning off certain integrations and adding new ones. You can also choose any level of customization to let your clients add their branding. Finally, a good LMS solution can easily adapt to changing needs by building new features on top of the existing system.

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What is LMS?

What is LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) is a framework for handling all aspects of the online learning process. This is a platform where you can store, deliver, and track the usage of your training content.

An LMS is used to make it easier to establish learning objectives, monitor progress toward achieving those objectives, and produce reports for monitoring the learning process. On top of that, an LMS can also handle employee onboarding, compliance, and skill gap analysis.

Having a suitable LMS for a business has several advantages, including cost savings, high training consistency, and confidence in fulfilling regulatory compliance.

Who needs an LMS?

If you struggle to find a training approach that would address all your requirements, LMS software companies can come in handy. First off, an LMS provides the necessary flexibility for employees who are always on the go and can’t clear up space in their calendar for a face-to-face training session.

Next, an LMS will be a savior if your team members tend to waste time searching for answers regarding the company’s products or services. Having all the company-related information in one place will solve the issue.

Finally, an LMS lowers the cost of renting training facilities, paying instructors, and getting trainees to and from training locations. Of course, custom learning management system development costs some money, but it pays off in the long run.

How much does LMS development cost?

It’s impossible to tell how much learning management systems cost since the price depends on many factors. The major constituent is the project length. This, in turn, depends on what exactly you want your LMS to do, what LMS company works on it, and how many resources they use. Put simply, the longer the project, the costlier it will be.

You could cut the time necessary for the development by employing more people. In this case, you should look at the LMS developers’ rates. For instance, mid-level developers in LMS companies will charge about $100–200 per hour in the USA. At the same time, outsourcing from an offshore country, you can pay something between $50–70 per hour of development.

Hosting and third-party services that you want to integrate with your LMS may also add up to the total cost of ownership. Just for reference, in Syndicode, we built custom LMS that cost between $80K–150K. You can get a more precise estimate for your project after consultation.

How long does it take to make an LMS from scratch?

LMS development process consists of several stages: writing a project brief, idea validation, design and prototyping, development, deploying to production, and post-launch support. Each of these steps results in certain deliverables used in the next step.

Thus, the total time needed to build your LMS will vary depending on how clear and feasible your requirements are, how well-researched your target market is, etc. Then there is the learning management system design complexity, whether or not you need a prototype, how heavily your LMS relies on third-party data, what platforms you’re developing for, and some more.

To throw in some numbers from our experience, developing a custom LMS from scratch can take around 4–6 months or more.

Can I integrate a custom LMS with other applications?

You can merge or integrate other software with your LMS to create a collaborative system that will help you work more efficiently. Most pre-built customizable LMS solutions are compatible with a variety of servers and hosting providers, as well as popular CMS like Joomla and MediaWiki. 

But if you need more than that, a custom LMS gives you endless integration possibilities. Thus, Syndicode engineers can set up a custom API to connect your LMS with your other business applications. Alternatively, we can enable data download from one software piece into a flat file that will then be uploaded to your LMS.

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