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UI/UX Design Services

We provide top-notch UX/UI design services that align the client’s goals with user expectations. An analytical approach helps us make informed decisions about what customers like and need. As a result, our clients enjoy loyalty from their audiences and high conversion rates.

UI/UX Design and Consulting Services

You can get a wide range of UI/UX design services at Syndicode. We help build products from scratch and improve existing solutions. Our team will work with you to develop a brand image and software that provides real value to end users.

  • UX research

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    We dive deep into analytics and audience analysis to lay the appropriate foundation for an excellent UX. Our researchers gather preliminary data through interviews and competitive analysis. As a result, you will have a complete picture of your customers for effective marketing, discover new business opportunities, and make better design decisions.

  • Interaction design

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    The Syndicode designers create a dialog between a user and a product, ensuring that visual design facilitates problem-solving. Applying user psychology principles, we create intuitive systems that help users reach their goals in a minimum of steps. We also apply physiological principles to reduce human error and increase user satisfaction across screens and devices.

  • Visual design

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    Using Syndicode’s UI/UX design services, you will get a product that attracts the audience and builds interest and trust in your brand. Our designers rely on previously done UX research to create unified, clear structures. They deftly use space, hierarchy, contrast, and other principles to highlight the critical elements of your software.

  • UI development

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    Our UI development services will help you work through the technical constraints and execute your vision into reality. Syndicode’s UI developers apply their design, engineering, and psychology knowledge to create convenient interfaces. We make functional, appealing, and discreet interfaces that do not irritate users and help them with everyday tasks.

  • Software redesign

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    Experienced design consultants will help you increase conversions and user satisfaction rates by enhancing your product’s looks and user interaction. We will review user flows, create a backlog of usability issues, and produce improvement suggestions. We can also check your existing solution for compliance with web accessibility, simplicity, consistency, and other guidelines and then fix the flaws.

  • UI/UX consulting

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    Get a roadmap for creating a flexible, accessible, and appealing design that works for your business goals. Our seasoned design experts will advise you on the best practices for your new software solution. We will help you ideate a future product, define your customers, visualize user behavior, and create a vision. We can also improve an existing product by ensuring it works for your requirements and analyzing its compliance with design standards.

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We’ve been providing UI/UX design and development services for almost a decade. Our team constantly improves its skills to help clients build customer loyalty and grow fast. We also follow the tested workflows, guidelines, and established standards to deliver meaningful products within the specified timeframe.

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How we provide UX/UI design services

At Syndicode, you’ll get a memorable product that gives users an experience, not just information. We follow an established sequence of steps to create highly usable, aesthetically pleasing designs, carefully balancing creativity and familiarity.

  • Data gathering

    Data-driven design thinking helps ensure that our interface serves the user’s needs. The insights we get throughout the research let us go beyond relying on best practices and align the UX with the audience’s current expectations. We start delivering UI/UX design services by analyzing the data gathered from the client, determining the objectives, and making hypotheses. Then we chose suitable methods for the research. If the product has been built and there is any performance data, we will compare these numbers to the industry averages. By doing that, we can identify the room for improvement or the root cause of the client’s existing issues that we can solve with design. Depending on the project, our analysts can conduct focus group discussions to understand better the target users’ perception of the product and their experiences with it. Another method is usability testing which helps identify the potential issues before the product has been built. Yet another alternative is surveying the potential users to define the target audience and their goals for using the product. Finally, we create user personas based on the research. They guide us in choosing design elements and making the overall software flow.

  • User flow mapping

    Now that we know the needs of our end users, we can start considering the possible ways they could navigate the product we’re designing. This step of UI/UX design services aims to ensure the product prioritizes the customer’s needs. It also helps avoid misunderstandings regarding design specifications and the need for rework. We determine the entry points, the number of steps to take to accomplish the end goal, and the final interaction. Next, the designer defines the critical elements of the mapped-out user flow, supporting them with legends.

  • UI/UX wireframes

    Our designers collect requirements and user stories provided by the client or prepared at the previous steps. They also research similar products or features to pluck some inspiration and get ideas about what is currently in trend. We use the previously created user flow to determine the number of screens. The designer sketches out screen structures, keeping in mind the intended business and user goals defined earlier in the UX/UI design services process. Simple shapes are used to represent features and formats, highlight crucial parts, organize buttons, etc. Once the functional block is completed, the designer reviews the structure and fills in the details. They define usability conventions, think about content hierarchy and decide on the picture format. We ensure that our UI/UX design wireframes are clear, predictable, and straightforward. Looking at them, a person should instantly know what each page is about and how to navigate it.

  • Design system

    As the product scales, its design may get messy. Our UX/UI design services involve creating a set of standards. This way, we ensure consistency and faster creation of new features. Your product will look cohesive even if a different team continues working on it. The design system creation starts by building a UI inventory. It is a catalog of all colors, patterns, text styles, and icons used in the product design. We make a color palette and decide on the typefaces. Then we test them in the product UI. The design system also includes the description of technologies used to implement this or that element. Therefore, designers work closely with developers to ensure design feasibility and efficiency.

  • UI testing

    UI testing is indispensable to UI/UX design services at Syndicode. It helps us ensure compliance with UX standards and enables our clients to beat the competition. Our QA engineers go through the structural and visual parts of the product and validate their efficacy. We use a mix of manual and automated tests, writing a test plan for each product. The plan entails different UI test scenarios that cover the crucial software parts. Our testers use a cloud testing environment to test software on almost all existing devices. The UI tests differ depending on the project. Among the most common we make are the ones aimed to verify data type errors, field widths, the correct work of navigational elements and progress bars, and others.

Syndicode by the numbers

  • 2014 Year of foundation
  • $400M+ Investments raised by clients
  • 100+ Successfully delivered projects
  • 80+ IT specialists on board

UI/UX design services by Syndicode will help you

We will ensure that your software aligns with your marketing strategy and boosts your reputation and revenue. Besides, our clients receive other benefits from cooperation with our UI/UX design services company.

  • Get closer to customers

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    Good UX/UI design services provide a customer-centered product that is valuable for the target audience and hence attracts it. You also develop an excellent understanding of the end-user’s needs during the research, which is helpful for conversions.

  • Create better products

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    UI/UX design strategy ensures alignment of your business goals and customers’ expectations. That means you save time and money that would otherwise go to reworks. Instead, you can focus on improving user efficiency and increasing conversions, retention, and profitability.

  • Gain competitive advantage

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    An efficient UI/UX design builds trust in customers. Thus, they will be more loyal to your brand and willing to point out things you could upgrade. By having a relationship with your customers, you gain credibility and stand out from the competition.

  • Increase product adoption

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    UX/UI design services imply testing an idea before the development starts. Therefore, you can be sure that your product is viable and will pay off. Moreover, word-of-mouth will simplify user acquisition thanks to a simple and appealing UI.

  • Stick with the budget

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    A well-thought-out UI/UX design minimizes the probability of delivering a faulty product. It also prevents scope creep as the stakeholders and the development team are on the same page about their actions. Additionally, you’ll save on maintenance after your product goes live.

  • Meet compliance standards

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    Compliance is considered early in proper UI/UX designing services and is perceived as yet another requirement. Hence, there is no need to puzzle over tweaking the completed design to meet a regulation. It has already been incorporated and tested.

We provide UI/UX design services for

Syndicode has experience in successful cooperation with businesses of different sizes in a variety of industries. We know what to keep in mind when designing software for an enterprise, and we also can offer a solution for a small business.

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    Syndicode’s UX/UI designers create mockups and high-fidelity prototypes to present a detailed visualization of the future product. Usually, we work in iterations, starting with several variants of the general structures, getting approvals, and then adding more details. This helps us test and validate their idea before development starts.

  • Small & medium businesses Arrow right

    The designers in our team have the skills to motivate the design team and lead the design process toward the project’s goal under tight schedule constraints. The results of our UI/UX design services accommodate all stakeholders’ concerns without sacrificing the desired capability. Additionally, our designs anticipate the expansion of the client company’s expertise.

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Syndicode industry expertise

As a full-cycle custom development company, we’ve provided UX/UI design services since 2014. Through this time, we’ve learned the common pains of different industries and ways to bypass them. Moreover, as our client, you can expect to get personal attention to your unique challenges.

  • Fintech Arrow right

    We focus on transparency and clarity in financial software design. Our solutions help users understand the context and make informed decisions.

  • Entertainment Arrow right

    Not only do we make entertainment products look fabulous, but also ensure top-notch playability regardless of screen size.

  • Fashion Arrow right

    Our designers create visual guidelines for fashion software to ensure consistency as the app scales and gains new features.

  • Ecommerce Arrow right

    We carefully pick colors, fonts, and graphics to provide great UX, attract visitors, and present the online shop in the best light.

  • Healthcare Arrow right

    Our healthcare UI/UX design services aim to create accessibility and draw attention to content while meeting the regulations.

  • Rental Arrow right

    Designing for rental businesses, we focus on logical layouts that are easy to scan and find the searched information without extra clicking.

  • Hospitality Arrow right

    Providing UI/UX design and development services to the hospitality sector, we keep the balance between appealing and fast-loading.

  • Transportation Arrow right

    Transport and logistics companies need design solutions that help increase brand awareness to differentiate them from the competition. We do just that.

Reasons to outsource UI/UX design services

Unless you have an in-house design team, we recommend hiring an outsourced company since it presents you with many benefits. Alternatively, you may consider the dedicated specialist engagement model we support. A dedicated designer will work alongside your core team to extend their knowledge and capabilities.

  • Reduced costs

    Outsourced professionals have the necessary tools, equipment, and facilities to bring immediate value. There are no expenses for recruitment and employee maintenance for you. Moreover, you only pay as you need the UX/UI design services and don’t have to worry about downtimes.

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  • Professionalism

    With a UI/UX design services company, you can be confident in their reliability and high expertise since they have free access portfolios. Moreover, you can check out reviews and even contact their clients for their cooperation experience. Unlike freelancers, an established IT agency cannot risk its reputation by providing poor services.

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  • High success rate

    An UI design services company employs a pool of professionals in all levels and directions of digital design. Therefore, they are much more likely to have the necessary expertise to help you than an individual employee. The legally binding agreement also minimizes the risks of failure with the agency completing your tasks.

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Meet our team

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is UI/UX design? Arrow right

    The UI (user interface) design refers to the graphical layout of a website or a mobile application and its look and feel. UI designers’ job is to choose color schemes, font types, and sizes and decide on buttons’ shapes, line widths, etc. The main goal of UI design is to make software visually appealing, cohesive, and purposeful. The UX (user experience) design determines how users interact with the digital solution. Good user experience design services ensure an app’s intuitiveness and efficiency. The two terms go alongside since good UX/UI design services should result in an aesthetically pleasing interface that is also easy to use.

  • What is a UI/UX designer? Arrow right

    A UI/UX designer is responsible for creating a satisfying experience for users as they utilize a digital product. A designer must have research and logical skills and an eye for good aesthetics. Among the main activities of a UI/UX designer in a software development project are conducting user research, creating user personas, designing user flows and wireframes, and creating visual designs.

  • How do UI/UX design services help businesses? Arrow right

    Statistically, you have only two seconds to attract a visitor’s attention to your product or service. To do this, you must ensure your website or app makes a connection, influences spending money, and provokes interest in the details. That’s precisely the task of UI/UX design. Among other benefits that user experience design services provide are cost reduction and improved SEO and revenue. Cost reduction comes from the research that a designer conducts to understand better the end user’s needs and creates a prototype to quickly test the idea before investing in development. Making the interface engaging stimulates visitors to spend more time on your website or app, which improves your SEO rankings. Finally, focusing on user satisfaction and habits helps your reputation and produces income.

  • How many types of UX designers are there? Arrow right

    UX designer is an umbrella term covering UX researchers, UI designers, and product designers. The list may go on, but those are the most common roles. UX design isn’t solely about looks. It has to rely on data to be effective. UX researchers don’t design much, but they collect information to drive design decisions and create data charts, personas, etc. Next, good UX can be ignored without UI as it communicates identity and brand to the user. UI makes users decide whether they want to engage with the product. Hence, UI designers focus on appealing visuals rather than providing user experience services. Product designers are good at everything. They participate in creating every aspect of the product, offer UI and UX services, and contribute to its information architecture. However, it’s often difficult to differentiate between specific roles because most designers do a little of everything. Therefore they choose to go by the collective term “UI/UX,” meaning you can give them all kinds of tasks.

  • How to choose the right UX/UI design services company? Arrow right

    A UX/UI design services provider should be able to create an effective design for you and also consult you on UI/UX matters. Therefore, ensure it has the relevant experience, which is easy to check by looking at their client reviews. Pay attention to how long they have cooperated and whether the client returned or referred the agency to someone. Next, check the descriptions of their case studies to see if they have handled problems similar to yours. Try to learn more about how they approach delivering user experience design services, their processes, and their work ethics. If they rely on analytics, your project is in good hands. Finally, if you’re looking in an offshore country, it’s worth checking if your time zones overlap and if the team’s language proficiency is good enough.