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Vue.js development company

Syndicode is a reputable and experienced Vue.js development company that embraces the power of this innovative technology to build high-quality solutions most efficiently and cost-effectively. Our technical experts will willingly take on a new software project regardless of the size or domain.

Custom Vue.js development services

As a seasoned vue.js development company, Syndicode makes the most out of this flexible technology to help businesses launch single-page applications, minimum viable products, and prototypes earlier than competitors and satisfy their end users with robust interface features.

  • Frontend development services

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    The extensive capabilities of the Vue js framework allow our engineering team to build adaptive, visually appealing, and functional user interfaces. Apart from that, with the help of this framework, we create eye-catching animations that quickly capture the user’s attention.

  • Single-page app development

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    Our vue js development services include building fast and responsive single-page applications. Our development team uses core libraries and extensive tooling support to satisfy end-users with shorter response times and increased performance of our digital solutions.

  • Vue.js consulting services

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    Syndicode delivers vue.js consulting to help clients specify their future digital solutions’ requirements, design, and functionality. This way, we ensure that a completed software product will satisfy even the most demanding business needs.

  • Web application development

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    Organizations can benefit from web application development services provided by Syndicode. Our vue.js development team helps them optimize their business processes, increase brand awareness, and provide their customers with an outstanding user experience.

  • Vue.js support and monitoring

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    With our support and monitoring services, you can fix performance bottlenecks. Our technical specialists will quickly respond to queries and ensure that your digital solution stays relevant by upgrading it with new functionality.

  • Vue.js data migration services

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    Our qualified technical experts will transfer your existing solution to the flexible and robust Vue.js framework. We will eliminate connectivity issues and ensure complete data integrity. The migration can be carried out even during product delivery with zero downtime.

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The software development process at Syndicode

At Syndicode, we follow the best industry practices and use well-established workflows to ensure the maximum efficiency of the vue.js development process and the timely delivery of high-quality solutions for our clients.

  • Discovery

    At the beginning of a cooperation with our vue.js development company, you can count on a complex analysis of your business requirements and processes. Thus, our experts will conduct market research to provide you with a high-quality solution that works best for your industry and target audience. The discovery session will end with a rough time and cost estimates. Apart from that, you will get a clear and straightforward development plan to avoid scope creep and unnecessary expenses.

  • Planning

    The planning stage starts with evaluating the project terms. Here we calculate material and labor costs, create a timetable with key objectives, and build a Vue.js development team. Apart from that, our task is to define the feasibility of the business idea and the best ways to accomplish your goals. The purpose of this step is to clearly define the project scope and the key purpose of the future software solution and allocate the required resources. Besides, we define the best technical approaches to build custom solutions with minimum risks.

  • UX/UI design

    As soon as the design team grasps the key project requirements and specifications, they start building the information infrastructure. In other words, they build a flow to enable users to easily navigate between different screens and help them find what they are looking for effortlessly. As soon as the information architecture design is ready, the development team starts developing it. Meanwhile, UX/UI designers create wireframes that offer a clear overview of a web page structure. These wireframes are later translated into interactive prototypes that are foundations for the final UI design concept that we show to the client.

  • Development

    At this stage, our professionals ensure the correct writing the Vue.js code and timely competition of all tasks. Our project managers will establish effective collaboration between you and all our specialists involved in your project. If there are some issues that hinder the development process, our technical experts will come up with the most suitable solutions to address them. Apart from that, we will take part in documentation creation. This process implies writing guides, troubleshooting, and FAQs on technical questions if they are required.

  • Quality assurance

    As a rule, our quality engineers participate in the project from the very beginning. They test requirements received from business analysts and ask clarifying questions so that the development team can build an application’s architecture properly. If quality assurance engineers join the project in the middle of the development process, they test functionality pieces as soon as they are completed. They test the front-end and back-end separately and then test the functionality.

  • Project release

    Before the product release, we perform the final testing to ensure that the solution is ready for deployment. To be specific, we check whether the solution works properly and that there are no functionality issues or bugs. Furthermore, our Vue.js app development creates a mitigation plan for end-users in case of a bug or system glitch. We also ensure that programming and coding are implemented for all system locations. Finally, we check whether you have got product ownership according to the contract.

  • Maintenance and support

    After the successful product launch, our technical team monitors its performance to ensure smooth operation without downtime. We release patches to fix issues or bugs reported by end-users and update clients’ products with new functionality per their requests to help them stay relevant. You can also rely on our support services during the first month after release. If you experience some issues later, you can use the assistance of our engineers according to the time and material model.

Why you should choose Vue.js for your software solution

  • Simple integration

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    A clear benefit of Vue.js is its seamless integration with other frameworks. More specifically, you can effortlessly integrate Vue with React.js or Angular.js to customize software solutions to satisfy particular business requirements.

  • High performance

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    Vue.js is one of the fastest front-end technology to build web interfaces. It is super fast to install, and you can start working in mere minutes. Apart from that, high loading speed positively impacts the SEO ranking of your web pages.

  • Extensive toolkit

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    Vue.js is famous for its impressive set of tools, such as end-to-end testing tools or debugging apps capable of solving basically any technology requirements. Besides, since the technology is actively evolving, its toolkit is also expanding.

  • Simplicity

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    Owing to its clean structure, Vue.js is easy to understand. Furthermore, its well-defined structure allows developers to keep data, life-cycle methods, and custom methods separately. Finally, directives, computer properties, and watches make Vue.js web development more convenient.

  • Comprehensive documentation

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    Vue js has extensive documentation compared to other JavaScript frameworks. The introductory guide and Vue documentation will be helpful with the technology overview, important information on the installation process, and its comparison with other front-end technologies.

  • Lightweight

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    Vue.js is not heavy, and it does not take up too much space. As a result, a Vue.js app development team can create lightweight and easy-fix one-page applications and web interfaces that are fast to download and install.

Syndicode by the numbers

  • 2014 Year of foundation
  • $400M+ Investments raised by clients
  • 100+ Successfully delivered projects
  • 80+ IT specialists on board

Benefits of Vue.js for

The Vue.js framework quickly gained popularity among different business types. Organizations of all sizes choose this technology for building their applications because they can effortlessly integrate it into their existing code. Besides, the framework allows for building prototypes and minimum viable products very fast.

  • Large businesses Arrow right

    Great performance, easy integration, progressiveness, and extensive documentation prove that the Vue.js framework has enough potential to be used for enterprise-level projects. Thus, WizzAir, Alibaba, Grammarly, GitLab, and IBM benefited greatly by choosing it as their main front-end technology. With its help, companies could achieve smooth interactivity and high speed and extend the functionality of their applications.

  • Small and middle-size business Arrow right

    First, Vue.js is known as one of the fastest and most robust frameworks. Besides, the latest update has improved the rendering speed and memory consumption by four times in most cases. Second, this technology is user-friendly and adaptable, which will be a big plus for your small business and the development team. Finally, we cannot but mention its all-inclusive functionality and exceptional architecture, which helps improve the user interface experience of your application.

  • Startups Arrow right

    Vue.js will be a good choice if you want to test the feasibility of your business idea by launching a minimum viable product. By reusing the component, software developers speed up the Vue js app development and streamline the process of the MVP delivery. As a result, you get better chances to launch an innovative product earlier than your competitors. Besides, if you want to entrust prototyping to your in-house software development team, even aspiring designers with little experience can handle this task without difficulties.

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Web application development tech stack

As a mature software development company, we know that the success of a digital solution largely depends on the chosen technologies. For this reason, we utilize the most advanced and proven programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools to build and maintain software solutions of any complexity.

  • Front-end

    • JS
    • React
    • Angular
    • Vue
    • HTML
    • CSS
  • Databases

    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • Redis
    • Elasticsearch
  • Mobile

    • Swift
    • Kotlin
    • Flutter
  • Infrastructure

    • AWS
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Heroku
    • Docker

Syndicode industry expertise

Since 2014, Syndicode has been getting the most out of the Vue.js framework to supply different industries with powerful and robust software solutions. With their help, we help organizations solve even the most challenging business tasks.

  • Retail Arrow right

    We build web and mobile applications to help retailers increase profitability with improved replenishment, inventory management, and performance and KPI reporting.

  • Finance Arrow right

    By investing in our Vue.js web development services, banking organizations and financial institutions get secure software platforms for storing their client’s crucial information.

  • Logistics Arrow right

    Logistic organizations will benefit from our Vue.js app development in terms of improved warehouse management, inventory control, and supply chain management.

  • Manufacture Arrow right

    With vuejs development services, companies can streamline their manufacturing and engineering processes be it asset management and optimization or warehouse management.

  • Entertainment Arrow right

    We build feature-rich gaming, video streaming, and social networking applications to help media and entertainment organizations establish new ways of interacting with their audience.

  • Education Arrow right

    Educational digital solutions delivered by Syndicode include classroom management software, student information systems, and reference software that help enhance the learning experience.

  • Healthcare Arrow right

    Our healthcare software solutions aim to improve patient care delivery, clinical testing, and hospital management and automate their daily routine.

  • Telecommunications Arrow right

    With the help of our telecommunication products, companies can organize and manage the exchange of different types of data, be it text, video, or voice, in the most efficient way.

Reasons to outsource Vue.js development

Today more and more companies refuse the idea of hiring and managing an in-house development team to build their software solutions. Instead, they partner with an outsource software development company. Below you can see what benefits this option can bring to your business.

  • Reduced development time

    A reliable Vue.js development company has well-established development practices and pre-defined workflows, allowing them to build software solutions quickly. Besides, the chances are that they have relevant experience in building a solution similar to the product you want to create. As a result, the development time will be significantly reduced.

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  • Experienced development team

    A Vue.js app development team is not limited to software developers solely. There are highly-skilled business analysts, gifted UX/UI designers, and professional quality assurance engineers. All those specialists will eagerly explore your business idea and turn it into a powerful, robust, and secure solution to help you beat the competitors and get more customers.

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  • Cost-effectiveness

    Probably the most evident reason why organizations outsource their software development project is cost-effectiveness. Indeed, by hiring remote employees, you do not have to worry about purchasing the hardware and software, as well as salaries, compensations, holidays, and sick leaves. As a result, you can reduce overhead expenses.

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Meet our team

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the purpose of Vue.js? Arrow right

    The primary implementation area of the Vue js framework is the development of single-page applications and web interfaces. Furthermore, owing to the HTML extensions and JS base working perfectly with the Electron framework, it is commonly applied in desktop and mobile development. Finally, rapid software delivery makes Vue.js an excellent choice for building minimum viable products and small-scale solutions.

  • Is Vue better than React? Arrow right

    To begin with, both React.js and Vue.js have strong suits that make them popular choices for front-end development. They are both flexible and allow writing clean code. Besides, both technologies enable developers to create applications with scalability in mind. As for building certain software types, React.js works great if you need to develop a complex SaaS product or a big multi-vendor marketplace. At the same time, Vue.js is a preferred option when you consider creating lightweight and easy-to-fix apps. To sum up, both technologies allow you to build robust software solutions and provide multiple possibilities to solve different tasks. It is up to you to decide which technology to choose.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of VueJS? Arrow right

    The key advantages of the Vue.js framework are its small size and great performance. This framework can be utilized without additional optimization, and its in-built directives, such as v-once and v-demo, help improve the performance. Apart from that, Vue.js is noted for its simplicity and less steep learning curve. Finally, a great benefit of this framework is extensive documentation that allows developers to extend their knowledge of different tools, key features, and concepts. Regarding the disadvantages of the Vue.js framework, here we should mention the smaller number of plugins and components. Besides, you can face the risk of over-flexibility. The technology indeed allows using different approaches. However, there may be problems caused by code inconsistency.

  • Is Vue JS good for big projects? Arrow right

    There is the possibility of building a large-scale application with the help of Vue.js. It has a considerable ecosystem that can meet even the most challenging project requirements. However, it still has enough dark spots to bear in mind when considering this framework for building a large-scale software product. For example, since it is relatively young, it does not get enough financial support from big enterprises. Besides, its development team is smaller compared to more mature technologies such as Angular. So if you need to choose the proper framework for your software solution, you should opt for a stable technology with strong community support. In this case, if you face some issue, it will be fixed in no time.