Business analysis services

By using our business analysis services, you will cut costs and time spent on development while maximizing the efficiency of your SDLC. Our business analysts will help you shape the vision and achieve mutual understanding between your partners and the IT team.

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Business analysis services by Syndicode

Our business analysis services come integrated with full-cycle development or as a part of the dedicated team service. Experienced analysts will handle all aspects of your product development life cycle and improve the probability of the project’s success.

Eliciting requirements

Our team learns your project’s history, rules, and goals. We determine what regulations the project should follow and evaluate the possible options for development. As a result, you get a document that helps prioritize the development and avoid under or over-delivering.

Modeling and wireframing

We create a detailed description of your project using diagrams, flowcharts, tables, and maps. It gives us a visual overview of the interactions between the system levels and helps assign roles and define their scenarios. This way, you can validate your idea, and minimize risks.

Documentation and estimation

Our business analysts document all the project-related information and create the product backlog. Based on the documented data, we make time and cost estimates for your project. You can keep track of development and ensure a high-quality product using documentation.

Development planning

Business analysts work with developers to assemble the most beneficial tech stack for development. Then, they estimate the time necessary to complete all the tasks within the project and develop a project timeline. Eventually, you get project milestones and deadlines set.

Want to respond to the market needs faster?

Want to respond to the market needs faster?

Our top-quality business analysts will advise you on the best solution

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With business analysis services by Syndicode, you get

We bring value by aligning technological advancements with the current market demand in your niche. The main benefits of our BA services entail a clear vision of your software product, sustainable growth vectors, and a roadmap to your product’s market success.


Timely project completion

Business analysis services by Syndicode will help you define and prioritize the solution scope. In addition, we will help you choose the most efficient technology stack. With a clear plan and the right tools, you’ll avoid possible bottlenecks and quickly address emerging constraints.


Staying on budget

Our experienced analysts ensure the project requirements are feasible and aligned with your business values. This way, we reduce project reworks, thus saving time and money. Further, a business analyst will prevent scope creep by organizing your development process.


Efficient communication

Our business analysis company bridges the gap between business people and IT teams. We know how to translate your idea into technical tasks effectively. Moreover, using collaboration tools such as Jira and Confluence we ensure transparency and involvement of all parties.

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How we provide business analysis services

We divide the business analysis process into a sequence of steps. This way, we ensure accuracy and predictable results in terms of deliverables. Each step involves specific tasks, principles, and documents to generate.

1.Identify stakeholders

The Syndicode team identifies the project head, sponsors, clients, and influencers. Thus, we can properly prioritize the project’s requirements and ensure the stakeholder’s maximal satisfaction. Next, we add the stakeholders to the project’s dashboard to real-time review the progress and leave feedback. Additionally, we hold regular meetings where you can share your vision with the development team.

2.Identify business objectives

We put business strategy and objectives on paper to have better focus. Several techniques help us understand competitors, determine the client’s business’s strengths and weaknesses, and ensure everyone involved in the project is on the same page. Our specialists write down business objectives that are specific, measurable, feasible, aligned with the company vision, and have a deadline. Then we brainstorm the options and present them in a business case document.

3.Define the project scope

We compile all the research done in the previous steps into a scope definition document. It outlines the project objectives, restrictions, deliverables, due dates, and items out of scope. The project team will refer to the project scope statement to ensure they’re on track and not at risk of scope creep. Based on the scope, we plan resources and project timelines, too.

4.Document requirements

Our experts review the requirements and ensure they are complete, testable, and implementation-neutral. Since we accommodate the agile technique, business analysts prioritize the requirements for per sprint delivery. In most cases, our analysts also prepare a change control plan to accommodate changes and avoid scope creep. After getting approval from the stakeholders, we ensure the project team can conveniently access the project documents.

5.Support the project through SDLC

Being a business analysis company, we are involved in the technical implementation of the project. Our experts ensure that everything aligns with the plan. Their tasks involve:

  • Reviewing the technical deliverables
  • Gathering feedback from the development team
  • Engaging with the QA team
  • Managing changes
  • Facilitating user acceptance once the requirement has been implemented 

We also evaluate the development progress and suggest modifications for improvement.

Our engagement models

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BA as a part of full-cycle development

Having business analysis as the first stage of the development life cycle, we determine the most efficient solution for your business problems. BA helps us map out the way toward the highest-quality product and reduce project costs.

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BA as a part of dedicated team services

A business analyst as a part of a dedicated team helps shape your product idea, accelerate development, and improve its quality. Furthermore, a Syndicode analyst will ensure all team members look in the same direction toward your business goal.

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Business analysis as a service (BAaaS)

Our business analysis consulting services include gathering the top-level requirements for your project, idea visualization, requirements documenting, and creating a development estimate. You will validate your vision and match the product with your business objectives.

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We deliver business analysis services for

We work with businesses from startups to enterprises. In all cases, our business analysts focus on understanding the specific needs of a business, identifying the initiatives to meet its goals, and elucidating the requirements necessary for software implementation. However, there are specific differences due to a business’s size that we also cater to.


Large businesses

As a business analysis company, Syndicode will audit existing solutions, offer options to improve the efficiency of development processes and help digitalize your business painlessly. We consider all value-chain components and examine your long-term goals and strategic direction. We also take into account the technologies explored.


Small & medium businesses

Syndicode experts will identify key business objectives and put together a comprehensive picture of your company’s goals and issues. We will determine the options for better utilization of your business resources. Next, we will offer solutions for reaching your objectives faster or more efficiently and advise on helpful technologies.



A business analyst by Syndicode will clarify your software idea and shape the development direction. We will ensure the compliance of development outcomes with your business goals. Additionally, our BA will gather feedback from the development team and the stakeholders and ensure the product is developing per that information.

Turn your raw idea into a viable sought-after product

Turn your raw idea into a viable sought-after product

Our business analysis services will facilitate your company’s digitalization

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Syndicode Industry Expertise

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Online marketplaces

Online marketplaces

Syndicode creates scalable product and service marketplaces that manage the high load, custom features, and meet the latest industry standards.

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E-learning solutions built by our software development company offer a convenient and personalized environment that simplifies the educational process for learners and teachers.

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With our custom software solutions for logistics management, companies can easily monitor order processing, warehousing, inventory, transportation, and other crucial processes.

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We build vertical and horizontal e-commerce platforms to enable sellers to create storefronts for promoting their products and help buyers quickly purchase the required item.

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Our media and entertainment software speeds up the process of digital content creation, management, and delivery and keeps your audience engaged.

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With our custom software, fashion brands embrace the power of 3D technologies to simplify the design, development, and marketing processes and launch beauty and apparel products faster.

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Medical software allows healthcare providers to eliminate paperwork by automating form filling, patient registration, data storage, and file management, and thus, offer better patient care.

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With our custom digital solutions for the rental industry, businesses can manage online bookings, inventory, invoicing, and track available equipment in a fast and convenient way.

Reasons to outsource business analysis services

As a software outsourcing company, we work hard to keep our services at the highest level. Our business analysts have years of experience in software development. They speak both business and tech languages. And they will ensure the delivered solution brings you sustainable value.

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Gain better control over your project

A business analyst gathers ideas, change requests, and questions from the project stakeholders. They analyze those requests and work with the development team to find an efficient solution. An analyst also ensures that the development team understands the tasks and that the outcome aligns with the client’s expectations and project objectives.

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Save resources

A business analyst investigates your actual needs and defines the scope and features for your project. Having everything sorted out and prioritized will prevent you from developing incorrect or unnecessary software. Moreover, a business analyst can advise tweaking your business processes to eliminate excessive spending.

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Make better decisions

A business analyst gets to the root of your business needs. This person understands your project better than anyone and may provide ideas on valuable improvements, new business benefits, monetization channels, etc. Besides, a BA works with project documentation and will give you data you can use to base your decisions.

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What does a business analyst do?

In a nutshell, a business analyst bridges the gap between the business and the IT team. They access business processes, determine requirements, provide recommendations, and report to stakeholders and executives.

Business analysts initially ask numerous questions about your business, processes, goals, the software idea, and vision. They use data analytics to understand what changes to development processes, features, and tools can improve the product’s or service’s value.

Typically, the job of an IT business analyst includes outlining problems, solutions, and opportunities for a business, creating time and cost estimates, planning and monitoring, reporting, defining business requirements, prioritizing and documenting them.

How much do business analysis services cost?

Since every development project is unique, there is no one way to do business analysis, especially BAaaS. Hence it’s hard to give an exact price. Some projects require up to several hours to identify your or your customer’s pain, competitors, and market trends and compile a list of efficient development tools. Then some projects need complex multistage analysis.

In addition, a BA’s work involves constant communication between stakeholders and the development team. The more people are involved, the longer it may take to sign off all the essential documents.

Finally, where you hire your business analyst can affect the price. Thus, a business analysis company in the USA will charge around $50–$70 per hour, while in an offshore country, a BA will charge something between $30–$40 per hour.

Summarizing it all, we can say that in our experience, business analysis services cost roughly 8–12% of the total project cost.

What is the importance of business analysis in software development?

Business analysis is a vital part of the development process. A BA looks into the scope of your project, establishes the standards and requirements it should meet, facilitates communication between stakeholders and the IT team, and supports the project implementation.

Skipping IT business analysis consulting, you risk getting incomplete software that doesn’t solve the problem it should. In this case, you’ll have to rebuild it, spending more resources than expected.

Another reason you should get BAaaS is that a BA works as an interpreter between you and your IT team. They translate your requirements into clear tasks the developers can work on. And reporting back to stakeholders, a business analyst in software development will break down technical complexities so they can easily understand what’s happening.

How to choose a business analysis provider for software development?

First off, we recommend you check the business analysis company’s portfolio and client reviews to ensure their BAaaS can meet your expectations. Then, you’ll probably want to interview their specialists. First, a BA should be a good communicator, problem-solver, and critical thinker. They should be able to work through challenging situations and involve the right people at the right time.

Further, a business analyst should be able to select the right tools for your project instead of using their go-to set. Finally, great business analysts are proactive, committed to deadlines, and have solid project management skills.

Full-cycle software development companies are more likely to provide the opportunity for a business analyst to dive deep into all aspects of software development. And if you’re happy with the results of the business analysis services, you can fast-start the development since the IT team is readily available.

How often do entrepreneurs use the services of business analysts?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts steady growth in demand for analyst jobs, including ones in the IT-sphere. Businesses over the globe keep pivoting to products that are marketed or distributed through digital platforms. And they make investments in getting crucial data for edging competition, problem identification, and solutions search. That’s what business analyst does.

Briefly, business analysis as a service (BAaaS) is not going anywhere. If you’re wondering how many times you’ll have to turn for IT business analysis services, the answer is simple. You need an IT business analyst whenever you want to get involved in a software project where the stakeholders are known and the requirements are described.

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