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Companies that opt for marketplace app development 

  • Want

    to expand products with the marketplace functionality

  • Search

    Sharetribe alternatives with custom APIs, payment gateway and more

  • Need

    a tool for clients and customers to sell and buy online

  • Have

    an existing marketplace and aim to grow further

Why clients choose Syndicode for marketplace web development

  • Business

    Online marketplace is a platform to connect and grow, and we deliver tangible business value.

  • Success

    For 5+ years, clients trust us to convert their ideas into high-end marketplace platforms.

  • Niche

    Every 2 of 3 projects delivered by Syndicode team relate to online marketplace development.

  • Customer

    We delve deep into your requirements and apply specific tools, payment gateways, and APIs based on your preferences.

Syndicode helped us bring our ideas to life. Now our marketplace works beyond our expectations.
Andreea Cocor
Andreea Cocor Project Manager at HLPRS
Syndicode provided professional web development for Movinga. They met tight deadlines with great accuracy.
Dennis Gneuß
Dennis Gneuß CDO at Movinga
Creating a job marketplace, Syndicode helped us scale and work smoothly for 1/2 million job seekers & employers.
Jani Turunen
Jani Turunen CTO at Fuzu
Syndicode provided us with a detailed estimate, helped to set all the processes, and showed good team cooperation.
James Denham
James Denham Managing Partner at Instalinks

Award-winning team

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    Marketplace solutions
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    Years in marketplace
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  • 1M+
    Clients and providers
    connected online

Marketplace development team

  • Kirill Danilevsky
    Kirill Danilevsky Engineering Team Lead
  • Oleksandr Oliinyk
    Oleksandr Oliinyk Software Developer
  • Ruslan Kotsiuruba
    Ruslan Kotsiuruba Software Developer
  • Yuriy Shepitko
    Yuriy Shepitko Software Developer

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Marketplace development features

  • Authorization and Security. In marketplace app development, all user data must be protected (name, gender, email, date of birth, phone number, password). According to the GDPR, the consequences of privacy policy violations might be dramatic.
  • Registration for vendors. Vendors will have access to all functionality provided in your online marketplace. In marketplace software development, flawless user experience demands reliable and fast work and data processing of your service and integrations with sellers/users/vendors databases.
  • Sign up via social network process which is much easier than the classic way suggests. But tricky as well, because nowadays many social networks change the policy of working with their APIs.
  • Managing user profile and personal details update. Note, that sometimes the authorized users need to have the possibility to become publishers and add their content.
  • Managing Listing. Sellers need to publish and manage their items. This is the question of the quality of the admin panel and the roles it provides on multiple levels.
  • Booking/order process for clients. Here marketplace development company needs to add also a possibility for communication between viewers and publishers. This is an additional level of complexity.
  • Browsing content. This feature lets the user find what he is looking for). Here Artificial Intelligence can help.
  • Payout: publishers should retrieve their money from the system – this functionality demands additional code. 
  • Payment option. Online Marketplace requires advanced payment functionality: payment system, ability to use credit cards, cash, PayPal, billing, and invoice operations.
  • Reviews and ratings. This instrument aimed to help publishers and customers understand the situation on the market and build trust between each other.
  • Notifications. They used for tracking the process of building relationships between viewer and publisher: with them, users can be informed about the arrival of their order and so on.
  • Landing pages for clients and vendors. There should be a possibility to set and customize different layouts for landing pages depends whether they aimed to capture clients’ or vendors’ attention.
  • Customer service. It allows to keep in touch with the customer and grow his loyalty. Chatbots and VoIP, for example, can save you a lot of time and resources.

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