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Data Mining Services

Achieve cost-efficiency by outsourcing data mining services to an expert team. Our solutions support clients in pattern identification, customer behavior analysis, and decision-making. We collect, process, and deliver high-quality data of any kind.

Custom data mining services we offer

Syndicode employs experts with proven knowledge in delivering data mining services. We carefully align efforts with business goals, explore data thoroughly, regularly update models for relevance, and present findings in a user-friendly manner.

  • Predictive modeling

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    Leverage data mining services to predict future trends and forecast demand from historical data. Identify potential market fluctuations, mitigate risks, and capitalize on opportunities. Predictive models also aid in fraud detection by identifying unusual patterns. Our IT specialists employ diverse algorithms to create models that extract desired insights from large raw datasets.

  • Text data mining

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    Boost your reputation management by gauging public opinion and sentiment. Analyze the entire web for market trends and competitor activities within hours and retrieve key insights for decision-making from vast datasets. Our text data mining services leverage natural language processing and machine learning to extract valuable information from unstructured textual data.

  • Data cleaning and preprocessing

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    Ensure model accuracy with clean, relevant data. Our specialists identify and correct errors, handle missing values, eliminate duplicates, and prepare raw data for analysis. Focus on meaningful patterns and relationships while we optimize your resources.

  • Customer segmentation

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    Segment customer datasets based on common characteristics or given criteria. Gain a granular view of customer data to enhance marketing strategy and optimize resources by identifying high-potential customer segments. Segmentation simplifies recognizing unique needs, enabling personalization, upselling, cross-selling, and improving customer retention.

  • Machine learning services

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    Enhance forecasting and quickly adapt to market changes with ML-powered pattern recognition. Optimize resource allocation by identifying efficient business process patterns and enhance security by detecting anomalies. Syndicode’s ML specialists develop effective algorithms to analyze large datasets, quickly classify data, and derive deep insights.

  • Big data analytics

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    Need to analyze massive volumes of data of various types? We leverage big data technologies to handle large and complex databases, allowing businesses to get real-time insights and facilitating their ability to respond to changes. Big data analytics can further improve the efficiency and accuracy of your predictive models, scaling proportionally with your dataset. It is also handy for innovation, discoveries, and advancements.

Is anything missing from the list of services?

We have ​​expertise in various data mining techniques, including classification, clustering, regression, and anomaly detection. Reach out to us with your problem, and we will return to you with solutions.

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How we provide data mining services

When our clients choose to outsource data mining services, they rightfully expect top-notch outcomes. To meet these expectations, we’ve developed a framework that not only ensures the highest quality but also delivers relevant insights within a reasonable time frame.

  • Defining objectives

    We start by collaborating with stakeholders to clearly define goals for data mining. This way, we can focus our data mining efforts on specific areas that are most relevant to your business and better allocate resources. In addition, clear objectives enable measurable success, allowing for adjustments in the data mining process to bring tangible benefits.

  • Data collection

    The quality of data directly influences the quality of insights derived from data mining. When providing data mining services, our team starts by determining the sources of data for analysis and the types of data required for business needs. They account for any variations in the data, such as seasonality, and ensure it is cleaned and preprocessed. Finally, they document the data collection process for transparency and reproducibility in future analyses.

  • Data preprocessing

    Clean and accurate data is essential for reliable mining. Syndicode’s data mining services involve cleaning raw data, addressing missing values, removing duplicates, filtering noise, and standardizing. If necessary, they convert categorical variables into a format suitable for analysis and integrate data from multiple sources into a unified dataset, ensuring consistency and coherence. This step also concludes with documenting all steps taken during data preprocessing.

  • Modeling

    Following data extraction, our services involve building and training data models that transform raw data into meaningful insights. This is achieved by selecting appropriate data mining algorithms based on the nature of the data and objectives. Our specialists prepare the training dataset and ensure the model not only memorizes data but learns to generalize it to new, unseen patterns and relationships. In creating data mining models, we prioritize easy interpretability and relevance to business goals.

  • Evaluation

    Syndicode engineers assess how well the model generalizes to new data using a variety of techniques. The most commonly used are data splitting, using labeled examples for model training, comparing the outcomes against the predetermined evaluation metrics, and visualizations. They repeatedly tune and evaluate the model against its ability to make relevant and true predictions within the given business context and improve the quality of our data mining services.

  • Implementation

    We translate the insights gained from data analysis into actionable strategies within the client organization. This involves interpreting the results of data mining analyses in a way that is accessible and understandable for decision-makers; data visualization; developing executive summaries that highlight key findings, implications, and recommended actions; monitoring and adjusting models for greater accuracy; creating data mining software for self-service use if required; developing new data mining models to address emerging business needs.

Syndicode by the numbers

  • 2014 Year of foundation
  • $400M Investments raised by clients
  • 140+ Successfully delivered projects
  • 58 In-house engineers

Benefits of outsourcing data mining services

  • Better decision-making

    Uncover meaningful patterns, predict future outcomes, and get insights crucial for making informed and more accurate decisions.

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  • Cost-efficient data

    Access specialized skills and resources without the need to invest in hiring, training, and maintaining an internal team.

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  • Focus on core competencies

    With routine data mining tasks outsourced, your internal teams can concentrate on activities that directly contribute to the company’s growth and success.

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  • Faster turnaround

    Syndicode’s data mining specialists are equipped with the necessary experience and tools to deliver the expected results in a minimum amount of time.

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  • Reduced risk

    Delegate the responsibility of keeping your data mining tools and techniques up-to-date. We constantly adapt to new data types and sources, ensuring ongoing risk mitigation.

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  • Global perspective

    Our data mining company employs a global workforce, offering its clients access to diverse perspectives and insights. This enhances the quality and depth of data mining services.

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We provide data mining services to

Businesses of all sizes benefit from our data mining services. Our approach and techniques are tailored to each client’s company scale, resources, and strategic goals, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and relevance.

  • Large businesses Arrow right

    As a custom software development company, Syndicode has all the necessary knowledge and resources to offer solutions tailored to the unique needs of a large organization. We have access to advanced information mining techniques and algorithms that are able to handle vast amounts of data efficiently.

  • Small & medium-sized businesses Arrow right

    Our data mining processes are flexible and easy to adapt to changing business requirements. They are also scalable to grow along with evolving needs and adjust to resource constraints. We prioritize practical and cost-effective implementations that directly impact business outcomes.

  • Startups Arrow right

    In providing data mining services, we adhere to Agile methodology to facilitate the deployment of data mining solutions and quickly adapt to evolving business models and strategies. Additionally, our diverse tech stack enables seamless integration of our solutions into existing technologies.

Sources of data we process

Our data mining services help businesses uncover patterns and trends. We segment customers, analyze market trends, optimize processes, and make predictions. Here are the most frequently requested data sources we work with.

  • Transactional data

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    Data from business transactions, including sales and financial activities.

  • Customer data

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    Information related to customer interactions, preferences, and demographics.

  • Web data

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    Data collected from websites, including user interactions and clickstream data.

  • Social media data

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    Data from social media platforms, including posts, comments, and user profiles.

  • Text data

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    Unstructured data from emails, customer reviews, and documents.

  • Financial data

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    Data related to financial transactions, market prices, and economic indicators.

  • Employee data

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    Human resources data, including employee performance and training records.

  • Healthcare data

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    Patient records, medical histories, and data from medical devices.

Have an atypical data mining problem?

Describe your project, and we will return to you with individual suggestions.

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Our data mining tech stack

  • Programming tech

    • Python
    • Scrapy
    • Playwright
    • Selenium
    • Spidermon
  • Data storage

    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • ElasticSearch
    • MongoDB
    • Apache Cassandra
  • Big data

    • Apache Hadoop
    • Apache Spark
  • Infrastructure

    • AWS
    • GCP
    • AZURE
    • Databricks
  • Data visualisation

    • Power BI
    • Tableau

Syndicode’s industry expertise

Our team tailors the data mining approach to the specific requirements of your industry. We ensure the result of our data mining services meets the expectations and always delivers valuable insights.

  • Healthcare Arrow right

    Patient data analysis; Fraud detection in healthcare insurance

  • Travel Arrow right

    Analysis of travel patterns, bookings, and market trends; Booking availability and price monitoring.

  • Retail Arrow right

    Analysis of purchasing patterns and customer sentiment; Competitor price monitoring.

  • HR Arrow right

    Candidate profile analysis; Employee behavior analysis and predictive analytics.

  • Manufacturing Arrow right

    Manufacturing data analysis; Predictive maintenance.

  • Marketing Arrow right

    Analysis of customer behavior, preferences, and market trends.

  • Finance Arrow right

    Financial data analysis; Fraud prevention; Investment decision support.

  • Real estate Arrow right

    Analysis of market trends and investment opportunities; Property valuation.

Start mining data with Syndicode

  • Any source and any scale

    We meet the unique needs of clients from different industries with our comprehensive approach.

  • High-quality data

    We use top-notch infrastructure, tools, and the latest quality assurance practices to ensure client satisfaction.

  • Any format

    You can receive your data mining results in any format you prefer, such as CSV, Excel, SQL, plain text, or others.

  • Deep industry expertise

    Our team includes skilled data scientists who stay updated with the latest advancements in data mining techniques and technologies.

  • End-to-end process

    We cover the entire data analysis process, from data collection to analysis, interpretation, and actionable insights.

  • On-time delivery

    We employ efficient project management methods and ensure effective communication to expedite the data analysis process.

People work with people

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are data mining services? Arrow right

    Data mining services involve finding patterns and relationships in large, unorganized sets of data. The goal is to transform raw data into useful knowledge, aiding in decision-making, trend analysis, and predictive modeling across different industries such as finance, healthcare, marketing, and more. To offer these services, a company must employ various techniques, including statistical analysis, machine learning, and pattern recognition, to uncover meaningful information.

  • How much does it cost to mine data? Arrow right

    We can’t provide a specific cost because the expenses for data mining services vary widely based on factors like project complexity, data volume, customization needs, and whether you cooperate with an offshore company or not. For reference, the average hourly rate for a data mining specialist is between $20 and $80, depending on their experience and geographical location. In contrast, the starting cost for developing data mining software is approximately $250,000. Small projects or basic outsourced data analytics may cost less, while more complex or specialized data mining tasks can be more expensive. Additionally, pricing models differ, with some contracts using hourly rates, project-based fees, or subscription models. It’s best to obtain quotes from data mining service providers based on the specific requirements of your project for accurate cost estimates.

  • How can data mining services be customized to meet the specific needs of my company? Arrow right

    First of all, there’s no such thing as “standard data mining” because every project has unique objectives and data sources. However, your data mining services company can tailor their approach to align its data mining approach with the nuances and requirements of your industry, considering specific challenges and opportunities. In addition, you can expect them to present the data mining findings in a format that aligns with your internal processes.

  • How do you ensure the security and confidentiality of our business data? Arrow right

    Our data mining company has a thorough security strategy to minimize the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. This includes secure environments and communication channels, data encryption, strict access control, regular audits of data access, and continuous monitoring to identify any anomalies. We also ensure that our employees are trained and updated on data security practices and regularly back up critical data.

  • What level of involvement is required from me during the data mining process? Arrow right

    Your level of involvement as a client can vary depending on the nature of the project and your preferences. When providing data mining services, initially, the Syndicode team expects active client involvement to define project goals and the specific insights you seek to gain from the data. Depending on the project, you may need to provide data sources and work with data scientists to define relevant variables and parameters. Additionally, you may choose to review the initial results and provide feedback to refine the analysis. Your collaboration is essential during result interpretation to translate findings into actionable strategies.