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Custom JS development company

As an experienced Javascript development company, Syndicode makes the most of this technology to build responsive web and mobile apps, user-friendly SaaS solutions, and intuitive interfaces. We apply the best scalability and maintenance practices to ensure that our digital products load fast and perform smoothly.

JavaScript development services by Syndicode

We offer custom Javascript development services to provide clients with game-changing software solutions that bring extra value to their end users. Our seasoned Javascript developers can address even the most complex business challenges with innovative technologies, expert knowledge, and well-established workflows.

  • Custom JavaScript development

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    Our custom JavaScript development services include building unique websites, web applications, gaming apps, mobile solutions, and single-page applications. We follow the most advanced Javascript development practices to guarantee that a custom software solution will be delivered on time and within budget.

  • JavaScript consulting services

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    We deliver JavaScript consulting services to help businesses optimize their existing applications or build an entirely new digital solution using this technology. Our technical experts have vast experience working with numerous JavaScript frameworks, so they will easily choose suitable tools to address even the most complex business needs.

  • Frontend development services

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    With React js development services, businesses get complex, vibrant, and responsive user interfaces that look great on mobile applications and desktop screens. Besides, the extensive React functionality makes this library an excellent choice for building futuristic dashboards to visualize clients’ data most efficiently.

  • Backend development services

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    We offer our clients Node.js development services to build a server side of their digital products. This JavaScript framework and a runtime environment allow our team to handle multiple requests and large volumes of information in real time, build serverless and microservice architecture and achieve smooth performance and greater scalability.

  • Migration to JavaScript

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    Syndicode solves the challenge of migrating an old code base to modern JavaScript. We create a detailed migration plan to choose, extract, and move the data from a legacy system to JavaScript in the correct format and quality. By moving clients’ data to a more advanced computing environment, we help their apps meet their evolving needs and requirements.

  • API development

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    Syndicode team uses JavaScript in custom API development to allow businesses to streamline the interaction and data sharing between their different digital solutions and third-party services. Organizations will benefit from customized UX/UI and simplified workflows by investing in custom APIs.

Featured web applications

We use JavaScript as a core of our technology stack to deliver maintainable, scalable, and powerful digital solutions such as a childcare management platform or educational marketplace. This way, we help our clients beat their competitors, increase ROI, and grow their business.

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The software development process at Syndicode

At Syndicode, the custom software development process is divided into specific steps commonly known as the software development life cycle. Such an approach helps us get predictable outcomes in terms of time frames, costs, and deliverables and increases the efficiency of each stage of the software development process.

  • Discovery

    At the beginning of a new software project, we offer a client a discovery session. The purpose is to specify the business idea, key objectives, strategies, operational processes, and workflows. The discovery session provides businesses with multiple benefits, including more accurate time and cost estimates, better design decisions, and higher return on investment. At the same time, by omitting this stage, companies avoid missing deadlines due to unclear project boundaries and constant scope creep. Besides, the chances are that the product will not satisfy the expectation because of a lack of focus.

  • Design

    As soon as all project requirements and specifications are specified and documented, our UX/UI design team starts analyzing them. Designers need this information to build a clear and transparent information infrastructure that will be further built by our JavaScript development team. The next stage of the design process is wireframing. Wireframes can be seen as static low-fidelity representations of a future product without any colors or logos to distract users. These wireframes will be further converted into interactive prototypes that serve as the basis for the final UI design we will present to the client.

  • Development

    All designs, system architecture, and functionality are translated into written code at this stage. Since Syndicode follows the principles of the Agile philosophy, we split the development process into short sprints to reduce risks and achieve the highest product quality. We start each sprint with the prioritization of the tasks in the backlog. Then our JavaScript development team builds the required features that our quality assurance engineers further test to detect bugs. The completed functionality can be released to the production environment.

  • Release

    The final stage of the software development life cycle implies releasing the completed software solution to the production environment. From this moment, the JavasScript software is accessible to the target audience and search engines. Alongside the product launch, our specialists prepare the release notes. They contain the most important information about the software, specifically the description of the bugs that have been fixed or a list of significant improvements. Generally, release notes are created for product users. However, they are often used internally, too.

  • Support

    We do not stop our collaboration with clients after the successful launch of their products. Within the first month after the product launch, Syndicode offers perfect maintenance services. Our QA team monitors the software performance, gathers user feedback, and fixes bugs that may appear due to the inability to foresee all real-life user cases. If you require maintenance services later, we can deliver them based on the time-and-material model.

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Why do we choose JavaScript for web development?

  • Speed

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    JavaScript is known as an interpreted programming language, meaning that it requires less time for compilation in comparison with other languages such as Java. Besides being a client-side script, JavaScript streamlines program execution and needs less time to connect to the server.

  • Interoperability

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    Our development team prefers building custom software solutions with JavaScript because it works great with any other programming language. Apart from that, this technology is very versatile and can be used in different kinds of applications, be it mobile, web, or gaming apps.

  • Simplicity

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    Another great reason to use JavaScript for web development is its simplicity. The development team and users will not take long to learn and understand it. Besides, JavaScript is feasible to implement and saves developers money to build dynamic web content.

  • Extended functionality

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    Developers can use add-ons like Greasemonkey, a popular Mozilla Firefox extension, to add their snippets of JavaScript to a website. This way, they can customize the behavior of a webpage or the way it is displayed.

  • Rich interfaces

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    JavaScript comes with different interfaces that enable our JavaScript development team to build catchy, visually-appealing web pages. For example, our specialists use drag-and-drop components to improve the user interface and experience of interacting with websites.

  • Popularity

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    Today JavaScript is known as one of the most popular programming languages globally. W3Tech states that it is used as a client-side technology in 98% of all websites. Also, many prominent brands, such as Amazon, PayPal, and Google.

Syndicode by the numbers

  • 2014 Year of foundation
  • $400M+ Investments raised by clients
  • 100+ Successfully delivered projects
  • 80+ IT specialists on board

Benefits of JavaScript for

Over recent years JavaScript has evolved into an enormous system of tools and extensions. Its multiple frameworks and tools make it a great choice for building any type of software solution. Owing to this programming language’s interoperability and development speed, many businesses, regardless of their size, will benefit from Javascript development services offered by Syndicode.

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    Today many large organizations and corporations, including Uber, GoDaddy, and PayPal, use JavaScript technologies such as Node.js to build enterprise applications. This choice of framework allows them to speed up the software development process, increase team productivity, and save on infrastructure. Furthermore, Node.js can ensure the efficiency and scalability of enterprise apps.

  • Small and middle-size business Arrow right

    Middle-sized organizations will benefit from Javascript development services in terms of cost efficiency. This is because the majority of JavaScript frameworks are open-source, and development teams can use them for free. Therefore, clients do not have to worry about purchasing expensive product licenses and subscriptions. This way, the cost of software development is significantly used.

  • Startups Arrow right

    There are several reasons why startups choose JavaScript for building their software solutions. The first one is the vast implementation area. Today this programming language can be used practically everywhere in software development. Secondly, great JavaScript popularity means a great number of JavaScript developers on the market. A great number of developers available means lower rates, which is a crucial factor for startups.

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Technology stack used at Syndicode

At Syndicode, the technology stack consists of the most advanced and mature programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools. All those technologies allow our JavaScript development company to ensure timely and high-quality delivery of robust and powerful software solutions.

  • Front-end

    • JS
    • React
    • Angular
    • Vue
    • HTML
    • CSS
  • Databases

    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • Redis
    • Elasticsearch
  • Mobile

    • Swift
    • Kotlin
    • Flutter
  • Infrastructure

    • AWS
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Heroku
    • Docker

Syndicode industry expertise

Since 2014 we have been providing organizations with javascript development services to enable them to solve their most challenging tasks and grow their business with custom software solutions.

  • Fintech Arrow right

    We deliver Javascript development services to build large-scale applications for the financial sector that rely heavily on real-time data and statistics.

  • Education Arrow right

    With our custom Javascript software solutions, educational organizations get better chances to boost the efficiency of the teaching process and enhance the learning experience for students.

  • Logistics Arrow right

    Logistics software products by Syndicode help businesses increase the efficiency of the order entry, fleet management, and freight invoicing processes.

  • Retail Arrow right

    By using Javascript development services, retailers will get a digital solution to simplify inventory management and track sales processes with the help of advanced reports and analytics.

  • Entertainment Arrow right

    We build streaming apps, social media platforms, digital asset management systems, and web games to enable entertainment and media companies to interact with their users efficiently.

  • Rental Arrow right

    Javascript app development services delivered by Syndicode allow rental businesses to manage online bookings, order management, and invoices easily and efficiently.

  • Manufacture Arrow right

    Our JavaScript software includes scalable ERP systems that help manufacturers optimize supply chain management, inventory management, and financial management.

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    We ensure reliable, secure, and informative patient-caregiver interaction by offering healthcare providers and medical institutions Javascript development services.

Reasons to outsource JavaScript development projects

In recent years, organizations have seen more opportunities in partnership with outsourced software companies instead of hiring and maintaining their in-house JavaScript development teams. Check the reasons below to find out how you can benefit from hiring an experienced offshore software development company for your JS web development project.

  • Faster time to market

    Hiring an outsource JavaScript development company enables businesses to get more qualified specialists to take on their urgent tasks. Organizations do not have to worry about hiring and onboarding new professionals, which speeds up processes. Besides, JS web development agencies have relevant experience in building similar products so that they will go through the main stages of the software development life cycle much faster.

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  • Wider talent pool

    Outsourcing enables entrepreneurs to hire skillful professionals from other regions instead of focusing on their locations solely. If hiring experts in Javascript development in their native country is too expensive, business owners can find developers who set lower rates for their services. As a result, organizations can reduce custom software development expenses and save on human resource management operations.

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  • More scaling flexibility

    Hiring an outsource JavaScript development company gives businesses more freedom in managing the development team by adding the required professionals or terminating the collaborations with them when they are no longer needed. This way, the workforce grows along with the business or the comlexity of Javascript programming software projects.

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Meet our team

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is JavaScript used for? Arrow right

    JavaScript is a versatile programming language that IT companies utilize for different purposes. Most commonly, it is used for building the client-side of interactive websites. Apart from that, JavaScript, with its popular frameworks and libraries such as Node.js or React.js, helps developers create mobile and web applications, engaging gaming apps, and servers.

  • Why do developers use JavaScript? Arrow right

    There are several reasons why JavaScript is so popular these days. First, this programming language is versatile and perfectly compatible with any other programming language and framework. Secondly, JavaScript allows for building dynamic web pages that users can interact with. Finally, this programming language allows the execution of code within browsers, which frees up space on servers. As a result, expenses are significantly reduced.

  • How many frameworks are in JavaScript? Arrow right

    JavaScript programming language is evolving at a rapid speed. Therefore, it is no surprise that the number of its frameworks is also growing. The most popular are Angular.js, Vue.js, Node.js, and Ember.js. When it comes to React.js, which is often mistaken for the JavaScript framework, it is considered to be a library.

  • Which JavaScript library is best for web development? Arrow right

    Regarding web development, React.js is considered one of the best-suited JavaScript libraries. It is used by famous brands such as Instagram, PayPal, and Uber. The library allows for creating and using the Dynamic UI of the websites, which results in increased incoming traffic. Apart from that, with the help of React developers, they can build robust, reactive, and user-friendly web applications.