MVP Development

Build a minimal valuable product
that delivers value  

People who plan to build an MVP 

  • Want

    To validate their business idea

  • Need

    To present their concept to users

  • Look for

    An experienced team for custom MVP development

Why clients choose Syndicode for MVP development

  • Business

    Online marketplace is a platform to connect and grow, and we deliver tangible business value.

  • Success

    For 5+ years, clients trust us to convert their ideas into high-end marketplace platforms.

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    Every 2 of 3 projects delivered by Syndicode team relate to online marketplace development.

  • Customer

    We delve deep into your requirements and apply specific tools, payment gateways, and APIs based on your preferences.

Syndicode helped us bring our ideas to life. Now our marketplace works beyond our expectations.
Andreea Cocor
Andreea Cocor Project Manager at HLPRS
Syndicode provided professional web development for Movinga. They met tight deadlines with great accuracy.
Dennis Gneuß
Dennis Gneuß CDO at Movinga
Creating a job marketplace, Syndicode helped us scale and work smoothly for 1/2 million job seekers & employers.
Jani Turunen
Jani Turunen CTO at Fuzu
Syndicode provided us with a detailed estimate, helped to set all the processes, and showed good team cooperation.
James Denham
James Denham Managing Partner at Instalinks

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The purpose of MVP development services

Creating a digital product is a continuous process. Sometimes, business owners fall into a trap of constantly perfecting functionality and interface. They end up missing crucial release timing, and by the time the product is live, the market share is occupied by competitors.

Businesses who build a minimal valuable product first release their products much faster and start getting actual revenue. The MVP features only essential functionality and interface. They are perfectly functional and solve the main problem of a user – there’s just no extensive customization or high level of detail.

  • MVP clearly showcases the concept of the product
  • MVP helps businesses to test their audience interest
  • MVP is a way to identify market potential before making large investments

MVP development guarantees

When you choose a vendor for your MVP development project, you are creating basics for your entire product’s growth. This collaboration will determine the direction that your product takes early on. It also defines what the first impression you will leave to users, investors, stakeholders.

With Syndicode MVP development, you can count on

  • Careful research: MVP development should reflect the concept of your product and cover main user needs. To respond to these expectations, we research the audience, market, test competitive products, and provide detailed estimates for the entire project.
  • Fast shipment: release timing is a crucial success factor in software development. With MVP development, we take the bird-eye view and determine the most essential functionality. We focus our production efforts on building main features and interface blocks. By eliminating unnecessary details from MVP, we are able to shorten production duration by 3-4 times.
  • Agile development, detailed estimates: we combine the Agile, quality-first approach to software development with detailed documentation. We believe that a product’s value derives from the transparency of the process. So, while we keep the process agile, we also give estimates and reports each step of the way.
  • Skilled experts: MVP development is one of Syndicode’s main specialties. Our developers know how to build the infrastructure for the minimum valuable product, implement the right tech stack, and test the final product.
  • Creative designers: often, we are asked to build fully custom MVPs. Clients come to us with an idea alone – and it’s our job to come up with UX user flows/sitemaps, and UI wireframes. Our designers prepare all MVP screens, branding, graphics, animations.
  • Strategy-driven approach: Syndicode developers always consider the next steps that come after minimum viable product development. It’s important for us to know how the product will be expanded and improved after its release. We provide MVP product development with scaling in mind, making it easy to insert additional features.

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Consider the value that MVPs drive to businesses and users

MVP development is a prerequisite for starting a digital business of any size. Markets and audiences now are more fragmented than ever. It’s difficult to fit exact market needs right off the bet. MVP product development helps to define your specific user segment, and drive real value.

For startups, small, medium, and large businesses, MVP development services are first and foremost, a way to understand their concept and users. Feedback, received after the release, helps to pinpoint users’ favorite and disliked functionality. It’s a necessary foundation for making data-driven decisions in the product lifecycle.

  • Validate your idea and market potential
  • Find out what your users like and capitalize on it
  • Test your test stack before using it to build a large infrastructure

Meet our MVP developers

Full-cycle development and support of your MVP

The Syndicode team is an expert in custom MVP development services. All our clients need to start working on a new product is an idea. We will help you to develop a business case during discovery. Our product development strategy experts will then analyze the business case and create product requirements that correspond to business goals. Finally, we take full responsibility for execution and support – from wireframes to post-release maintenance.

  • Stage 1 – Discovery and business analysis. We research your market, industry, audience, competitors. With just a concept, we can develop a full development strategy, project plan, project requirements. At the end of the discovery stage, you get the full description of the project’s design and functionality – as well as estimates on budget and timing for the MVP software development project.
  • Stage 2 – Design. Our UX designers define user personas, flows, and sitemaps. Their task is to understand customers’ habits and create a logical structure of MVP. UI designers base their wireframes and interfaces on these insights. Additionally, we create full branding and even prepare style guidelines.
  • Stage 3 – Development. Our developers come up with the best tech stack for the MVP. We build it in a scalable way – you can introduce new features anytime. MVP is already a well-functionality and good-looking product – it’s simply boiled down to main features.
  • Stage 4 – Testing. Our testers make sure that the MVP works correctly, is well compatible with operating systems and devices, and guarantees safe data flows.
  • Stage 5 – Release and support. We’ll help you roll the product out to the server, and publish it to the application store if it’s a mobile app. We prepare additional information – screenshots, description, wikis. After the minimum viable product is released, we take responsibility for the support and release of new versions.

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