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We provide future-forward iOS app development services with the specifics of your business environment in mind. Our custom-built solutions use advanced software and hardware capabilities to show excellent performance and reasonable system resources and memory use.

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Custom web application development offerings

Syndicode has the skills and resources to provide full-cycle iOS app development services. We assist with ideation, tech stack selection, software building, and support. In addition, we advise on ways to position your product in the market for greater ROI.

  • Native apps
    development services

    Our iOS app development company builds applications that have full liberty to use the device’s features such as camera, GPS, Bluetooth, contact list, and others. They have a recognizable look and feel, satisfying the UX expectations of the Apple audience. Our native apps work consistently across popular devices and OS versions and offline.

  • Hybrid apps
    development services

    We provide fast-to-market hybrid iOS app development services. With JavaScript that allows code reusing, our engineers work quickly, creating lightweight apps that perform across platforms, easily adapting to different screen sizes and resolutions. With the ability to make updates without touching the native code, we additionally speed up app delivery.

  • Enterprise iOS app development

    Syndicode developers have over 8 years of experience in iPhone apps development of varying complexity for large businesses. We provide solutions that solve problems on different levels, such as general productivity apps or specialized analytics apps. In enterprise app development, we emphasize security, scalability, and UX.

  • iOS app testing

    As a full-cycle iOS app development company, we introduce QA early, carefully plan testing tasks, and write effective testing scenarios. Our QA engineers perform all kinds of software tests, including bandwidth testing for high loading speed and security testing. Besides, we check our apps’ compatibility across devices and OS versions.

How we develop iOS applications

We are a full-cycle iOS app development company and do everything from planning to post-publishing maintenance. You can rely on us to plan out your app’s functionality and create a visual design. We work quickly and keep you updated through regular reports using battle-tested techniques.


Our iOS app development services start from careful research and planning. We hold a kick-off session with a client to have a shared understanding of their vision, the challenges the mobile app would solve, its features, the target audience, and so on.

Besides, our business analysts carry out comprehensive market research to ensure the application’s competitiveness in its niche. An opportunity analysis helps us find a gap between the current market offerings and the possibilities of technological advances, economic changes, or social trends. We also arrange all the requirements for the next phases of iPhone app development at this step.


Choosing custom iOS app development by Syndicode, you get a goal-driven, clean-looking, and readable application. Our designers use wireframes to decide on the looks, feel, and navigation of the iOS application and also sketch out the app’s flow control and structure.

After discussion with the developers and your approval, we create mockups and prototypes (if necessary). Our experience lets us select the best fitting color scheme, fonts, types of buttons, and widgets for your application type. The resulting assets library and the mockups allow the development team to focus on code rather than shapes and colors and quickly turn visuals into a working product.


Syndicode developers are well-versed in native languages for custom iOS app development, such as Swift and Objective-C. We also build cross-platform solutions using React Native. Our engineers apply cutting-edge iOS app development software, technologies, and capabilities for efficient product delivery. They constantly monitor and test new techniques and practices to build competitive applications that bring high ROI.

Following Agile principles, we work in iterations, planning the development of each unit and testing it right after completion. This allows us to maintain focus on the end goal and eliminate any errors and bugs before they become deeply incorporated into the app’s code.


Once the app is built and tested, we deploy it to the App Store. We can perform beta testing before the app deployment upon the client’s request. For this, we invite users to test Push notifications, data storage, make calls to third-party APIs, etc.

To ensure the correct performance of our application across devices, we prefer real-device testing. However, if you want to cut the cost of iOS app development services even more, we can perform cloud testing, which is a bit less accurate.

We follow a tested routine to properly submit an app to the App Store and minimize the review time. It involves assembling app information, creation of a bundle identifier, certificates, provisioning profiles, and listings.


We don’t set and forget about our products once they go live. As a reliable iOS app development company, we keep monitoring user feedback as well as the app’s performance KPIs and step in with fixes or updates as needed.

At Syndicode, you can hire an iPhone app development and support team to upgrade your obsolete app to the newest hardware requirements. We will improve the application’s compatibility with the latest OS, update the interface to meet the current trends and usage patterns, refresh third-party libraries, and fix security vulnerabilities.

Additionally, our team can expand your existing app’s functionality, building new features over the old code without touching the latter.

Aim to stride ahead of the competition with an app?

Aim to stride ahead of the competition with an app?

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Benefits of iOS application development by Syndicode

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    To provide safe iOS app development services, we run our apps in a sandbox, thus only letting them access their home directory data. Moreover, we apply the latest practices for secure data transportation and use the keychain to store sensitive information.

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    Fast to market

    To speed up custom iOS app development, we split and prioritize the functionality to launch several product versions. After delivering the version with the core functionality, we work in iterations, introducing new elements every 2-4 weeks.

  • 3

    Excellent performance

    Applications made by our iOS app development company are asynchronous and launch immediately. We also use temporary objects to reduce memory usage and apply different methods for image loading depending on their size.

  • 4

    Cost efficiency

    At Syndicode, you can hire iOS app developers either as a dedicated team or on the time and material basis, depending on what’s best for your project. What’s more, being an Eastern Europe-based IT company, we keep our rates on a moderate level.

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    We approach iPhone apps development with careful planning to center the product around the target audience’s needs. Our designers create the apps’ looks with the user’s psychology in mind, and developers emphasize security and loading time.

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    Apps built by Syndicode can adapt to a growing user base while keeping UX and performance at the same level. We combine different iOS app development software to include vertical and horizontal scalability, depending on the specifics of your business.

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Syndicode industry expertise

Our engineers leverage the specifics of iOS mobile application development to solve your business problem in the most effective way. We advise on iOS development, whereas there is the need for a highly interactive interface, minimalist design, and paid app monetization model.

  • Online marketplaces

    Online marketplaces

    Partnering up for our iOS app development services, you get a custom-made marketplace app with full-featured sellers’ and buyers’ interfaces.

  • Education


    For custom iOS app development in the educational realm, we carefully analyze the target audience age, prioritize visuals and the microlearning approach.

  • Logistics


    Our iOS app development company creates unique logistics software for Apple devices. We find efficient solutions to simplify resources coordination for your business.

  • Ecommerce


    Having chosen Syndicode for iPhone apps development for e-commerce, you get a secure, stable, scalable, and payment-diverse solution.

  • Entertainment


    Providing iOS app development services for the entertainment industry, we emphasize memorable first-time experiences and seamless operation.

  • Fashion


    We have substantial experience as an iPhone app development company creating wardrobe management solutions, virtual shops, personal assistants, and more.

  • Healthcare


    Syndicode team will assist you with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch app development services to create a user-centric, medical-compliant solution.

  • Rental


    Our iOS app development services for the rental industry aim to create a robust solution aligned with your business goals and the needs of your target audience.

We build custom iOS applications for

Being an iOS application development company, we make apps focused on your business. To ensure our product works for your company’s progress and profits, our experts thoroughly research your niche, target market’s demand, and validate the ideas before making them a reality.


Large businesses

We have the experience to aid a large business at all stages of digital maturity and bring knowledge of the emerging platforms to the table. Our iOS app development company builds mobile applications for both internal company use and customer-facing solutions. We also do native and cross-platform development, tailoring our services to your specific business needs.


Small & medium businesses

In custom iOS app development services for SMB, we focus on convenience and intuitive interface. We devote much attention to research and planning to come up with a coherent strategy that ensures smooth development, thus cutting the time to market. On top of that, we align the app’s looks with your branding, further enhancing it.



As a startup, you need to get the product to the market as soon as possible and quickly test the hypothesis. Thus, we tend to approach startup iOS development services with an iterative method, introducing a product with the basic functionality. Then, we gradually add new features and complexify the app structure, taking user feedback from the previous versions into account.

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Need help creating a truly useful iOS application?

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Reasons to outsource the iOS application development

At Syndicode, we match ideas with the right talent. Since 2014, we’ve been searching, hiring, and nourishing tech talent across Europe. Today, we have a strong team that proved its expertise and got positive reviews from clients.

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Established team

We’ve been working as an iOS app development company for more than 8 years. Our analysts, designers, and developers have completed dozens of projects together and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This lets them communicate freely and work on your project without a hitch.

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Specialized knowledge

After years of providing iOS app development services, our specialists developed a great understanding of the mobile space. We use a variety of strategies to quickly get to the core of your requirements, goals, and priority app features. We also constantly supplement our existing experience with the knowledge of the latest trends.

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Outsourcing offers flexibility in terms of engagement models. Thus, at Syndicode, you can hire a team to work on your idea from start to finish or get several experts to build the app with you. Moreover, working with our iOS app development company, you can choose from the pre-selected pool of employees to find the right fit for your project.

People work with people

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Frequently asked questions

How to choose a reliable iOS app development company?

To choose a technical partner that will promptly attain your business goals, you should keep several factors in mind. First, make sure the candidate has the right experience. Check the iOS app development company’s portfolio for the type of projects it has done, the project objectives, and assess the effectiveness of the suggested solution.

Next, pay attention to the design versatility. In iOS development, the success depends on how efficient the app is in reaching the target audience. Hence, the Swift app development company of your choice should make a captivating and innovative UX/UI design that aligns with your branding.

The last but not the least deciding factor is the technical excellence of the iOS development company’s team. In order to choose the most effective and cost-efficient solution, the developers should be proficient in OS and Mac OS frameworks and iPhone simulators. A good rapport between you and your development team is essential too.

How much does it cost to create a custom iOS application?

The price of custom iPhone application development from scratch varies greatly depending on what you want to accomplish. At Syndicode, we give rough estimates after the discovery phase, where we analyze your business, market conditions, competition, get your approval for the features implementation priority and development team composition.

For reference, you can get a simple custom iOS application without CRM and backend infrastructure made by the Syndicode team for $70K-$120K. An app of medium complexity with third-party integrations will start from $90K-$150K and higher.

If you choose to partner with a custom iPhone app development company from Western Europe, expect to pay a minimum of $100K-$200K. With a US team, the price will start from $200K-$350K since their rates are higher than those in offshore countries.

How long does it take to develop an iOS application?

The time needed to build a custom app and prepare it for delivery depends on a number of factors. The primary ones are the app complexity, the development team composition, and the development methodology.

Thus, with a standard team of four units for a simple custom application without backend integration made from scratch, the development process will take around 4-6 months. If your app requires a server along with custom APIs, the development will take longer — up to 12 months.

A traditional waterfall approach to development usually takes longer as the process moves strictly from a phase to a phase without overlapping. In contrast, agile development allows building a product in iterations, building and testing each unit independently and resulting in a shorter timeline.

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