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Priorities of Syndicode iOS app developers

Our iOS developers work with various native iOS tech stacks, in particular, Swift/Objective-C and SDK tools. Our team builds applications from scratch, but also, joins existing projects, and helps migrate applications from different OSs. We understand specific iOS standards and build an application that fits device, interface, and performance characteristics.

Our applications are compatible with every single requirement from the App Store. Our iOS app development services focus on:

  • Safety: the user data is protected by end-to-end encryption. The data architecture is carefully planned and tested. Databases, big data frameworks, and APIs are safely integrated with the rest of the system.
  • Performance: all Syndicode iOS apps undergo thorough acceptance testing. We make sure that the speed, user flow, navigation, and other performance factors perfectly correspond with App Store’s criteria and app requirements. We include meta-data, check the correspondence to hardware characteristics, and use secure, always accessible APIs.
  • Business growth: our iOS application development team helps define the best business model for the application, integrate the payment solution, and carry out the purchase. Apps process high transactional workloads and accommodate multiple users simultaneously. Our team will help you to create and execute subscription features, in-app currencies, and other revenue-driving models.
  • Design: Our iPhone app development and iPad app development services always start from analytics. We gladly share ideas for the user flow, business model, wireframes, and branding. If you have a vague concept of an application, you can count on our analytical and design team to refine the end-vision. Our iPhone app development and iPad app development services always start from analytics.
  • Release and support: our ios application development team makes sure all the documentation is prepared. Apps respect privacy considerations and adhere to specific code ownership requirements. Our team keeps supporting the app and assisting in releasing a new version even after the app was released.
  • Dedicated team and project-based cooperation
  • Full-cycle development: from ideation to maintenance
  • Full responsibility for documentation
  • Release preparation: from screenshots to legal documents;
  • Migration from different iOS or tech stacks

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IOS application development industries

  • Marketplace: we build mobile-first marketplaces as well as help migrate existing web and cross-platform services.
  • E-commerce: we build iOS-first apps for online stores and transfer web and cross-platform for online stores
  • Logistics: Syndicode powers logistics operations of your company or become a provider for transportation companies with iOS application development;
  • Hospitality: we build management applications for hotels and restaurant, client assistants where users can book a stay and track their history
  • Financial: Syndicode builds iOS digital wallets, financial management apps, mobile accounting tools, and many others;
  • Agriculture: we help agricultural companies to track their efficiency, manage human resources, IoT trackers from a mobile app;
  • Social networks: Syndicode team creates networking services for employment search, cooperation, communication, entertainment

Tools for building an iOS app

iOS applications are increasingly becoming the core product of digital businesses. iOS ecosystem, distribution opportunities of the App Store, and high user loyalty drive businesses to embrace iOS apps. Enhance your digital presence with iOS application development services.

  • Collaborative development
    Xcode 10 is the go-to tool for iOS app developers. It’s an official environment where developers write codebases, embed snippets from non-native languages, and cooperate on projects. It’s a must-have software for any iOS development.
  • Building functionality
    We use Cocoa Controls and other control libraries to integrate ready-to-use open-source code with the custom functionality. More than 1000 verified libraries allow our developers to focus on writing key features and integrate all additional settings. The result is a shortened time to market, cost-efficient budget distribution, and improved performance.
  • UI design
    Mockingbird and other iOS app development software help our designers to create native wireframes. Immediately after the discovery stage of ios app development, we prepare interface wireframes for each screen of the application. We experiment with brand colors, fonts, alignments to make your design stand out.
  • Testing and code coverage
    We use run parallel testing to several versions of the application simultaneously. With tools like XCTest and Xcode UI we have detailed reports on each test case. Clients get updates on the entire testing progress. To prepare code coverage communication, we use native Apple ecosystem tools, which are nicely integrated with Swift syntax.
  • Augmented reality and machine learning
    For iOS app development services, we use custom libraries for machine learning frameworks AR. With native kits, we can set up object detection, face tracking, analyze large datasets, and derive complex patterns.

The process of Syndicode iOS application developmen

  • Analysis: we research popular application in your industry by their design, functionality, user requirements, advantages, and disadvantages;
  • Mapping: UX designers determine user personas and make application logic. At the end, you have detailed flows for every feature and screen.
  • Prototype: UI designers created final interfaces, branding, animation.
  • Development: developers build custom functionality and integrate native APIs.
  • Testing: each app undergoes performance, UI, security, functionality testing, and the cycle concludes with acceptance testing.
  • Publication: our team prepares all documentation, descriptions, screenshots required for an App Store publication.
  • Support: our team will oversee your app during later releases and maintenance.

Full support

Our team is focused on full-cycle iOS development, To get started, our clients don’t more than an idea. Our app development company performs analysis and research to help you refine an idea, create a business model, come up with fitting pricing and payment strategies.

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