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Build responsive, fast web apps with goal-driven web application developers

People who plan to build
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  • Want

    An application that can be found in Google search

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    Only one cross-platform codebase

  • Look for

    Alternatives for traditional web pages and mobile apps

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    web application projects delivered
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    senior web developers
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Our expertise in web app development

  • Single page application: Google’s research officially confirms that users love a single-page experience. Most leading tech companies migrated their services to Single Page Applications. They are fast, interactive, and lightweight. Our web app developers are ready to map out a SPA infrastructure, prepare the design,  build frontend, and backend functionality. The result is a responsive single page application, available on all devices and browsers.
  • Multi-page application: for ambitious platforms that handle a lot of data, a multi-page application is an intuitive way of delivering value. The information is conveniently distributed among pages, letting users quickly navigate through the app. A custom web application allows delivering complex services, like team and data management, documentation, resource organization, and others. Our designers draw interface screens and come up with use cases. A web app development team builds client- and server-side functionality, with full business logic. Build a rich multi-page application and reach more users. 
  • Progressive web application: Gartner predicted that progressive web applications will replace 50% of mobile apps on the market by the end of this year. PWAs provide a seamless, intuitive experience, typical for native apps – all from a browser. Syndicode developers deliver progressive custom web applications that take the best out of mobile and web approaches. Just like Google’s standards of progressive development suggest, our apps are fully cross-platform, secure, available offline and online, and interactive. 

With Syndicode you can

  • Build an app that’s relevant for their target users
  • Work with a transparent team that explain every process
  • Get a result-driven team who understand business objectives
  • Bring innovation to the market and offer more value than competitors

Let’s discuss your web app

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Web application development process

Roadmap planning

We define the objectives, scope, purpose, and audience of a web application. We discuss the business model, financial logic, and direction of development. Our experienced team provides practical insights on how to create a web application for your concept.

Security and access documentation

We define user roles and their access rights through the application. All users are divided on type according to their needs, demographics, habits, and provided value. The team defines roles, scenarios, and expectations for each segment. 

Documenting functionality

Our web application development team creates a full software specification document that describes our approach on how to develop a web application. Here we list all aspects of the concept, business model, functional and non-functional requirements. Developers and analysts document necessary features, tech stack, set goals, and limitations. 

API and gateway identification

We find cost-reduction opportunities by using gateways, APIs, and integrations. Our team shares favorite third-party tools and makes a list of providers relevant to your concept. Development is carried out faster and costs less. 

Defining tech stack, infrastructure, and internal logic

Syndicode’s custom web application development team chooses an optimal approach to building a web app, frameworks, tools, and environments. We prepare servers, infrastructure, and plan out interaction within the system.

UX/UI design and strategy

Our designers describe user scenarios, personas, layout site maps, and flowcharts. Our team acquires 100% understanding of how visitors interact with an app. UI designers prepare branding, mockups, design page elements, and create the final page. 

Front-end development

Our front-end web app development team collaborates with designers and analysts early on. They know how to power user interactions with high-performing functionality. Syndicode front-end developers build dynamic, interactive pages. 

Back-end development

The backend team is responsible for executing the business logic of the application, assuring secure data management, and reliable performance. With efficient frameworks like Ruby on Rails, our web application development team is able to build rich functionality on time and budget.

Testing and user acceptance

Testers collaborate with software developers and assure product quality from the earliest development stages. Syndicode makes sure that end users tested the product before the launch, evaluates design and interface by strict acceptance criteria, and performs on-going optimization. 

Deployment, release, support

Syndicode’s team rolls out the application to the server, verifies its performance, security, load-handling. Our team provides on-going optimization and maintenance. Web application developers build updates and release new versions, increasing the amount of delivered value. 

Why companies choose Syndicode for web app development

  • Custom web application development teams: we assemble teams for the project with regards to experience and skills. You have a team of experts who solved similar challenges, know the industry and are proficient in methodologies, workflows, tools.
  • Optimized delivery: Syndicode’s team always looks for opportunities to deliver more value while reducing the time and cost of the project. We introduce new technology, modify requirements, and embrace new challenges if it improves the functionality and cost-efficiency of custom web application development.
  • Personalization and customization: all the cooperation, from discovery to maintenance, is planned and performed with regards to your business needs. Our developers and managers can share our tried-and-proven web application development strategies, but only if they align with your business model, goals, and resources. First and foremost, Syndicode relies on the specifics of your business.
  • Security: in all web application development projects, we consider three layers of safety- application, data, and customer. Application security entails the analysis of a codebase, vulnerability detection, and architecture evaluation. Data security deals with network and end-point safety, compliance with legal requirements, and encryption. Business security refers to us making sure that your confidential information, logs, and policies are stored safely. 

Transparency is guaranteed

As an experienced web application development team, Syndicode developed proven best practices. We are ready to share our systems and strategies with clients. Development, testing, management, and communication are 100% visible and documented. 

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