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Mobile Application Development Services

Syndicode provides mobile app development services tailored to your business needs. We apply a strategic approach to deliver a valuable product. Clients in many industries use our apps to automate handwork, plan medical procedures, manage sales, and more

Our Mobile App Development Services

Since 2014, our mobile app development services company has been helping businesses to optimize their processes and expand to other platforms through mobile applications. We provide full-cycle mobile development services from idea to post-release maintenance, equipping our apps with custom functionality and unique UX

How we develop Mobile applications

Syndicode offers full-cycle mobile application development services. We approach a project with the motivation to create a mutually beneficial relationship. Thus, our development team provides careful research, advises on smart choices, and provides support through all application lifecycle stages.

  • Discovery

    During the discovery stage, we create a decision matrix for development, decide on tools and sprints’ timelines as well as deliverables. Our QA engineers also evaluate requirements and choose the appropriate means of testing. At the end of the discovery stage, your requirements become a clear action plan for developers. We plan and confirm the app’s architecture and give you rough estimates regarding the project’s timeframe and cost. The discovery phase is crucial for faster development as it minimizes the risks of failure and ensures the final product meets your expectations in full.

    • Product vision
    • Project roadmap
    • Backlog
    • Project roadmap
    • User flow
    • Accurate estimates
    • Team composition
  • Design

    Syndicode designers create a visual representation of the app architecture and workflows—a wireframe. It helps us choose the best implementation of the app’s functionality to test if the structure is intuitive and all features are easy to use. Then we work on colors and fonts, create mockups, and confirm them with the client. A finger-operated interface offers less precision than a desktop. So, our app designers think through the layout to ensure all the crucial elements are visible and finger-friendly. Your application will look and perform the same on different screen sizes and device orientations.

  • Development

    Adherence to Agile principles in application development lets us quickly adapt to fast-advancing mobile technologies. By breaking the process into sprints, we can plan more flexibly, release earlier, and make improvements on the go. Thus, we closely control the development process and cut associated risks to a minimum. Using extended capabilities of modern devices’ CPUs and GPUs, our engineers find revolutionary solutions for intensive visuals that are at the same time gentle to the device’s longevity. This is especially important for games, and we use the leading technologies like Unity 3D, Metal, and OpenGLES.

  • Delivery

    Preparing an app for delivery, we follow a specified routine to ensure a smooth review and publishing process. Our apps adhere to modern guidelines, support corresponding regulations, and are well-optimized. Before uploading to Play Market or Apple Store, we perform final tests to minimize bugs and performance issues. We check UX, functionality, performance, verify security, and test on devices to ensure all-screen support. As the app is uploaded to a distribution platform for approval, we continue supporting our clients through the publishing process. Since we build apps with the device’s features in mind and test the product’s behavior in different situations, our apps get published without a hitch.

  • Support

    After an application launch, we continue implementing procedures to ensure seamless and bug-free app running. We monitor performance metrics and user feedback to refine, fix, and update elements as needed. For immediate issues, which are rare, our team provides emergency maintenance. Also, you can request perfective maintenance to make updates or changes to the live app and adaptive maintenance to keep the app up to date with the changing hardware. As your development partner, we have an in-depth understanding of your project. Hence, we can promptly detect the necessity for maintenance and act on it with precision.

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Benefits of mobile application development by Syndicode

  • Security

    We work with application frameworks having built-in robust security functionality. We use the highest protection levels for APIs by default to further protect user data. Our apps are designed for multi-factor and biometric authentication and are repeatedly tested for vulnerability.

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  • Speed

    With over eight years of experience, we have established effective processes to get the product out the door in a minimal time. Due to extensive planning and maximal commitment, along with Agile practices, we’re able to release a custom complex product in under a year.

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  • Performance

    Real-time graphics and data-processing solutions let us get highly interactive apps that do not drain the device’s resources. By utilizing the newest hardware capabilities and rigorously testing the app’s productivity, we ensure high loading speed and minimal energy consumption.

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  • Cost-efficiency

    Our mobile app development services involve business analysis to implement your requirements with minimal resources. Depending on your priorities, we will recommend the best options regarding a platform, graphics, and functionality to take full advantage of the OS features.

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  • Excellent UX

    Our expert designer team adopts the best practices and latest recommendations in UI/UX to create the necessary ergonomics and modern look of your app. We carefully research and analyze for a clear and consistent appearance across the app interface.

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  • Customization

    We build apps from scratch tailored for your business needs. An app created by Syndicode will work as you intended and do what you want it to do. The app logic, functions, methods of user interaction—everything can be customized to best serve your goals.

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Syndicode by the numbers

  • 2014 Year of foundation
  • $400M+ Investments raised by clients
  • 100+ Successfully delivered projects
  • 80+ IT specialists on board

We build custom mobile apps for

Using our mobile app development services, expect your business needs to be understood and catered to. Our experience lets us find practical solutions to satisfy all kinds of requirements and budgets. We build software with scalability in mind, so your application will work for you long-term without additional investments.

  • Large businesses Arrow right

    With a modular approach, we build apps that can be easily tweaked and updated to the frequently changing market. Modular architecture also ensures quick maintenance, which is crucial for enterprise applications. Our apps are lightweight and handle high loads thanks to smart infrastructure and architecture choices. We prioritize security and perform multiple testing throughout the entire development process.

  • Small & medium businesses Arrow right

    For fast development and minimal rework, we focus on clear communication and thorough planning. Our project managers ensure you get a unique product with a thought-out architecture adherent to the latest technical standards. At the same time, we understand your possible concerns regarding timeframes and budget. So we develop a strategy to give you an effective solution with the shortest time to market possible.

  • Startups Arrow right

    To meet your need to provide excellent UX to a wide audience, we use the latest technologies for fast development. At the same time, our applications work and look consistent across all OS. Throughout the development process, we do multiple quality tests to eliminate post-development rework. Also, if your timeframe for an app release is really tight, we come up with an application versions plan to maximize your ROI.

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Mobile application development tech stack

We individually choose programming languages, frameworks, and tools for each project. You get a mobile application that uses the best technologies combination to support performance and energy efficiency.

  • iOS

    • Swift
    • Objective-C
  • Android

    • Java
    • Kotlin
  • Cross-platform

    • Flutter
    • C++
    • Unity 3D
    • React Native
  • Backend

    • AWS
    • Heroku
    • Firebase

Syndicode industry expertise

We provide web app development services across different industries to help companies scale their operations and grow their business with robust and secure custom web applications.

  • Online marketplaces Arrow right

    We build two-sided service and product marketplaces where users can find the most relevant contractor for a certain task or purchase the required goods in no time.

  • Education Arrow right

    With our modern, fast-loading, educational web applications, customers enable their users to acquire new skills and learn new information.

  • Logistics Arrow right

    With web app development services for logistics, we help companies improve fleet management, order delivery, warehousing, and other daily processes.

  • Ecommerce Arrow right

    We create e-commerce applications to provide buyers with an excellent shopping experience and help companies drive more sales.

  • Entertainment Arrow right

    We help customers entertain their audience with gaming, video streaming, and socializing custom web applications.

  • Fashion Arrow right

    With an eye-catching and sleek fashion web application, companies get a unique chance to showcase their beauty products and/or services.

  • Healthcare Arrow right

    Healthcare web applications offer doctors a simplified way to interact with patients and enable users to take better care of their health.

  • Rental Arrow right

    We help rental companies improve their online presence and allow users to find a relevant apartment in the fastest way possible with our rental web solutions.

Reasons to outsource Mobile development

Fast advancing technology and the abundance of hardware versions make app development a resource-intensive task. Outsourcing comes with advantages that are too attractive to ignore. Those include the absence of hiring costs, access to the top talent pool that requires no additional training, and more.

  • Experienced partner

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    As a mobile app development services company, Syndicode employs all the necessary units to plan, develop, and test your project. Our people have made more than 140 software products together and don’t need extra time to organize workflow and communication.

  • Reduced costs

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    An experienced team knows about the challenges and roadblocks associated with mobile app development. They will know how to plan to mitigate risks and ensure a quick release. With an outsourced team, you also don’t have to worry about annual leaves, sick days, etc.

  • Custom solution

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    A mobile app development services company has enough expertise to build a unique app fully tailored for your business needs. An outsourced team is entirely focused on your project, advising you on the best choice for a flawlessly performing application and making it live.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How much does it cost to develop a mobile app? Arrow right

    It’s impossible to name an exact price for custom mobile apps development services since it depends on several factors. These include the complexity of the application, specifics of the development process, the development team composition, their experience level and location, and more. Thus, cross-platform applications tend to cost about 1.5 times as much as native solutions. Android apps might be a bit cheaper than applications built for iOS. Mobile application development in the USA will cost about three to four times more than a team from Ukraine. To throw out some numbers, building a simple custom application that requires no backend and third-party integrations will cost you between $40K–$80K. The cost for an average app featuring some visuals, having several screens, and using an internet connection starts from $80K–$150K. The price goes as high as your imagination regarding the app’s functionality and design.

  • Why do you need to outsource mobile app development? Arrow right

    Mobile app development outsourcing comes with many benefits. Among the top reasons why businesses turn to mobile app development service companies are: Reduced costs With an outsourced team, you don’t have to spend resources searching, interviewing, and hiring employees. Tools and the workplace are also the responsibility of a mobile application development services company. Moreover, if you hire from other countries, you can save on labor costs. Wider talent pool You are not limited by the local candidate pool. Instead, you can find specialized services to satisfy your specific requests and compromise nothing. Increased efficiency You get a focused service from a specialized mobile app development firm. Outsourced developers are fully dedicated to your project and thus finish it sooner than your core team would. Flexibility You can control your spending by choosing the optimal development team size. You can also add or replace employees without any extra costs.

  • How long does it take to develop a mobile application? Arrow right

    To give estimates for the time necessary to develop a mobile application, a mobile app development service company should know your requirements. Apps come in all shapes and sizes, from a standard calculator to a complex solution working with massive amounts of data and numerous integrations. The timeframe for development depends on the amount of research and planning required to shape and validate your idea, the number of features, platforms you want your app to run on, the size of your development team, and their skills. You can expect a basic native solution to be released in 5-9 months or more. A complex app having multiple screens, modular architecture, and a server may take 9-18 months to release or even more.

  • How to make mobile applications? Arrow right

    If you have an idea that offers a unique solution to a widespread problem, and you have tested it for viability, you may try to build a mobile application on your premises. For this, you need a designer to visualize your vision, mobile app developers, and a project manager to organize the workflow, monitor progress, and keep the project on the right track. All check? The next steps are as follows: Decide on the core functions Choose the tech stack Create mockups and screens design Do the coding Test your app on different devices Prepare for publishing Launch Promote and maintain your app