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We’ve assembled outstanding research & UX/UI experts who build user-centered custom designs for all our projects

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The distinguishing quality of our designers is their in-depth analysis and focus on visual communication.

Product Design Team creates interfaces that don’t merely work — but also sell.



  • Product design services include strategic and design decisions.
  • Researches & Product Designers start by analyzing the project’s strategy, describing the marketing and target audience. With that information, they represent functional specifications and create Information Architecture, Wireframes, and Visual Designs.
  • Our Graphic Designers build the brand’s aesthetics if needed.
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Syndicode Product Design Team aims to create beautiful, efficient, and transparent interfaces.
The interface has to touch users on rational and emotional levels, helping to connect with the brand. It also should be functional, allowing users to perform operations in 1-2 clicks.

Our Design Approach

1. UX Research & Prototyping

UX design services are rooted in analytics and a deep understanding of a user. They require a lot of experience — a good researcher has an intuitive affinity for better architectural decisions. UX design lays a foundation for efficient user experience and smooth functionality. It’s crucial to all stages of product lifecycle — design, development, testing, maintenance.

Given a broad target audience definition and goals, our researchers & product Designers embark on preliminary data gathering, including interviews, competitive analysis, and heuristic evaluation of existing designs where necessary.

Data Gathering

Syndicode Design Team considers user needs, business priorities, budget, timing, and available resources. Data gathering includes user interviews, competitive analysis, questionnaires, and group discussions. 

User Stories and Personas

After the vision is defined, the Team narrows it down by identifying and prioritizing user stories and personas representing essential target audience members. Product Designers define users’ pathways and actions when using the site or product with User Stories, outlining the ordinary course of events and any deviations. They address both the user’s activities and the product’s desired response.

Information Architecture

Designers need to know what information a user needs from the website — and vice versa, the data that a service requires to produce an output. Designers combine individual User Stories into a cohesive Informational Architecture. At this stage, Product Design Team cooperates with back-end developers — experts who understand the system’s data architecture. 

Low Fidelity Prototyping

Product designers work with Low Fidelity Prototypes and use the personas and user stories defined in the previous step to inform specific design paths. 
Low Fidelity Prototypes are simple screens — interactive wireframes that show the coordination of features in the interface. It’s not an aesthetical representation yet a technical guide that helps set up the structure. 
Product designers don’t focus on the entire product in this step but zero-in on functionality appropriate for specific personas.  
Low fidelity interactive prototypes allow the team to iterate quickly and without a lot of overhead. It also helps with getting honest feedback from users & stakeholders.


2. Visual Design & Design System Creation


As a result of proper analysis and user research, the team will develop a Visual Design Concept for the client’s review. There are a lot of graphical approaches to reach the brand’s goals. And our team prefers to choose one that is simple and accessible. By the end of this phase, all participants will define the product’s overall look and feel. 

Visual Design

Product designers create custom interfaces for each screen across various devices and platforms, where the product will be presented. The final result is visually appealing screens that strongly represent your brand and product. It’s simple, usable, memorable, and compelling. And ready to implement, of course!

Design System 

Creating a Design System is a necessary part of our work, making the developer’s work faster and scale your product in the future. It contains a set of design-specification documents, such as style guides, components library, and UX Guidelines. Design System continuously updates during the development of the visual designs

3. Live Product Usability Testing

Product Design Team goes through another iteration of user research once implementation is completed.
Depending on the deployment scale, A/B testing and quantitative click-through drop-off and usage rate analytics take on new importance.

Choose UX and UI services in Syndicode

  • Our Product Design team prioritizes flexibility. If you already have an interface, we will audit and improve it. Rather than creating something from scratch, we will simply adapt the existing screens to new functionality. If you don’t have any visual assets yet, it’s also not a problem. Our UI and UX services team got you covered, from making essential branding elements to building a complete interface.
  • Syndicode designers and developers synchronize development and design architectures. We make sure that information, functionality, and design structures fit each other perfectly. Our team builds scalable, cross-platform, and performing systems, ready to grow and expand. Close ties between design and development departments help us build balanced architectures and avoid legacy features.
  • We are transparent and open to sharing. Our designers gladly share their best practices, artifacts, and toolsets. You can easily reuse the design practices of our team later on in the product development cycle. When you work with Syndicode, knowledge is a part of the deal.
  • Syndicode conducts detailed consults and research before the cooperation. Even before the contract is signed, our Business Analysts, Researchers, and Product Designers perform the necessary analysis and share strategic insights. At the beginning of our collaboration, you’ll have a clear summary of the projects’ objectives and deliverables.

Syndicode has a high client return rate, and our Product Design Team’s great work is one of the reasons why. Companies who have worked with us come back, praising our designers’ work and the development team. Our designers are one of our chief strengths as a custom development team: we can create excellent interfaces from scratch — our clients don’t need to worry about hiring designers.

Create Strategically Powerful UX and UI services

User Interface entails so much more than a visually pleasing screen. Product Design Services entail strategic decisions that have a direct correlation with sales and client retention. Design is key to creating, launching, and maintaining a successful product — and its brand.

Syndicode designers build UX and UI interfaces that are relevant for years. We help maintain the infrastructure, step in with making strategic design choices, and smoothly integrate interface and functionality. Build an interface that will be your long-term communication and sales tool – together with our designers.

We focus on the long-term vision

  1. We run a discovery process to understand your project
  2. The team researches your audience and competitors
  3. We come up with a long-term plan.
  4. We help to support and maintain interfaces

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