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Digital product design services

Syndicode offers custom digital design services, both as part of end-to-end product development and as standalone solutions. Our data-driven approach and focus on collaboration ensure that our product designs effectively balance aesthetics and functionality, driving digital transformation and helping users accomplish their tasks efficiently.

Custom product design services for IT companies

Experienced UX and UI designers from Syndicode will help you rapidly develop and validate your ideas, minimizing failure risks. Our experts assist in finding strategies to attract and retain customers, solve UI/UX design problems, and create a visual identity for your brand to effectively promote your business both online and offline.

  • Responsive UI/UX design

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    Our UI/UX designs blend attractive aesthetics with practicality and comfort of use. We create paths that smoothly direct users to solve their issues with minimal effort within the digital product. Our designers consider quick loading times, consistent look across screens, minimal steps and forms, and high adaptability to user needs.

  • Platform-specific design

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    We will help your software stand out by maximizing the features of your chosen operating system. Whether it’s for iOS, Android, or desktop OS, our approach tailors the design to utilize each platform’s strengths. This includes adhering to specific design guidelines, making the most of unique gestures and controls, optimizing layouts, ensuring responsiveness, and more.

  • Conceptual design

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    Our designers will work with your team to create wireframes and prototypes, capturing your software’s structure and workflow. They’ll establish a foundation for an engaging, effective UI/UX design that aligns with your company’s values and appeals to your audience. They’ll also ensure technical feasibility and integrate strategic planning into the design process.

  • Visual identity design

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    Rely on Syndicode’s expertise and creativity to create visuals that embody your brand’s values, objectives, and history. Our product design team will craft a logo, select typography, choose a color palette, and develop a design system. They’ll ensure a consistent, engaging, and memorable presence, fostering a meaningful connection with your target audience.

  • UI/UX overhaul

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    Syndicode’s designers will identify and address issues in your UI/UX design, updating it to look and feel in line with customer expectations. We’ll revitalize your application’s appeal, update the design to seamlessly integrate new features, and enhance its memorability, all guided by your customer data along with best practices.

  • Team augmentation

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    Enhance your team’s capabilities with Syndicode’s staff extension services. Our designers will seamlessly integrate with your existing team, contributing their creativity and experience to expedite your digital product design processes. This approach enables quick scaling to meet growing demands and access specialized expertise for specific challenges.

Featured design and development cases

Through around a decade of providing end-to-end development services, we’ve created custom UI/UX designs from scratch, refreshed the look of legacy products, and developed designs for new products that align with existing brands’ assortments.

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Syndicode offers a wide range of digital product design services. Tell us a bit about your needs, and we’ll get back to you with suggestions.

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How we deliver digital product design services

At Syndicode, we follow a proven process to deliver top-quality UI/UX design services that meet the latest technological and customer demands. The iterative approach allows us to stay adaptable and continuously enhance the quality of our product design services.

  • Understanding the project’s requirements

    Our business analysts rely on proven methods and tools to efficiently and precisely understand the client’s vision. They also use market research to supplement their diverse experience to identify the target audience’s needs, preferences, and expectations for the product in question. This approach establishes a strong, mutual understanding of the product’s objectives within the team, streamlining the approval process at various design stages and minimizing expenses.

  • Conceptualization

    After collecting the product design requirements, Syndicode’s experts turn them into a detailed design plan. They form the basic ideas and concepts to steer future design decisions. While adaptable to each project’s unique needs, this process typically includes developing user journey maps, organizing information architecture, considering technology stack and platform constraints, planning iterations, outlining feedback integration, and creating initial sketches and interaction designs for approval.

  • UX design

    Syndicode’s UX/UI designers create the application’s overall ambiance by designing the path the user needs to complete to achieve the desired goal in the software product. The primary objective of this step is to create a pleasant user experience and ensure ease of interaction with the software. This is accomplished by building on the concept and research developed earlier. Depending on the complexity of the project, it may take several iterations to complete.

  • UI design

    This phase focuses on guiding users through the interface and ensuring the design is visually engaging and aesthetically appealing. The designers develop the screens or pages for user interaction, detailing the application’s layout. They make sure the UI visually aligns with the UX design’s established path. This involves choosing color schemes, button shapes, line widths, fonts, and various other elements.

  • User testing

    We ensure the product is user-friendly and aligned with business objectives. This is achieved by having potential users test the design and gathering feedback on any issues in the user flow. Depending on the project’s requirements, we may conduct several rounds of testing before the design is presented for stakeholder approval.

  • Development hand-off

    The design team hands over their work to the developers, who transform the designs into a functional product. This step includes finalizing designs and securing necessary approvals, preparing detailed design specifications and documentation, and exporting all assets in the correct formats. Additionally, our designers stay in close communication with the development team to ensure the accurate implementation of the designs.

Syndicode by the numbers

  • 2014 Year of foundation
  • $400M+ Investments raised by clients
  • 140+ Successfully delivered projects
  • 58 In-house engineers

Custom digital product designs by Syndicode are

  • Agile and adaptive

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    Our UI/UX design process is dynamic, evolving with feedback and testing rather than being strictly bound to initial assumptions. This flexibility allows us to readily adapt to shifts in user needs, market trends, and technological developments.

  • User-centered

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    Our experts approach product design creation with empathy, putting themselves in the user’s shoes. Consequently, our designs are not only visually attractive but also functional, accessible, and user-friendly.

  • Technically feasible

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    Syndicode’s product designers collaborate with software engineers to ensure that their designs are feasible within the limits of the selected technology. They also consult with other specialists to ensure cost-effectiveness and minimize risks.

  • Strategic

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    Our product design strategy aligns with broader business goals. We ensure that our designs make the product effective and user-friendly in its current form while also considering future growth and adaptability to align with the business’s overarching objectives.

  • Feedback-oriented

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    In our digital product design process, we actively gather and integrate feedback from multiple relevant sources. This approach ensures that the design aligns with both the designers’ and stakeholders’ vision and, importantly, appeals to the end-users.

  • Data-based

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    In designing digital products, we base our decisions on data to ensure that the product not only looks appealing and functions smoothly but also effectively fulfills user needs and achieves business goals.

We make web & mobile design solutions for

At Syndicode, we work with businesses of all sizes, addressing diverse needs and expectations, steaming from different scales, resources, business models, and market dynamics. With our extensive knowledge and resources, we skillfully customize our processes to meet each client’s unique requirements, ensuring the delivery of the most effective solution possible, be it product design services or software development.

  • Large businesses Arrow right

    Our product design team addresses complex system designs by prioritizing a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the business, target audience, and strategic goals. We emphasize data-driven research and foster communication between teams to ensure consistent, feasible design aligned with the overall business strategy. While developing UI/UX designs for the current product, we also consider future adaptability, ensuring ease of modification and maintenance.

  • Small & medium businesses Arrow right

    Syndicode’s experts create flexible and adaptable designs that evolve as the business grows and are easy to maintain, supported by a robust design system and comprehensive documentation. We ensure the cost-efficiency of our UI/UX designs by reducing turnaround time through an agile, iteration-based approach. This method allows us to deliver solutions promptly while maintaining the flexibility to integrate feedback and minimize risks.

  • Startups Arrow right

    Our designers focus on crafting memorable, distinctive, and human-centered designs that drive user engagement and growth. We adapt our product design processes for quick prototyping and fast validation of ideas, maintaining a high degree of flexibility to swiftly pivot based on market feedback. At the same time, we ensure that our designs are scalable and easily modifiable, keeping pace with the rapid growth of businesses.

Looking for a creative product design team?

We tailor our approach to each project, adapting our strategy and methods to suit your specific needs and constraints. Share your requirements with us, and we’ll respond with an offer that’s just right for you.

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Syndicode’s industry expertise

We understand and adapt our digital product design process to meet the unique requirements of each industry. Below is a summary of key aspects our designers focus on when creating UI/UX for software across various niches.

  • Online marketplaces Arrow right

    We focus on clear UI/UX designs for marketplaces, prioritizing efficient search functions and intuitive processes.

  • Education Arrow right

    Syndicode’s educational platform interfaces feature engaging designs, ease of use, and accessibility.

  • Logistics Arrow right

    Our logistics solution designs are clean, streamlined, and responsive—perfect for on-the-go tracking and management.

  • E-commerce Arrow right

    We create visually appealing and clear e-commerce platform designs, ensuring seamless shopping experiences across devices.

  • Entertainment Arrow right

    For entertainment apps, our emphasis is on visual appeal and interactivity to maintain user engagement.

  • Fashion Arrow right

    Fashion product design solutions by Syndicode feature high aesthetic quality and storytelling elements, resonating with users.

  • Healthcare Arrow right

    Our healthcare product designs focus on clear information presentation, high accessibility, and intuitive navigation.

  • Rental Arrow right

    Rental app designs by Syndicode feature a clear information display, robust search functionality, and a streamlined booking process.

Reasons to outsource digital product design to Syndicode

As an experienced digital product design and development company, we’ve been trusted by hundreds of clients worldwide. We focus on delivering high-quality, secure products efficiently and collaboratively. Here are some of the key areas where we concentrate our efforts.

  • Versatile experience

    We provide product design services for a range of projects across different industries, as our portfolio demonstrates. Our skilled designers excel at tackling complex challenges and devising effective solutions to meet the needs of our clients’ businesses.

  • Effective communication

    Syndicode’s streamlined processes ensure a precise understanding of the client’s vision and clear project goals, laying a solid foundation for work. We keep a consistent update schedule, and our team is adept at communicating ideas clearly and effectively.

  • Well-defined processes

    Our product design services use a structured approach, ensuring consistently high-quality results and continuous improvement from past experiences. Meticulous planning is essential in our process, and we share a detailed roadmap with each client before beginning work.

Our team

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do you choose a reliable digital product design company? Arrow right

    When selecting a reliable product design and development company, thorough research, and careful evaluation are key. Focus on the company’s technological expertise and their experience with projects like yours. Essential qualities to look for include a deep understanding of your business needs, a collaborative approach, strong communication skills, and a commitment to quality and security. To streamline your search, start by clearly defining your design, functionality, and technology needs. This will help in identifying providers that match your specific requirements. Research product design services companies with experience in your industry and review their portfolio for quality and relevant project experience. Verify if they provide the full range of services you need. If possible, review client testimonials and case studies to assess their capability and trustworthiness. Next, arrange meetings or calls with potential companies to evaluate their communication and understand their development process, pricing structure, and approaches to quality assurance and data security. As you’ve selected the best product development company, consider its culture and whether it aligns with yours, as a good cultural fit can greatly enhance the effectiveness and ease of collaboration.

  • How much does it cost to create a custom digital product design? Arrow right

    The cost of custom product design services can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, influenced by factors like project complexity, specific requirements, and the designer’s experience. To estimate your project’s design cost, start by calculating the number of screens your software solution will have and the desired deliverables. The design process may involve steps like creating low-fidelity mockups, developing and approving wireframes, prototypes, user flow diagrams, etc., before finalizing the UI/UX design. Factor in time and resources for brainstorming, concept development, and the design’s actual creation. Then, consider the rates of relevant specialists and the cost of necessary design tools. Add a buffer of 10-20% to your estimate for unexpected changes or additional revisions. Alternatively, requesting a consultancy for your digital product design from a reputable product design services company like Syndicode will provide a realistic estimate based on their experience with similar projects.

  • How long does it take to develop a product design? Arrow right

    The time to complete the final design of a digital product can vary from several weeks to over a year, depending on the product’s complexity. To estimate your project’s timeframe, start by defining the project’s scope, including the number of screens, features, interactions, and target platforms. Then, identify the required design deliverables, such as wireframes, high-fidelity mockups, prototypes, and user flow diagrams. Refer to timelines of similar projects to gauge the time needed for user research, brainstorming, prototyping, and visual design development, as well as for revisions and feedback. Include buffer time in your estimates for unexpected delays and additional revisions. Keep in mind that different specialists might require varying amounts of time to complete the same task based on their experience and work approach. For a realistic time estimate for designing your digital product, we recommend consulting with a reputable product design and development company like Syndicode.

  • What is the difference between digital product design and product design? Arrow right

    Digital product design and general product design are related yet distinct fields, each focusing on different product types and involving unique processes. Let’s see what is included in each design service category. Digital product design services are centered on software products such as websites, mobile apps, and web applications. It emphasizes user interaction with digital interfaces, digital accessibility, and usability, ensuring software is user-friendly for people with diverse abilities. Digital product designers need expertise in digital design tools like Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, etc., an understanding of various software platforms, and familiarity with digital trends. Conversely, general product design solutions involve creating physical products, including everyday items like furniture and electronics and specialized industrial equipment. This field focuses on the aesthetics, form, and functionality of tangible objects, considering factors like durability, manufacturability, and cost. Physical product designers address user-product interaction, ergonomics, materials, manufacturing methods, and sustainability. They require extensive knowledge of materials, production processes, and physical prototyping techniques.

  • Where can I find a good digital product designer? Arrow right

    Popular channels for recruiting digital product designers include professional networks such as LinkedIn, Behance, and Dribbble, freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, as well as digital product design agencies typically found through Google searches. Other sources are design conferences, forums, social media, and recommendations through word of mouth. When searching for a digital product design services provider, examine their portfolio to assess their aesthetic style, read reviews, and conduct interviews to evaluate their understanding of your project. Ensure their communication and work approach align with your team’s preferences. If you’re unsure, consider assigning a trial project to evaluate their practical skills before committing to a full-time hire.