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Strengthen your core team’s skills and expand your in-house capabilities for timely deliverables with senior tech engineers.

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IT Staff Augmentation–an Excellent Way to

  • 1

    Increase capacity

    Quickly expand your core team to tackle the increased workload during a peak period. You can get experienced specialists with relevant skills without even adding them to your payroll.

  • 2

    Hire from a larger pool

    Finding a specific engineer by accessing our global talent pool. We have a solid network of niche experts, including passive candidates who don’t actively apply for positions.

  • 3

    Minimize lead time

    Fast-start an engineering project with low risk. We provide the required professionals to work under your management with minimal lead time.

  • 4

    Scale and innovate

    Work with specialists able to work with disruptive technologies, think creatively, and offer unconventional solutions. Adjust your capabilities to the changing market demands quickly.

With Syndicode, you get

  • Thorough skill assessment

    Thorough skill assessment

    We have a fine-tuned candidate screening process for tech assessment. It yields vetted engineers with a sense of ownership whose expertise perfectly match your requirements.

  • Immediate start

    Immediate start

    We have a pool of over 30 senior-level specialists with minimal to no lead time. We provide engineers within 48 hours after receiving the requirements.

  • Extra hiring within a month

    Extra hiring within a month

    We launch a custom recruitment campaign for specialists with niche skills or a specific set of knowledge. The search and screening process takes us no more than 3-4 weeks.

  • Always relevant talent

    Always relevant talent

    Renew the contract, ramp up the extended team with new specialists as the project grows. Syndicode remains their official employer and takes on all the legal hassles.

  • Agile communication

    Agile communication

    We emphasize soft skills in our on-demand personnel as much as tech expertise. Syndicode’s specialists are team players who understand the importance of transparency in communication.

  • Cost efficiency

    Cost efficiency

    Syndicode handles recruitment costs, work setup, employee training, and overheads associated with the extended team members. Besides, we take care of turnover and related expenses.

We provide specialists with the following tech expertise
































Meet our team

Oleksandr Software Engineer
Oleksandr Software Engineer
Ruslan Software Engineer
Serhii Software Engineer
Oleksandr Lead PMO
Oleksandr Software Engineer
Andrii Software Engineer
Grigoriy Software Engineer
Ihor Software Engineer
Vitalii Software Engineer
Roman Software Engineer
Serhii Software Engineer

IT staff augmentation flow to bring top talent


Our team determines your needs and identifies the requirements for the augmented team. Then we proceed by checking the list of relevant specialists from our immediate pool.


We test the candidates’ technical knowledge according to your needs and check their communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills as well as the ability to work in a team.

3.Submitting a proposal

We provide a proposal with a list of specialists whose skill set and expertise meet your requirements.

4.Deploying the extended team

We set up the remote work environment for the selected on-demand specialists and assign an account manager to assist with onboarding.

5.Post-recruitment support

Our account manager ensures maximum client satisfaction. We handle employee-related documentation and manage financial aspects.


Our specialists join your team as full-time members. We can scale the number of external specialists up or down or replace an employee on demand.

Frequently asked questions

What is IT staff augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is an employee engagement model that uses workers employed by one company to fill positions within another company. It results in a shorter recruitment period than traditional hiring, the absence of financial and legal obligations between the client company and the extended team workers, and flexibility regarding team size.

Other staff augmentation model benefits include attracting a specific talent or skill set to one’s internal team for the time required, quickly expanding an organization’s capability during peak periods, and cutting operational costs.

What are the technological competencies of Syndicode’s specialists?

We specialize in Ruby on Rails development, so our in-house employees are proficient in RoR and can work with all the relevant stacks. They include Node.js, Python, PHP, Java, C#, and C++. On the front end, we work with ReactJS and JavaScript. Syndicode also has WordPress developers and mobile engineers who work with Objective-C.

We also work with cloud technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, IoT, computer vision, and big data.

Additionally, we have access to a large network of experts in niche areas and can engage them for specific projects.

What is the cost of IT staff augmentation?

The price of IT staffing services depends on the project’s scope, service level, and the number of specialists involved. It is impossible to provide a definite number. Thus, a 3-month contract for one senior-level developer and a year of full-time services by a team of four cannot cost the same.

You can reach out to our sales with your requirements for a quote.

How long do extended team specialists take to commence?

Syndicode always has around 30 specialists ready to join a project, so in most cases, a client receives a required specialist within several days. The lead time covers the time necessary to select a relevant candidate, approve them with the client, handle the associated paperwork, and onboard the extended specialist.

Sometimes we have to launch an additional hiring campaign to meet specific requirements. In this case, the client receives a specialist within 3-4 weeks.

Where are Syndicode’s engineers located?

Syndicode is a global employer meaning our team is distributed across the planet. However, since our headquarters are in Lisbon, Portugal, most of our specialists reside in European countries. It makes our services convenient for clients in Europe and the USA.

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