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Syndicode offers IT consulting services to help you through digital transformation. Our expert consultants will assist you in assessing your current technological condition, advise on the winning strategies, and ensure proper plan implementation.

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We help get your IT infrastructure right

At Syndicode, you get inclusive IT consulting services from experts in end-to-end development. With our guidance, you will expand your knowledge of IT systems and technologies, identify weak spots in your current IT strategy and boost the effectiveness of your IT environment.

  • Strategic planning

    As a full-cycle custom software development company, we assist in strategic planning to help you achieve the desired outcome. Our experts will ensure your technology provides maximal assistance in your plan accomplishment. We will also prioritize initiatives to meet urgency or the expected ROI demands and provide cost and time estimates.

Make your IT work for your business goals

Make your IT work for your business goals

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How we deliver IT consulting services

At Syndicode, we realize that every business is unique regarding processes, goals, and resources. At the same time, we follow a structured process to deliver quality consulting services and ensure the presence of all the essential deliverables.


Syndicode’s IT consultants hold a kick-off meeting to assess the client’s goals and current situation. We learn what is going on in your organization, identify existing problems, determine opportunities, and what can be done to reach the desired state.
You attain clarity regarding your condition and understand how to move forward at this stage. Then, our experts create a detailed transformation plan along with data, and recommendations for efficient implementation. We also evaluate the scope and prepare cost and time estimates.

Product vision

Project roadmap


Design prototype

User Row

Project architecture


We delve into a deeper analysis of the business problems identified in the previous step. Now, we consider the client’s mentality and identify the points of consensus and contrast. Then, we create a specific, strategic step-by-step implementation plan. 

Finally, you get a detailed explanation of how you can achieve the desired outcome from your current state. Unlike the previous phase, where you get a high-level assessment of what’s wrong and the opportunity for improvement, you receive actionable steps here.


You may hire our IT consulting company to implement design, development, maintenance, QA services, project management, business analysis, or audit. We will assemble the team, plan their work, and ensure timely and quality delivery.

Alternatively, the Syndicode team may not be the one to implement the strategic plan created in the previous steps. In this case, we will monitor the process, guiding and advising the team responsible for implementation.


As the implementation is completed, we collect feedback and data. Our experts use them to assess the level of success we created and determine what can be improved further. Depending on the project, this step may involve coaching, mentorship, training, and working with the client’s teams. We might need to go back and work on some early issues to provide more value or move on to the next milestone towards your goal.

Benefits of IT consulting by Syndicode

We are involved in every stage of a business digitalization process. It bounds us to stay aware of the latest technologies and innovations. We use this knowledge to help our clients make smart investments in areas with the greatest potential.


Transparent pricing

There are two pricing models depending on the nature of the IT consulting services we deliver. For services with clearly defined time boundaries, we apply a fixed-price model. You get an estimate specified when we sign a contract, and this sum remains unchanged. If the scope isn’t clear initially, the time and material model is more suitable. This way, you receive regular reports on the work done and the service cost for that period.


Effective communication

Working with us, you will get an explicit explanation of the identified issues and the value of proposed changes. From the discovery session, our specialists will know your points of concern and create an IT strategy to address those problems. At the same time, we will ensure it aligns with your overall business direction. You will have free access to all reports and discussions related to the project. Additionally, you can join our regular meetings to directly discuss matters with the project team.


Iterative approach

For long-term cooperation, we work in iterations. Each cycle involves analysis, planning, and implementation. This approach lets us fast start the work and provide value as early as possible. Moreover, we can plan and adapt to new conditions. Small steps allow for a more consistent and optimized process in the long run. This approach lets us cut costs by quickly adapting to the constantly evolving IT environment.


Full-cycle assistance

Syndicode is a full-cycle software development company, meaning we plan, design, implement, and support IT initiatives from start to finish. With our IT consulting company, you don’t have to switch between different teams on your way from strategizing to maintenance. We have the right people and expertise to bring you toward your business goals.

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We provide IT consulting services for

IT consultants at Syndicode use battle-tested techniques to effectively identify bottlenecks in your IT infrastructure. They will analyze your business and develop appropriate strategies and technology choices to improve things.


Large businesses

Syndicode helps align your company’s resources with business goals. We will analyze your existing assets, ensure their correct utilization and bring them up to date. Our experts will help design an effective strategy to maximize profit from digital transformation. We will also improve your company’s productivity through information sharing, teamwork, and connectivity.


Small & medium businesses

We have the experience and knowledge to help you cost-effectively leverage your IT environment. We will optimize your IT infrastructure and make it work for your business goals. Our consultants will help you identify issues and find solutions. They will also provide you with a strategy to prevent similar problems.



Syndicode IT consulting services will provide you with experience, expertise, and an outside perspective. We will assess your strengths and weaknesses and identify the possible growth opportunities. Then we will help to validate your idea and provide a development plan. We can also audit your existing solution to see if it matches the user’s needs.

Wondering if IT consulting can help your business?

Wondering if IT consulting can help your business?

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Reasons to outsource IT consulting services

Our IT consulting services company offers many benefits for those who don’t require IT transformation activities regularly. And if you have already built a tech team, we can help upgrade their skills and open new horizons for your company.

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Reduced cost

Using IT consulting services, you will avoid many costly mistakes. Besides, you can hire a specialist for a certain period to tackle a specific problem, which is cost-efficient. You can also outsource specialists from an off-shore country with lower rates.

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With outsourcing, you have access to the top-level pros who have the resources to provide a high-quality service in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, IT consulting companies engage in different niches and business sizes. So, they see perspectives you didn’t even know existed.

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Targeted effort

When you know your IT environment is in the hands of professionals, you can safely focus on what you do best—run a business. At the same time, an IT consulting company will brainstorm the most efficient ways to attain your goals using your company’s existing resources.

Syndicode industry expertise

At Syndicode, you will get assistance with your new project, advice on a direction for IT investment, guidance for installing a new software system, and maintenance support. We will help you adopt innovative approaches to IT planning and tailor them to your business.

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Online marketplaces

Online marketplaces

We worked on launching over 50 marketplaces and have a great understanding of the market to assist you through the entire marketplace life cycle.

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Our experts will help you ensure the successful implementation of your learning management system or enhancement of your existing solution.

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Syndicode provides end-to-end guidance to the design and implementation of logistics solutions that deliver bottom-line results.

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We will help pick the exemplary software architecture and features to provide excellent UX and resilient services in the competitive e-commerce market.

Entertainment image



Our specialists will provide recommendations and insights to help you improve the success of your entertainment solution.

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Syndicode specialists will give you clarity on the viability of your fashion product or service idea and map out the strategy to set you apart.

Healthcare image



We understand each player across the healthcare supply chain and will help you provide value in an optimized and efficient way.

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Our experts will help you alleviate weak points in your rental solution and provide you with sound advice on how you can effectively reach your goals.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an IT consulting?

IT consulting services are advisory services aimed at helping businesses align their technology strategies with their business plans. They enable clients to assess various strategies and facilitate cost reduction, performance boost, communication effectiveness, products/services innovations, and more.

Generally, IT consulting services involve strategic, operational, architectural, and implementation planning. Strategic planning services help clients identify their IT needs and make plans for system implementation. Operational planning includes assessing the client’s IT environment capacity and operating efficiency. Architectural planning combines strategic plans and knowledge of the latest technologies to create a system that will meet the end-user’s requirements. And implementation planning involves advising on the testing and launch of new solutions.

What does an IT consultant do?

An IT consultant guides clients through technological decisions by offering IT consultancy solutions. They help businesses manage their technologies effectively and provide software consulting, hardware advice, or tips on maintenance that the company should use to conduct business better.

The work of an IT consultant may involve assessing your IT systems and environment in terms of security, web programming methods relevance, data, and everything that may affect your business performance. They make plans for updating and maintaining your company’s technology to help you achieve your goals and ensure IT support and consulting for better maintenance.

How to find a professional IT consulting company?

Don’t hesitate to ask to see the candidate’s portfolio to get an insight into the quality of their IT consulting and services that come along. Pay attention to their style of work, performance metrics, and ethics. Find out what technologies, methodologies, and tools they master, and how they measure success. An established IT consulting company will give you a list of methods from which they will choose the most effective for your case.

Finally, emphasize soft skills. Team-player attitude, transparent communication, and reliability will come in handy once issues emerge. You’ll need your IT services consultants to convey information accurately and in a friendly manner to help you solve problems.

What is the cost of IT consulting services?

Since IT consulting services are a competitive niche, the rates of IT consultants fall in a broad range of between $25–$150 per hour. Generally, the rates vary depending on the country, experience, specialization, an IT consulting company size, and other factors.

Thus, enterprise-level companies cover a wide range of industries and often provide information technology consulting to the government. They charge the highest. Small IT consulting agencies tend to specialize in one area, and their rates are lower.

IT consulting in the USA leads the market, and the US professionals charge the highest fees for IT consulting and services. On the other hand, Europe enjoys fast investments in development programs and offers high-quality services for a moderate cost.

At Syndicode, IT consulting services price is between $70–$100 per hour, depending on the project’s complexity. We help to create a complete picture of your current IT environment, its performance, strengths, and bottlenecks. Our experts will assist you in formulating feasible requirements for improvement, defining success metrics, efficiently allocating resources, and building the digital solution to fulfill your business goals.

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