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Ruby on Rails Consulting

We provide Ruby on Rails consulting services based on years of delivering, improving, and supporting software. Our company is your reliable partner in creating effective solutions for vital issues. We work with clients across industries, driving innovation and giving custom guidance.

Our Ruby on Rails Consulting Services

Syndicode helps businesses around the globe get their software work up to expectations. Our creative consultants will find an effective way to make your tool faster, scalable, and up-to-date with minimal rework.

  • Software architectural design

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    Our Ruby on Rails consultants will help you determine the best way to build your RoR software. With us, you will clarify the requirements, consider the pros and cons of different patterns for your case, and get reasoned advice on the best solution or a mix of them.

  • Codebase audit

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    At our Ruby on Rails consulting company, you can get an analysis of software codebase, database structure, and server infrastructure. We will give a detailed description of your system’s complexity, stability, potential weaknesses, and recommendations for fixes.

  • Software refactoring consulting

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    Syndicode Ruby on Rails specialists will identify the need for code refactoring of your software, choose the most appropriate technique and approach, and plan the refactoring process. In addition, you will get guidance for cleaning the code without changing its function.

  • Software migration consulting

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    Our expert Rubyists will help you plan the migration from your current operating environment to RoR and ensure the plan is followed correctly. You will also get personal recommendations for the most efficient methods and a list of handy development and project management tools.

Featured projects

Everything we know about Ruby on Rails development comes from the practical delivery of dozens of projects. And now, you can benefit from our Ruby on Rails consulting services and complete your RoR project right on the first try.

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Should you choose MVC, MVP, MVVM, or microservices?

Get Ruby on Rails consultancy to determine the best option for your case.

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With our Ruby on Rails consulting services, you will

Given our significant experience in Ruby on Rails development, we can easily spot a flawed process and keep you from making a costly mistake before it’s too late. Besides, Ruby on Rails consultancy will provide an unbiased view of your development environment.

  • Build better software

    Syndicode RoR consultants will improve your development workflow’s efficiency and focus. They will refine your backlog and help shape a clear definition of done. As a result, you’ll get better control of your work and deal with abnormalities faster.

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  • Improve existing solution

    With the help of our professionals, you will detect and fix issues that retain your software from working as expected. We will assist in analyzing and systematizing user data and conducting a technical audit. We will also advise on an effective improvement strategy.

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  • Expand your software

    With scalability in mind, we will help you plan and build your software from scratch. Alternatively, using our Ruby on Rails consulting services, you will map out new feature development for an existing solution to maintain excellent stability and performance.

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  • Enhance your tech stack

    Syndicode will assist you in selecting and setting up a Ruby on Rails compatible tech stack that will bring the highest value. We will mentor your team on running the stack and guide you in creating a tech scaling strategy to keep pace with market changes.

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  • Fill the knowledge gap

    Our Ruby on Rails consulting company will provide expert tips on particular matters and can train your team on using the best Ruby on Rails practices. With Syndicode, you will have access to expertise beyond your common areas.

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  • Make educated decisions

    Syndicode’s Ruby on Rails consultants have substantial experience to confidently recommend a solution that best fits your business. In addition, we work with various industries, so you will expose yourself to different ideas and draw precious insights from the cooperation.

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Syndicode by the numbers

  • 2014 Year of foundation
  • $400M+ Investments raised by clients
  • 140+ Successfully delivered projects
  • 80+ IT specialists on board

Benefits of Ruby on Rails consulting by Syndicode

We are a Ruby on Rails consulting company and a full-cycle development partner with RoR as the primary framework. The majority of our projects are made using Ruby on Rails. We know everything about it and how to use it to the maximal advantage.

  • All-round expertise

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    Our Ruby on Rails development company has been undertaking various projects for years. We do everything from code review and removing technical debt to planning and building an entire product from scratch. That means we know by experience how to set up processes to create a solution that works long-term.

  • Global consulting team

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    Syndicode has clients in more than 15 countries, and we also employ worldwide. Our specialists come with diverse backgrounds and skills, and our PMs assemble teams to work to our clients’ greatest benefit. Whatever environment and mindset in your team, our consultants will develop an effective cooperation strategy as they did many times.

  • Reliable technologies

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    We keep our experts aware of trends and best practices in Ruby on Rails development. At the same time, we opt for effective over showy. Syndicode consultants will advise choosing a simple Ruby class where possible to spare your effort updating numerous third-party libraries and gems.

Our Ruby on Rails consultants help with

As a Ruby on Rails consulting company, we provide expertise and an objective eye to guide businesses in software strategy, development, maintenance, rework, and associated activities. We work closely with our clients to help identify challenges and offer practical solutions.

  • Consumer software Arrow right

    You can hire Ruby on Rails consulting services by Syndicode to get recommendations on efficient technical choices for scalable and stable software that is easy to adapt to the customer’s expectations. You can also request guidance on specific matters like smooth product delivery and choosing the most suitable business model for your case.

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    At Syndicode, you will get tips for every stage of product development, from creating a concept to UX optimization to post-release technical support. We will advise on suitable technical solutions for better software integration into your customers’ systems. Our experts will also help you structure your IT team correctly.

  • Enterprise software Arrow right

    Syndicode consultants will guide you in building robust software that can scale along with your client’s needs. Our experts will ensure your product has enough flexibility to adapt to your client’s workflow with minimal modifications. If necessary, we will help you select a tech stack to come along in a package for more straightforward implementation at your client’s premises.

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Syndicode industry expertise

In addition to Ruby on Rails consulting services, we provide Ruby on Rails development services to businesses with various goals and needs. Our clients often return to us for high-quality implementation of the plans that our consultants have helped them make them earlier.

  • Finance Arrow right

    We put security first in fintech development. However, we also believe that performance should not be compromised and will help you achieve both.

  • Logistics Arrow right

    Syndicode experts will share their experience delivering RoR-based solutions for logistical purposes and help you create a step-by-step implementation strategy.

  • Education Arrow right

    Thanks to Ruby on Rails consultancy, you will find new ways to differentiate from the competition and pick an experienced education app development team.

  • Retail Arrow right

    At Syndicode, you can get a consultation on how to implement the best of your online store or other retail-related product within the constrained schedule.

  • Healthcare Arrow right

    We know how to properly organize the layers of your medical solution to operate coherently and deliver correct information to all user groups.

  • Fashion Arrow right

    As a Ruby on Rails consulting company, we will be happy to share our best practices for building software that handles large databases, as often required by fashion apps.

  • Entertainment Arrow right

    Our Ruby on Rails development team is ready to share their creative solutions to help you stand out in a competitive entertainment software market.

  • Tourism Arrow right

    ​We will help you develop a growth strategy for your travel software using horizontal scalability and innovative data solutions.

Meet our team

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I use Ruby on Rails for software development? Arrow right

    The short answer is Yes. Ruby on Rails is significantly faster than other programming languages due to many ready-made solutions and established development process standards. This framework supports the separation of software data and its display which lets software scale. It also helps Ruby on Rails developers make changes to the completed units easily, without having to rewrite anything. Another benefit of RoR is its in-built security measures. The framework comes with password encryption and user data protection. It also excludes XSS attacks or SQL injection. Ruby on Rails also has tools for all quality assurance methods. Finally, it is clear and logical, making it easy for Ruby on Rails developers to take on where the previous team has finished. That means you won’t have to re-do your solution from scratch if your software development partner becomes unable to support the web or mobile application they built. Besides, many Ruby on Rails consulting companies can help you modify your software with minimal effort.

  • How to hire a Ruby on Rails consultant? Arrow right

    A good Ruby on Rails consulting company should have coding experience. Only then can you be sure they will fix and prevent mistakes. So, asking them for several examples of their completed Ruby on Rails projects is a good idea. Go through their portfolio. Then, review their clients’ comments and get in touch with some of them. It is especially important if you outsource the consultancy from an off-shore country. You want to know how the project went, whether the Ruby on Rails consulting services did help them meet the objectives, and all the good and ugly. Next, interview the Ruby on Rails consulting agency on their methodology and ensure you’re fine with it. The consultant will train your core team, so ensure what they do aligns with your goals and strategy. Finally, have a detailed contract that covers all the possibilities. Those include costs, milestones, deliverables, and deadlines. It’s best if your consultant has a standard contract since it provides for consistency.

  • How much does it cost to hire a Ruby on Rails consultant? Arrow right

    Since most software development teams charge on a time and materials basis, let’s compare the hourly rates of RoR consultants worldwide. Thus, the average salary of a Ruby on Rails consultant in the USA varies between $80–150 per hour, depending on the state and the consultant’s working experience. On the other hand, if you’re looking in the UK, the rates for Ruby on Rails consulting there fall between $60–100 per hour. In Europe, you can hire a consultant for $40–70 per hour of work. At that, specialists in Eastern Europe (Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Hungary) tend to charge on the lower side of the range. Such a difference is caused by the price of living in those countries. Yet, there is no evidence of significant differences in skill levels among developers from all those countries. So, if you outsource IT services, the price can be your deciding factor.