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E-learning software development company

Syndicode is a seasoned e-learning software development company that helps businesses serve their organizational training needs most efficiently. Our team closely cooperates with clients to create a top-notch platform for digital education that will engage learners and provide them with numerous upskilling opportunities.

E-learning software development services

Syndicode provides a full range of custom e-learning development services to help businesses address their diverse educational needs. All our solutions meet the highest industry standards and contain the most extensive functionality, including personalized learning plans, intuitive dashboards, and tracking and scheduling tools.

  • Custom e-learning development

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    When starting a new custom e-learning development project, we carefully study the client’s educational needs. Based on this information, we choose the most suitable type of e-learning solution and its functionality. This way, we ensure that the solution delivered will cater to the particular needs and requirements of the organization.

  • School management software

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    School management software automates routine processes such as grading and saves the administration lots of time on paperwork. Implementing these digital products increases the efficiency of the learning process and improves the productivity of administration, teachers, and students.

  • Educational platform development

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    The partnership with our e-learning software development company allows businesses to add personalization to their corporate training. Both mobile and desktop users will be satisfied with diverse course building, scheduling, peer-to-peer assessment, and other tools offered by our digital solutions.

  • LMS development

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    Our LMS development services imply building learning management systems from scratch. All products are personalized and optimized to provide clients with maximum content interoperability. We also advance the existing LMS solutions with intuitive and user-friendly designs and innovative functionality.

  • Online training software

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    By investing in building online training software, employers can offer their staff members multiple upskilling opportunities. Custom training software development is a more cost-effective solution compared to maintaining a rented learning space, purchasing a SaaS learning product, or paying for the services of the in-house teacher or instructor.

  • Mobile eLearning solutions

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    With our mobile e-learning applications for iOS and Android, the educational process becomes more flexible. Users get access to learning content wherever and whenever they need it. By investing in mobile e-learning app development, businesses can keep their staff members engaged and maximize training efficiency across multiple devices.

E-learning software that engages users

Engagement is the top common challenge when building e-learning solutions. Our development approach minimizes the potential struggles. Get in touch with our representative for a personalized development plan for your project.

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Syndicode expertise to advance e-learning software development

  • Business Analysis

    We integrate business analysis services into our software development lifecycle to help organizations reduce costs and achieve faster time-to-market. Our experts know how to establish mutual understanding between all stakeholders and the software development team. They also provide entrepreneurs with a clear picture of the future project supported with charts, diagrams, tables, and maps.  Additionally, we create wireframes to show clients the interaction between different levels of the software system. Finally, we work closely with the software development team to choose the most suitable technology stack.

  • UX/UI design

    When our UX/UI design team joins the project, they start with a comprehensive analysis of product requirements and specifications received from the client at the discovery session. They also research the target market and the main competitors. These valuable insights allow UX/UI designers to properly create the information infrastructure, wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs. To build visually appealing and eye-catching platforms for digital education, Syndicode design team follows the principles of user psychology. It means they get a deep understanding of users’ feelings, thoughts, and actions to create unique designs that will highlight the brands’ identity.

  • Platform development

    The e-learning platform development includes building the systems’ infrastructure, coding, and documenting how the future digital learning solution should work. Since Syndicode adheres to the Agile principles, the whole process is divided into short iterations called sprints. Each sprint starts with the prioritization of the tasks from the backlog. Then, the development team starts building the required functionality. Thus, front-end developers are responsible for implementing the user interface. Back-end developers, in turn, complete tasks related to the product’s functions and processes. As soon as the functionality is completed and tested by the quality assurance engineers, it can be released to the production environment.

  • DevOps

    Syndicode helps clients implement DevOps culture in their organization. It enables them to develop software projects much faster and with fewer bugs. Our experienced DevOps engineers teach businesses to ensure universal code security and high-level predictability in the release of new features. We also improve collaboration between the client’s development, operations, and security teams to streamline the software delivery process. Finally, our technical experts will advise on the proper security tools to safeguard sensitive information.

  • Quality Assurance

    To ensure the highest quality of software solutions delivered by Syndicode, our quality assurance engineers participate in testing the requirements provided by business analysts. They may ask clarifying questions to help the development team build the e-learning app’s architecture correctly. In some cases though, the QA engineers may join the project when the development process has already started. Then they go over the documentation and test each piece of functionality, front-end and back-end separately. Eventually, the entire product’s functionality is tested as a whole.

  • Maintenance & support

    Syndicode delivers support and maintenance services to help businesses prevent and fix legacy e-learning platforms and their network performance issues. Owing to the profound knowledge of the latest technologies, our specialists develop the most suitable infrastructure modifications and release crucial cybersecurity updates. This way, we guarantee that our client’s digital education solutions are carefully protected against the most common cyber threats. Additionally, our technical experts assess clients’ e-learning apps regularly to achieve better platform scalability and improve their performance.

  • ML&AI Implementation

    We implement artificial intelligence mechanisms in e-learning solutions to enable businesses to offer their employees a personalized educational experience. Each staff member gets a personalized learning path that will increase their engagement and motivate them. Next, we use machine learning algorithms to track learners’ performance and progress. Consequently, our digital education solutions adapt the content based on the individual’s skill level, preferences, and experience of each individual. Finally, we equip the products with personalized content recommendations issued based on the user’s job title, responsibilities, or preferences.

  • Marketing and promotion

    To launch a successful e-learning platform, business owners should choose the right marketing channels. For this reason, clients can count on our marketing and promotional services to promote their products to the right audience. More specifically, we conduct comprehensive market research to help entrepreneurs create a marketing strategy and choose smart goals to evaluate its implementation. We also launch digital marketing campaigns and optimize web solutions for search engines to increase their visibility in search results.

What makes Syndicode the perfect e-learning development partner?

  • Extensive toolkit

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    We use technologies best suited for building digital learning products, such as Python, PHP, and Ruby. The right choice of programming languages, frameworks, and other tools allows our e-learning software development company to implement effortlessly functionality of any complexity.

  • Reduced cost

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    Based on specific product requirements and specifications, Syndicode e-learning software development team offers the technology and approaches that will work best for the particular project type. Thus, we help businesses release a custom digital education platform with minimum investment.

  • Experience

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    Since 2014, Syndicode has accumulated vast experience in building custom software solutions for different domains, including learning. We have gathered a close-knit team of professionals who delve into clients’ needs and offer the best solutions to solve them. Our customer-centric approach allows us to ensure the highest quality of our services.

  • Industry compliance

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    Clients can count on digital solutions for e-learning delivered by Syndicode team to support SCORM, xAPI, LTI, AICC, CMI-5, and other domain-specific standards and regulations. We follow all guidelines for building and designing e-learning platforms, deploying them across multiple platforms, and guaranteeing interoperability across all devices.

  • High level of engagement

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    We at Syndicode put clients at the core of our business. We thrive on providing them with a positive experience and establishing long-term relationships. To reach this goal, we offer clients our assistance at each step of the software development process – from project idea exploration to product development and after-launch maintenance and support.

  • Iterative approach

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    The iterative development approach adopted at Syndicode brings businesses multiple benefits. The first one is risk mitigation. Since the development process is divided into small iterations, it is easy to tackle and fix issues at the earliest. Other advantages include fast delivery and flexibility regarding the required changes.

Syndicode by the numbers

  • 2014 Year of foundation
  • $400M+ Investments raised by clients
  • 100+ Successfully delivered projects
  • 80+ IT specialists on board

We build custom e-learning applications for

Education software development services by Syndicode provide multiple benefits to companies of all sizes. By moving the training process online, businesses can reduce training costs, streamline educational content deployment, improve knowledge retention, and eliminate the need to hire an in-house instructor.

  • Large businesses Arrow right

    By using our e-learning application development services, large companies can facilitate training initiatives. Digital educational solutions allow employers to keep their employees informed about company procedures, such as customer refund. This way, employees can quickly refresh their knowledge and offer a timely response, thus significantly improving customer satisfaction.

  • Small & medium businesses Arrow right

    E-learning software solutions help small and mid-sized companies maintain their employee’s high level of skills and knowledge and advance them even further. As a result, boosted employees’ morale, increased productivity, and better relationships with customers create favorable conditions for business growth.

  • Startups Arrow right

    Our e-learning software development services for startups carefully explore your business idea. We will advise on the must-have functionality and revenue model to provide you with a custom e-learning solution that satisfies all your specific startup needs. We also launch minimum viable products to allow startups to enter the market with innovative e-learning products earlier than competitors.

Build your e-learning solution with an experienced partner

Our teams have a deep understanding of the unique requirements, challenges, and best practices in the field of e-learning and educational technology. Give us some details about your project and we will return with implementation suggestions.

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E-learning software development tech stack

  • Languages

    • Java
    • C#
    • C/C++
    • Ruby
    • PHP
    • Python
    • Objective C
    • Swift
    • Kotlin
  • Frameworks

    • Ruby on Rails
    • Node.js
    • WordPress
    • Python
  • Mobile

    • iOS
    • Android
    • React Native
    • Flutter
    • Unity 3D
  • Web

    • Vue
    • Angular
    • React
  • Databases

    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Elasticsearch
    • Redis
  • Infrastructure

    • Heroku
    • AWS
    • GCP
    • Azure
    • DigitalOcean

Syndicode’s industry expertise

  • Healthcare Arrow right

    With our e-learning products, healthcare providers and medical institutions can increase the efficiency of staff training and, consequently, improve patient care.

  • Education Arrow right

    We build intuitive e-learning solutions for colleges, universities, and other establishments to allow them to enhance the quality of the learning process.

  • Retail Arrow right

    Our digital educational solutions enable retailers to expand their knowledge of selling techniques and the latest market trends to provide better customer service and grow their business.

  • Finance and banking Arrow right

    Syndicode provides banks and financial institutions with e-learning services to simplify compliance tracking, achieve better efficiency, and reduce operational risks.

  • Manufacturing Arrow right

    With e-learning solutions by Syndicode, manufacturers can cut costs and boost productivity by aligning their processes and workflows with industry regulations.

  • Oil and energy industry Arrow right

    We provide the energy sector with custom software solutions for their employees’ safety and compliance training to help them handle high-risk environments.

  • Transportation Arrow right

    We build digital educational platforms to enable transportation businesses to deliver effective and productive digital training to their staff members.

  • Pharmaceutical industry Arrow right

    Custom e-learning services by Syndicode allow pharmaceutical firms to train their sales representatives on the properties of the new medications.

Reasons to outsource e-learning development

Today, businesses have given up the idea of hiring and maintaining an in-house development team to build digital education systems. Instead, they partner with a reliable e-learning software development company to get the project completed quickly and effortlessly. Below you can see the main reasons to hire an outsourced software development company to build a digital learning platform from scratch.

  • Access to advanced technology

    The successful implementation of an e-learning solution requires the right tech stack. Each solution may include technical nuances and bottlenecks you may not know how to handle. That’s when a seasoned software development team can save your project. They delve into your specific requirements or specifications and come up with the most suitable technological solution.

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  • Increased creativity

    A seasoned e-learning software development company houses talented specialists who will enrich your project with innovative ideas and unorthodox approaches. As a result, you will get more than an ordinary digital learning product with some generic functionality or just a clone of famous e-learning platforms like Udemy or edX. Instead, they will provide you with an unparalleled solution that will allow you to beat your market rivals and become the industry leader.

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  • Access to specialized skillsets

    The employees in software development companies are not limited to software developers only. There are business analysts, UX/UI designers, quality assurance engineers, and DevOps specialists. Each of these professionals will consider your project idea from different angles and will help you implement it most cost-effectively.

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Meet our team

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    Dmytro CEO
  • Tetiana
    Tetiana Lead HR
  • Oleksandr
    Oleksandr Software Engineer
  • Oleksandr
    Oleksandr Software Engineer

Frequently asked questions

  • What is e-learning software? Arrow right

    E-learning software is a digital product explicitly aimed at businesses to help manage staff training and career development. Usually, corporate e-learning solutions come with built-in courses, videos, and other online materials designed for a specific department, team, or job role. Such content diversity makes it easier to fit the particular educational needs of a specific organization, business type, or niche.

  • What are the main types of e-learning platforms? Arrow right

    There is a great variety of online educational platforms on the market. The most popular are learning management systems, tutorial software, knowledge management software, and mobile learning solutions. These products simplify the educational process, from course enrollment to knowledge management.

  • What are the uses of e-learning products? Arrow right

    E-learning software solutions for businesses provide their employees with multiple educational opportunities. For example, by watching online courses, lectures, and seminars, staff members can obtain new skills that will allow them to perform their duties better. Employers, in their turn, can monitor their progress and ensure that they meet important performance milestones. Apart from that, with the help of e-educational apps, businesses can train their new hires to simplify the onboarding procedure.

  • What are the key features of e-learning solutions? Arrow right

    Digital education products should have diverse functionality to provide users with an exceptional educational experience. The primary features to think of are course creation, skill tracking, mobile learning, and video conferencing tools. In addition, gamification elements should be present to make the education process more engaging and asynchronous learning, enabling learners to finish the coursework on their own path.