SaaS Development Company

Our Saas development company uses the latest software development practices for building secure cloud products that meet the expectations of the end-users and bring stable income to their owners. Our cloud solutions will be beneficial for your business in terms of reduced costs, seamless upgrades, and high adoption, which increases your profitability as a service provider.

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Other Software Development Services

The range of SaaS application development services provided by Syndicode varies from building cloud solutions from scratch to tweaking existing software-as-a-service products and migrating your data to the cloud.

  • Multi-tenancy

    By using our SaaS development services, you can leverage the power of multi-tenant cloud architecture. It enables you to reside in the same data center and infrastructure with other users. This way, you do not have to worry about adding new servers or increasing computer capacity. We will manage these things for you.

  • API Development

    We build custom APIs to ensure that your cloud solution can be easily integrated with any other device, application, or system used in your organization. Our SaaS software developers Implement API development solutions, both external and internal ones, to fix issues related to business logic, communication, and data sharing.

  • SaaS Consulting

    You can count on our SaaS consulting services to get the exact cloud product you need. Our business analysts will research your specific domain and find out how to make your software stand out from the competition. They will help you create a unique value proposition and achieve a problem-solution fit.

  • Support

    Our SaaS application development company will provide you with support and maintenance services. Apart from fixing the bugs that may occur over time, we will take care of the new releases, versions, and updating your product with new functionality. This way, we ensure that your solution remains relevant and valuable for the target audience.

SaaS development process

Syndicode stands out among SaaS development companies providing a full range of services for software application. We start with validating your business idea and continue supporting and maintaining your cloud solution after its successful launch.


Each new project in our SaaS company starts with a discovery session, which can be best described as the process of gathering key project information. To be more specific, we ask clarifying questions regarding your future SaaS product, the issues it is going to fix, its target audience, and core functionality. Our business analysts conduct market research to explore your domain, main competitors, and similar solutions. This approach helps us reduce risks, improve efficiency, and avoid the excessive amount of rework. Besides, the more input information we will get at this stage, the more accurate time and cost estimates will be.

Product vision

Project roadmap


Design prototype

User flow

Project architecture

Accurate estimates

Team composition


As soon as all your project requirements are specified, our UX/UI design team starts analyzing them. They need this data to build the information infrastructure the right way. Information infrastructure is followed by wireframes, which are layouts showing the position of elements on web pages. Also, they serve as a skeletal framework both designers and the SaaS product development team should follow. Wireframing does not involve using any colors or logos. This way, the UX/UI designers are not distracted by the visual appeal. Instead, they keep focusing on usability. As soon as you approve these wireframes, the design team will turn them into interactive prototypes that will later serve as the basis for the final UI design.

Design estimates

UX Flow


User Stories

UI design

Сustom themes and icons


Our SaaS development company follows the principles of the Agile philosophy. We find this approach beneficial for both customers and our software development team in terms of risk reduction, flexible task prioritization, and better control over your project. According to the Agile philosophy, the software development process is split into short sprints with high-end project management. Each sprint starts with the prioritization of the tasks in the backlog. Then, the development itself takes place. As soon as some piece of functionality is completed, it is tested by our quality assurance engineers to find and fix any bugs or system glitches. As soon as they are fixed, the functionality is released to production.








The release of the completed SaaS development project means distributing its final version to the target audience. After all the bugs have been fixed and all enhancements have been made, the finalized cloud-based application is deployed to production. From then onward, you can see how the end-users interact with your digital product. In addition, our software solution team prepares the release notes. They are technical documents containing essential information about the bugs that have been fixed or core changes that have been made. Release notes are crucial for creating a positive product experience since they offer a great way to communicate with your end-users and a broader audience.


You can always count on support and maintenance services provided by our SaaS development company. We monitor your cloud app’s performance and fix any bugs spotted and reported by end-users. Apart from that, we will advance your solution with new functionality to make it relevant and valuable to your target audience. If you require our after-launch support, you can choose either of two options. First, you can pay for a certain amount of hours per month. Alternatively, you can make up a backlog of tasks for our SaaS development company to work on. The best way to reduce the maintenance and support costs is to collect tasks until they add up at least eighty working hours.

Excited to embrace the power of cloud technologies?

Excited to embrace the power of cloud technologies?

Our SaaS development team with extensive experience in managing cloud provider infrastructure will help you move your data to the cloud.

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What do you get by ordering SaaS from Syndicode?


Expertise Team

Syndicode houses a close-knit team of SaaS platform development specialists. Each of them has vast experience in building cloud-based computing solutions. Their extensive knowledge will add value to your project and allow our web application team deliver a high-quality solution for you.



We follow the best b2b SaaS companies practices in security such as data encryption and cloud access security brokers to guarantee that your sensitive information is carefully protected against common threats and vulnerabilities. In addition, OWASP Security Knowledge Framework helps us build secure SaaS products.



Our SaaS development company keeps in mind the potential growth of your business and changing requirements that come with it. For this reason, we build scalable SaaS software development architecture to avoid technical issues associated with increasing workload.



To provide customers with high-quality SaaS development services, we adhere to well-established design, development, and maintenance standards. This way, we ensure that the cloud solutions we deliver are always relevant and compatible with any other technology.


Fast development

Automatization of routine processes and the right technology stack speed up the SaaS product development at Syndicode. For example, owing to Ruby on Rails with its numerous gems, our developers have a ready solution to fix basically any challenge and build any functionality.


Reduced cost

The streamlined process of building cloud products and many SaaS web applications for different industries we have successfully delivered allow our SaaS development company to cut the cost of a completed cloud-based product for our customers.

Our engagement models

company engagement models item

SaaS development from scratch

By using our SaaS development services, you will get a unique cloud-based solution that is tailored to your particular business needs. Furthermore, you will be able to offer your customers an exceptional user experience by offering them functionally which cannot be found in similar products. Our skilled specialists will help you define the right technology strack and the most suitable revenue model. This way, you will launch a successful and profitable cloud business.

company engagement models item

Dedicated development team

If you want to take your SaaS development project under your full control, you can use the services of our dedicated software development team. In this case, we will provide you with the required specialists, as in developers, designers, quality assurance engineers, project managers, and you will prioritize the task for them directly. The SaaS app development services offered by the dedicated team will allow you to save on human resources.

We build custom SaaS applications for

Businesses of any type, from aspiring startups to well-established companies, will benefit from SaaS development services provided by Syndicode.


Large businesses

Our SaaS application development services include building automated billing systems, customer support solutions, collaboration tools, and other complex digital products. With their help, you can focus on core business activities aimed at gaining more customers and growing your profit. They are financial analysis and reporting, sales performance management, marketing automation, and advertising.


Small & medium businesses

Cloud computing became the best choice for small and medium-sized companies. It helps your organization optimize workflow, save your resources, automate sales processes, and handle customers’ feedback and complaints more efficiently. With software-as-a-service solutions, you no longer need to spend time on mundane tasks. Instead, you can give more consideration to growth strategies.



When it comes to startups, a well-timed product launch is the key to the success of the whole venture. Owing to a great number of successful SaaS projects under our belt and the right technology stack, our SaaS development company can build the first version of your SaaS web or mobile application in no time. It will have enough functionality to validate your business idea and get initial feedback from pioneer users.

SaaS development tech stack

Our technology stack includes the most advanced, manure, and proven technologies. With their help, we can provide SaaS development services of highest quality and build cloud solutions that meet the latest standards in terms of security, scalability, and performance.


Ruby on Rails


























Digital Ocean

Customers say

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Reasons to outsource SaaS development

These days the increasing number of entrepreneurs put an outsource software development company in charge of their cloud products. The approach is beneficial for your business for the following reasons.

reasons team

Solid experience

A reliable agency rending SaaS development services houses many talented and skillful specialists. They are software developers, business analysts, UX/UI designers, web application development engineers, project managers, and quality assurance engineers. Based on their unique experience, they can come up with no-standard approaches and out-of-the-box ideas that will enrich your project. Thus, the joint effort of the close-knit team of professionals will bring you a custom SaaS solution that will meet the strictest demands of your target audience.

reasons team

Cost reduction

Collaboration with a SaaS development company frees you from the necessity to hire and maintain your in-house software development team. Besides, since there are no geographic limitations, you can always use the services of offshore agencies from other regions where rates are lower than in your location. Here we should mention Eastern Europe, specifically, Ukraine. Though the rates for their SaaS development services are lower compared to Western Europe or North America, their quality remains very high.

reasons team

Focus on core business activities

Since you have a reliable SaaS development company with top-notch customer service to deal with the technical side of your SaaS project, you get free time for more crucial tasks at hand. They can include lead management, creating and executing marketing strategies, customer management, search for potential funding for your business, ect. In other words, you can concentrate on the key activities that influence the profitability of your business.

People work with people

Dmytro CEO/Co-Founder
Tetiana Lead HR
Oleksandr Software Engineer
Oleksandr Software Engineer
Ruslan Software Engineer
Serhii Software Engineer
Oleksandr Lead PMO
Eugene Sales Manager
Oleksandr Software Engineer
Oleksandra Project Manager
Pavlo Software Engineer
Alena Finance Manager
Kate HR Manager
Kristina Office Manager
Margo Recruiter
Andrii Software Engineer
Grigoriy Software Engineer
Hlib Software Engineer
Ihor Software Engineer
Vadym Software Engineer
Vitalii Software Engineer
Roman Software Engineer
Serhii Software Engineer

Frequently asked questions

How does a SaaS model work?

The SaaS model works the following way. The software is delivered to end-users via the internet on a subscription basis, which can be monthly or yearly fees. Since such products are hosted by software providers, there is no need to install them on your local computer. An increasing number of organizations now invest in SaaS development services, owing to such benefits of the software-as-a-service model as cost reduction, recurring revenue, seamless expansion to the foreign markets, and high adoption rates.

How much does it cost to develop Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Based on our experience in building SaaS products, we can say that the cost of a cloud solution with limited functionality starts at $80,000-90,000 which is quite similar to the cost of a traditional software designed from scratch. As for the price for a fully fledged software-as-a-service product, it will cost you $200,000-250,000. However, bear in mind that e ach cloud product is unique, so is its cost. Besides, you should know the key factors that have the greatest impact on the total price of a completed digital product. The first one is the project complexity. The SaaS development cost increases with each new feature you implement. The same goes for third-party integrations. Another factor that impacts the SaaS development services cost is the development approach. Partnership with a reliable SaaS application development company will cost you less than hiring and maintaining an in-house development team. Finally, we need to mention the hourly rates of the companies offering SaaS application development services . The developers from Eastern Europe, let’s say Ukraine, set lower rates compared to their counterparts from North America or Western Europe. Still, the quality of the products they deliver remains very high.

What is a SaaS development company?

A SaaS development company is a software development agency that deals with building and maintaining software-as-a-service products. Such IT companies gather a team of highly skilled professionals–software developers, designers, project managers, quality assurance engineers, and business analysts–under the same roof. Together they work to create secure, reliable, and scalable cloud products that bring value to the end-users and stable income to their owners.

What are the pros and cons of SaaS?

Software-as-a-service development is getting more and more popular owing to such benefits as cost-effectiveness, seamless upgrades, accessibility, and scalability. Still, like any other business model, it is not completely flawless. We would recommend paying attention to such drawbacks of cloud solutions as their strong dependency on an internet connection, risk of service termination, and security issues.

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