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IT Maintenance & Support Services

Syndicode delivers IT support and maintenance services to monitor the performance of software products we deliver. Thus, Syndicode prevents customers from losing money by fixing any technical issues before they influence negatively their business operations.

Software maintenance and support services

Using our software maintenance services, you can prevent and fix issues concerning legacy software, network performance, application scalability and security, and overall system vulnerability. In addition, our deep knowledge of technologies allows us to provide businesses with infrastructure modifications and cybersecurity updates.

  • Application Support and Maintenance Services

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    Application maintenance and support services by Syndicode imply regular assessment, efficient app optimization and automation, and continuous improvements. With our help, you can achieve better scalability, increased efficiency, and productivity, and avoid any wastage of resources, time, and money.

  • Web app / website maintenance services

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    We will monitor your website carefully to keep it secure, relevant, and updated. To be more specific, we optimize the web page speed, update software and plugins, search for broken links and 404 errors and fix them. This way, you will be able to gain more visitors to your website.

  • Security management and enhancement

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    We follow the best security management practices to protect your software from a broad spectrum of cyberattacks, be it phishing, man-in-the-middle attacks, or SQL injections. These measures include regular audits, incident troubleshooting, vulnerability reported, application vulnerability and misconfiguration diagnostics, and 24/7 security monitoring.

  • Software upgrades

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    To ensure that your software stays relevant, we will provide you with a bunch of new functionalities and features upon your request. Also, we will update the existing functional modules and suggest further application enhancements based on customers’ feedback to help you stay ahead of the game.

  • Disaster recovery strategy

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    Software maintenance and support services provided by Syndicode include creating a clear and transparent disaster recovery plan. You will get detailed instructions that explain how to respond adequately to disasters affecting your information system to reduce the negative impact of such emergencies on your business.

  • Troubleshooting & root cause analysis

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    In case of an emergency, we perform a root cause analysis to understand the real causes behind this issue to prevent such mistakes in the future. When fixing issues, our specialists follow the troubleshooting approach to identify the key reasons why your digital product is not working as it should and what can be done to resolve this problem.

How to ensure the stable performance of your app?

Our expert team will provide you with a full range of support and maintenance services for the highest quality software.

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How we provide IT maintenance and support services

The software maintenance process at Syndicode consists of certain stages. This predefined and well-established workflow allows our team to deliver highly performative, scalable, reliable, and secure software solutions.

  • Requirements collection

    At the initial stage, we explore your particular business needs, product requirements and specification, the technology stack, and functionality. Such a comprehensive analysis allows our technical team to uncover your challenges and offer the most suitable solution. To ensure effective collaboration, we ask clients to provide high-level requirements and detailed project documentation, including software architecture and roadmaps. As soon as all requirements are specified, we create a backlog of bugs and change requests to define the scope of software maintenance and support services.

  • Software maintenance and support services planning

    The next step is to discuss the IT support and maintenance services needs and formalize them into Service Level Agreement. Based on the scope of software maintenance and support services delivered by Syndicode, the SLA will outline the application support terms such as support hours, level of support, team composition, and software and tools used. Apart from that, we specify the following IT maintenance services terms: application enhancements roadmap, scheduled security activities, software product requirements and expectations, KPIs, etc.

  • Responsibility transfer

    Based on the Service Level Agreement and its specific objectives, our expert technical team will collaborate with you or your team (or in some cases with your previous software vendor) to prepare the predefined operational procedures and set of instructions. It is done to streamline the maintenance and support activities.

  • Support and maintenance launch

    At this stage, our team starts providing IT support and maintenance services specified in the Service Level Agreement. To ensure the transparency of our collaboration process, we send our client’s different reports. They include incident reports with root cause analysis, security audit reports, current application issues, and potential risks.

Syndicode by the numbers

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  • $400M+ Investments raised by clients
  • 100+ Successfully delivered projects
  • 80+ IT specialists on board

Custom Software Maintenance & Support by Syndicode

  • Stable work

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    With software maintenance and support services by Syndicode, you can prevent unexpected downtimes and software failures and ensure your digital products’ stable and flawless performance.

  • Custom solutions

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    Syndicode delivers customizable IT support and maintenance services to solve your specific business challenges. We see software maintenance services as proactive development, allowing us to add new features based on your organization’s unique needs.

  • Fast reaction

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    You can be sure that if your organization encounters a specific issue, it will be fixed urgently. This immediate reaction helps us prevent bigger and more serious technical problems that can cost your business too much money, time, and stress.

  • Cost-saving

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    You can reduce the ongoing software maintenance cost by turning off features you no longer need. This way, you cut the size and complexity of your software, so it becomes easier to support. Besides, you get more user love by ensuring the product’s relevance.

  • Reliability

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    Our expert team performs regular maintenance activities to prevent unexpected technical issues and failures in the future. This way, we ensure the reliability of your software by fixing things before they break.

  • Monitoring 24/7

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    Every day our software maintenance and support team collects a backlog of bugs and fixes them in the quickest time possible to reduce the risks of downtimes and protect your business against suspicious activity or malicious attacks.

We provide software maintenance & support for

We provide aspiring startups and seasoned enterprises with advanced IT support and maintenance services to boost the performance of their business-centered applications. We will monitor your app to minimize the risks of downtimes, identify a potential issue and successfully remove its cause even before it occurs.

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    Big companies and enterprises can count on a wide range of application maintenance and support services by Syndicode, starting from bugs and task tracking to OS and server migration. Our software maintenance and support team will handle troubleshooting, bug fixing, system enhancements, product migration, and stability monitoring to ensure your solution remains highly competitive in a rapidly evolving technological environment.

  • Small & medium businesses Arrow right

    We will keep your business application maintained and supported to enable your small or middle-sized company to facilitate your operations and solve complex business challenges. Our competent technical team will use the most advanced technologies, innovative thinking, and opportunities offered by digital transformation to help your organization lower software maintenance cost, improve ROI, and grow your business.

  • Startups Arrow right

    Our experienced system architects and engineers will help your startup with the most advanced issues. We will investigate the source code to solve the problem, optimize the back-end functionality of your digital product and upgrade the system with new features. You will facilitate your business growth and maintain your IT infrastructure’s flexibility, operability, and security.

Concerned about network performance or application scalability?

The Syndicode team is well-equipped for preventing and fixing any technical issues quickly and efficiently.

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Syndicode industry expertise

Reasons to outsource IT maintenance & support

These days, a growing number of companies find it very convenient to outsource IT support and maintenance services. The reasons below explain your organization’s benefits from partnering with a reliable software support services provider like Syndicode.

  • Highly-qualified technical team

    A key benefit of the collaboration with a third-party IT support & services company is a skillful technical team. Offshore specialists have vast experience in dealing with bug fixing, regular application maintenance and support, 24/7 incident management, and infrastructure management. They will handle these tasks for you, so you will not need to hire an in-house team. As a result, you will reduce expenses and get qualified assistance.

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  • Cost-effectiveness

    Cooperation with an outsource software agency is less expensive than hiring your in-house support and maintenance team. You do not have to pay for hardware, software licensing, or office space, let alone salaries, holidays, and compensations. All these expenses can significantly add up to your overall operational expenditure. Outsourcing will help you reduce labor costs and channel your human resources where you need them most.

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  • Faster production time

    As your business grows, you may find it challenging to keep up with the evolving company needs. Consequently, you will have to hire new employees and spend some time training them. A reliable software maintenance and support provider will deal with your scaling project much faster, owing to their experience delivering high-quality services for different business types, domains, or niches.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are the differences between IT Support & Maintenance? Arrow right

    Software support services imply providing customers with the information and assistance they require to ensure the seamless performance of their software solutions. Also, they help clients solve issues related to product usage, hardware, software, server, or electronic items. Software development companies offer customers their assistance remotely via chats, application software, technicians, and faxes. At the same time, IT maintenance services suppose making changes to the software or hardware to adapt the digital product to the new environment, fix bugs, correct system errors, and implement new functionality. A combination of the technical and administrative actions required distinguishes maintenance from support.

  • How much does software maintenance cost? Arrow right

    Based on our experience, we can say that software maintenance services can cost you approximately $5,000 per month or 60,000 per year. The final cost is defined by several technical and non-technical factors such as programming language, software testing, documentation, team composition, and the skill level of its members.

  • Why is IT maintenance and support crucial for your business? Arrow right

    The first reason to invest in application maintenance and support services is the continuous enhancement of your digital product. Your software solution will get regular updates and new features to stay relevant and continue bringing value to your organization and end-users. Furthermore, its performance will be optimized most efficiently and cost-effectively. Besides, constant monitoring will guarantee the security and integrity of your corporate data. Finally, a trustworthy software support services company will help you create a disaster recovery plan to prepare your company for the possible issues and help you minimize its negative consequences.

  • What are the levels of software support? Arrow right

    There are five IT support levels, also known as tiers. Tier 0 implies self-help. Users get the information from FAQs, detailed product documentation, blog posts, and manuals. Tier 1 means support for fundamental customer issues and fulfilling service desk requests. Tier 2 offers in-depth software support services provided by skillful and experienced technicians. At Tier 3, system architects and the most talented engineers access the highest resources available such as code, design, or specification, to find the root cause of an issue and come up with the most suitable solution. Finally, Tier 4 means outside support services for solving the company’s un-supported issues.