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Education / Switzerland 2019–ongoing

An EdTech company leveraged Syndicode’s expertise to create a cutting-edge skill-sharing marketplace.


  • Web development
  • WordPress development
  • MVP development
  • API development



  • Ruby on Rails
  • React.js
  • Redis
  • Sidekiq
  • RSpec
  • SCSS
  • Amazon AWS
  • REST API/GraphQL
  • Postgres 11

About the client

A Switzerland-based startup envisioned a platform promoting a circular skill economy by connecting customers with suitable education providers.

They sought a development partner with proven expertise in marketplace development, knowledge of the Ruby programming language, and exceptional communication skills.


About the product

The Evrlearn platform is focused on lifelong learning by recommending materials that align with users’ current skills, job roles, and career goals. 

It goes beyond the usual features found in educational sites, using artificial intelligence and special reward systems to support career advancement and personal growth.

The platform offers both online and offline access to a wide range of courses and learning resources from leading Swiss universities and independent educators.

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Client’s challenges

Lack of experience in marketplace development

The client had a concept visualized through UI/UX designs but struggled to define technical requirements given the lack of experience in building marketplace websites.

As a result, they sought help to turn their concept into a stable and functioning e-learning marketplace. They were looking for a partner who could offer end-to-end development services, dependable project management, and maintain transparency throughout the development process.


Backend development complexity

The project involved the processing of a large volume of data and required a complex search and filtering system. It also demanded seamless integration of the e-learning management system with other systems.

Our solutions

Stable, responsive website

Syndicode offered full-scope development services, working closely with the client’s team through every phase of the project, from choosing technology to post-launch activities.

We brought the client’s idea of continuous education to life by developing a reliable and effective website.

Key features implemented:

  • Filtered search;
  • Geo-saving data to simplify provider search for users;
  • Course builder streamlining the process of course creation for education providers;
  • Course import feature;
  • Separate dashboards for users and providers;
  • Online and offline payment;
  • Feedback collection system.

Moreover, the platform provides a solid base for future upgrades as the business needs change.

Powerful search feature

Our engineers implemented a search boost feature with Elasticsearch technology. This makes it easier for users to find quality, relevant offerings that fit their needs or interests, reducing the overwhelm in a content-rich marketplace. 

Course providers benefit from the strong search function due to the marketing chances it offers. 

Right now, our team is further enhancing the search feature with AI.


Transparent communication

We set up effective communication channels and tracking tools that everyone involved found easy to use.

We also planned regular updates and meetings to talk about progress, challenges, and future steps. 

Our project manager made sure the team could openly share successes and discuss difficulties, keeping the stakeholders updated on the project’s current status.

Technical setup

  • Ruby on Rails was chosen for rapid development, efficient scalability, and strong ecosystem;
  • React helped to create dynamic, high-performance user interfaces and ensure UI consistency;
  • PostgreSQL was used for the creation of the search functionality thanks to its advanced features like full-text search, indexing, and support for complex queries;
  • Docker helped maintain consistency across development, testing, and production environments, reducing “it works on my machine” problems;
  • Heroku simplified the deployment process and ensured easy scaling of the platform to handle increased traffic;
  • Stripe integration was used to enable the platform to process payments;
  • REST API enabled seamless communication between different parts of the application and with third-party services;
  • WordPress supports content management and SEO capabilities;
  • Elastic Search helped enhance the search capabilities of the platform.


Syndicode has successfully built and launched the Evrlearn marketplace. We invested a lot of time and effort to understand the client’s vision as well as the target market.

Our team members used all their expertise to come up with a solution that has a high potential for market success and is aligned with the client’s business strategy and future goals.


Since its first launch, Evrlearn has grown its course offerings to over 3,000 programs and continues to increase its user base.

Today, we continue working with Evrlearn, enhancing it, and adding new features.


Syndicode’s work was instrumental in establishing a learning ecosystem. They communicated issues proactively, resulting in strong trust between the two teams.

Felix Schmid Co-founder
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